Forked Run State Park

Forked Run State Park

63300 OH-124 Reedsville, Ohio 45772

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About this Location

Forked Run State Park lies in the forested hill country of southeastern Ohio. This is Ohio’s oldest landscape never reached by the glacial ice that once covered much of Ohio. Although this area was untouched by the massive ice sheets, torrents of glacial meltwaters hastened the carving of the valleys and hillsides into their present-day form.

Much of the area, now heavily forested, was once void of timber. Trees were cut to fuel the many iron furnaces of the area in the mid-1800s. Today, much of the forest has regrown, and vast stands of oak, hickory, maple, and tuliptree clothe the deep ravines and hillsides. Wildflowers can be found in bloom except in the winter months. Wild blue phlox, bloodroot, dame’s rocket, cardinal flower, daisy fleabane, goldenrod, and asters provide colorful displays. In spring, the hillsides burst forth with brilliant blooms of dogwood and redbud.

The forest and fields provide habitat for a variety of wildlife species including gray fox, raccoon, opossum, gray squirrel, white-tailed deer, and wild turkey. Many songbirds enjoy the refuge of the forest including wood thrush, white-breasted nuthatch, scarlet tanager, pileated woodpecker, and whip-poor-wills.

Notable Trails

Forked Run State Park Trails
Three hiking trails provide opportunities for exploration, exercise, nature study, and wildlife observation.
Lakeview Trail – 2.2 Miles – Moderate
Riverview Trail – .75 Mile – Moderate
Honeysuckle Trail – .6 Mile – Easy


  • Restrooms on site

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