Barkcamp State Park

Barkcamp State Park

65330 Barkcamp Road Belmont, Ohio 43718

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About this Location

The sandstone hills of the Barkcamp region are part of the Appalachian Highlands which envelop the southeastern part of Ohio. In the sandstone, bedrock can be found layers of coal which were formed by decaying swamp vegetation millions of years ago during the Pennsylvanian geologic period. Barkcamp State Park lies in the heart of the coal-mining region of Ohio. The hills and valleys of the area are clothed with a second-growth forest. Today, southeastern Ohio is one of the most extensively forested in Ohio, and only a few areas remain which suggests the magnificence of these original forests. The woodlands of Barkcamp support a variety of plant and animal life. The observant visitor may find a wealth of woodland wildflowers including wild geranium, hepatica, bloodroot, and spring beauties. The woodlands explode with flowering dogwood and redbud blossoms in spring. Songbirds, squirrels, skunk, opossum, raccoon, white-tailed deer, and the wild turkey take up residence in the park’s varying habitats.

Notable Trails

There are 4 hiking trails in the park:
Lakeview Trail – 2 miles – Moderate
Woodchuck Nature Trail – .5 mile – Easy
Hawthorn Trail- Hiking – .6 mile – Moderate
Hawk Trail- Hiking – .5 mile – Easy – Handicap Accessible

The Lakeview Trail is a good choice for a first hike in this state park.

Other trails
Pioneer Trail – .3 mile – Easy
A special paved trail winds through the pioneer village, enters the adjoining mature woodlands, and provides access to the Antique Barn. Interpretive signs are placed along the route explaining the cultural and natural history of the park.
Blue Trail – 6.4 miles Multi-use
One Bridle/Snowmobile Trail is a Moderate 24 miles.
It is possible to circle Barkcamp Lake using the Bridle Trails.

The AllTrails website has descriptions and maps of hikes at Barkcamp State Park.


  • Restrooms on site

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