San Carlos Lake

Pinal, Arizona, US

IR 571

103 species

Pinal, Arizona, US

IR 576

102 species

San Carlos Lake

San Carlos, Arizona 85550

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San Carlos is one of eight lakes with desert surroundings created by damming rivers in the hills around Phoenix, and like the others, it has quite a dramatic setting. Deep blue waters are framed by gaunt, rocky, cactus-speckled mountains – in this case, the foothills of the Gila, Mescal, and Santa Teresa ranges.

San Carlos Lake lies within the 3,000-square-mile San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation, the second largest in the state (after the Navajo), and is subject to tribal regulations – a permit is required for all hiking, fishing, camping, and off-highway driving.

The lake is close to US-70, the main route between Phoenix and Lordsburg, New Mexico, and is reached by IR-3 which loops around the south side, over the dam then north toward the capital town of San Carlos.

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