Medusa Marsh

Medusa Marsh

Bay View, Ohio 44870

Birds of Interest

The waters of Medusa Marsh are often frozen during the winter, but Castalia Duck Pond (see below) never freezes and provides exceptional waterfowl viewing.
Waterfowl and waders. Rarities have included Eurasian Widgeon, and American Avocet.
Shorebirds, if water levels provide the necessary habitat. Rarities here have included Whimbrel.
Waterfowl, waders, terns.

No restroom facilities.

About this Location

“Medusa Marsh” is a name given to several privately owned, diked wetlands managed for waterfowl.

Medusa Marsh, also known as Neilson’s Marsh, lies along the stretch of Barrett Road connecting Bay View and Sandusky. This road runs parallel to OH-2, and can be reached by heading north from either “Exit OH-269 Bay View” or “Exit US-6 Sandusky/ Fremont.”

Trespassing is prohibited. Parking is tolerated along either side of Barrett Road, but be certain to pull off the pavement. Be aware that traffic moves very fast along this stretch of road, so exercise caution. The impoundments are on the south side of Barrett Road. A railroad bed to the north blocks the view of the bay (unless you bird from the roof of your car), but Double-crested Cormorants and Bald Eagles can often be seen roosting in the trees along the water.

Beware of speeding traffic. Use caution when slowing, pulling off the road, and exiting your vehicle.

Martins Point Pool is south of Bay View adjacent to the OH-2/OH-269 interchange. Martins Point Road (OH-269) passes the east side of this pool.


  • Restrooms on site

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