Cheshire Reservoir

Berkshire, Massachusetts, US

South End

127 species

Berkshire, Massachusetts, US

North End

107 species

Cheshire Reservoir

Cheshire, Massachusetts 01225

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About this Location

Cheshire Reservoir is located on the western side of MA-8 and is also known as Hoosac Reservoir or Hoosac Lake. It is divided into three basins by a pair of causeways. The south basin is extremely shallow, the middle basin has a maximum depth of about six feet, and the north basin has a maximum depth of nine feet. Submerged aquatic vegetation is extremely abundant in all three basins, choking up the surface area for much of the summer. The shorelines of the south and middle basins are undeveloped, but the western shore of the north basin is heavily developed with summer cottages and permanent homes.

Access for boat anglers is a formal paved ramp located on the north end of the north basin just off MA-8. The other two basins can be accessed with car top boats or canoes launched from the causeways. (Given the weed situation, we recommend a canoe or kayak.) Shore fishing access is good thanks to the causeways and a railroad bed running along the eastern shore.

Access the south and middle basin off a privately owned, though publicly available, ramp off Farnam’s Road. Access to the south basin is off the causeway on Nobody’s Road. Only kayaks and canoes can be launched here.

The Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) now owns the park, bathrooms, and fishing pier on the north side of Farnam’s Road. All the western shore of all three basins and the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail are owned by the DCR except for the land around private homes and businesses. The northern basin is policed and controlled by the town of Cheshire and the town of Lanesboro primarily controls the middle and southern basins.​

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