Eastwood MetroPark

Eastwood MetroPark

1385 Harshman Road Dayton, Ohio 45431

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Highlights of Eastwood MetroPark include a 185-acre lake, Mad River, picnic shelters and a playground. The 3-mile loop trail offers hiking opportunities on mostly level terrain. Try fishing in Eastwood Lake or the Blue Lake or the Mad River. Bring the family and the boat out to Eastwood MetroPark for a fun-filled day on the water, or just enjoy a serene sojourn on the trails.

Eastwood MetroPark contains beautiful shady picnic areas, a winding shaded lagoon, a 185-acre recreational lake, forest habitat along the Mad River, thickets, and a few grasslands. These grassland openings are former prairies that retain the rich prairie soil and lend themselves to prairie restoration. In addition to its recreational uses, Eastwood Lake is well known for its migratory bird populations, including waterfowl, osprey, shorebirds, and gulls.

Notable Trails

Eastwood MetroPark Trails
Eastwood MetroPark has over 3 miles of wooded and open meadow trails for walking, hiking, running. It offers scenic views of the Mad River and native prairie plantings.

The Buckeye and North Country Trails pass through Eastwood MetroPark. This section of the Buckeye Trail is part of a 1,440-mile continuous loop that completely encircles Ohio. The North Country National Scenic Trail stretches across seven states and will be 4,600 miles long when completed. These trails link and make accessible historic and scenic features and provide long-distance hiking.

The Mad River Trail runs through Eastwood and connects downtown Dayton with Wright Patterson Air Force Base, the Air Force Museum, Huffman MetroPark and the Huffman Prairie Trail, and the Kauffman Avenue Bikeway which extends to Wright State University and Fairborn making Eastwood a great place to park and ride the nation’s largest paved trail network.

The Creekside Trail begins at Eastwood MetroPark, passing through both residential and commercial areas before meeting its intersection with the Iron Horse Trail near US 35 (which take users through Kettering to Delco Park). Here, Creekside heads due east along the highway, and eventually passes over the Montgomery County line into Greene County.

The Prairie Meadow Trail Loop is a .5-mile trail that stretches from the lagoon inlet, through a wooded serene area to the outskirt of a grassland prairie view. It winds around the southeastern border of the park and through a tunnel that goes under the main entrance of the park. Users then can turn around and go back to where they started for a short hike or may continue on past the tunnel and take the Buckeye Trail along Mad River and have a longer hike for a 3-mile loop.


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