Brecksville Reservation

Cuyahoga, Ohio, US


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Cuyahoga, Ohio, US


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Brecksville Reservation

Brecksville Road Brecksville, Ohio 44141

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About this Location

From the oak-hickory forests on the ridge tops to the cottonwoods, willows, and sycamores of Chippewa Creek’s flat floodplain, Brecksville Reservation is a study of contrasts. The reservation is deeply cut by seven distinct gorges which have a wide variety of soil and sunlight conditions, fostering the growth of rare, unusual, and endangered plants. Chippewa Creek, in the northern section of the reservation, flows through a remarkable gorge that was left behind by the glaciers that once covered this area.

The reservation has an excellent and extensive system of trails, including a section of the Buckeye Trail. Squire Rich Home and Museum, managed by the Brecksville Historical Society, is located on Brecksville Road. Sleepy Hollow Golf Course and Seneca Golf Course are also a part of the reservation.

Notable Trails

Brecksville Reservation Trails
There are 9 trails in the Brecksville Reservation.
Wildflower Loop – .75 mile
Hemlock Loop – 2.5 miles
Deer Lick Loop – 4 miles
Salamander Loop – 1.5 miles
Buckeye Trail – 16 miles
Towpath Trail – 3.75 miles
Prairie Loop – .5 mile
All Purpose Trail – 12.4 miles
Bridle Trail – 20 miles

Descriptions with maps of hikes using trails in the Brecksville Reservation is on the AllTrails website.


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