Three Creeks Metro Park

Three Creeks Metro Park

3860 Bixby Road Groveport, Ohio 43125

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About this Location

Named for the confluence where Alum, Big Walnut, and Blacklick creeks join, this 1,086-acre park is operated through a partnership of Metro Parks and Columbus Recreation and Parks.

Three Creeks is a major hub in the Franklin County Greenways program, an interconnected system of trails along the seven major streams in Central Ohio. Hikers, bicyclists, and joggers can enjoy 15 miles of trails that parallel the stream corridors as they wind through forests, fields, prairies, and wetlands.

Owls, great blue herons, and more than 100 species of birds have been sighted. Visitors may catch a glimpse of beaver, mink, coyote, deer, and other wildlife as they walk or bike along the trails.

Three Creeks Metro Park features five areas, each with a separate entrance and connected to one another through the Alum Creek Greenways Trail: Confluence Trails Area, Heron Pond, Madison Mills, Sycamore Fields, and Smith Farm.

Notable Trails

Three Creeks Metro Park Trails

Alum Creek Greenway Trail – 24.5 miles – easy – ADA
hike/bike/pets – paved
Runs alongside Alum Creek and crosses a 300-foot bridge below the confluence of the Alum, Big Walnut and Blacklick creeks. Continues north to Westerville.
Blacklick Creek Greenway Trail – 16 miles – easy
hike/bike/pets – paved
Connects three Metro Parks and several small parks from Reynoldsburg to Groveport.
Bluebell Trail – 1 mile – moderate
hike – dirt
Runs alongside Blacklick Creek with a view of the confluence of Blacklick, Big Walnut and Alum creeks. I
Confluence Trail – 1 mile – moderate
hike – dirt
Runs alongside Alum Creek with a view of the confluence, passing giant sycamores, cottonwoods, and American elms.
Evergreen Trail – 0.5 miles – easy
hike/pets – grass, dirt, and boardwalk
Goes through a white pine tree grove and loops around the natural play area.
Heron Pond Trail – 0.6 miles – easy
hike/bike/pets – paved
Loops around Heron Pond.
Madison Mills Trail – 0.2 miles – easy
hike/bike/pets – paved
Short loop around a play area for kids.
Sycamore Fields and Smith Farm Trail – 1.2 miles – easy
hike/bike/pets – paved
Loops around athletic fields, with a spur that crosses the Alum Creek Greenway and leads to Smith Farm.
Turtle Pond Trail – 0.4 miles – easy
hike/pets – gravel
Loops around Turtle Pond.

Also, see Blacklick Creek Greenway Trail


  • Restrooms on site

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