Miami Whitewater Forest Birding Drive

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Miami Whitewater Forest Birding Drive
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This Birding Drive explores eBird hotspots in the Miami Whitewater Forest in Hamilton County. When you submit checklists here you help to add to the data about birds in this region of Ohio.

About Miami Whitewater Forest
As the Park District’s largest park, Miami Whitewater Forest offers a visitor center with nature displays and a gift shop and mutliple trails, including the paved 7.8-mile Shaker Trace trail and 1.4-mile Parcours trail, as well as the 1.7-mile Badlands, 0.8-mile Oakleaf, 0.6-mile Tallgrass Prairie and 1.4-mile Timberlakes nature trails, plus two equestrian trails. Visitors can enjoy a 9-hole disc golf course and play or practice at the Miami Whitewater Forest Soccer Complex. Shelters, picnic areas and a youth camp area are reservable.

Miami Whitewater Forest--Shaker Trace Wetlands

Harrison, Ohio 45030

The Miami Whitewater Wetlands are officially named Shaker Trace Wetlands. Shaker Trace Wetlands is the best place to bird at Miami Whitewater State Forest. From Mt Hope Road, turn right onto New Haven Road. At the stop light, turn left onto Oxford Road. Take an immediate left onto Baughman Road. After crossing over the paved trail, proceed past the end of the tree line and turn right into the small gravel parking area. Park here and hike up onto the dike through the opening in the tree line. Turn left and follow the trail along the trees.

This is a great area to observe many migrant passerines. Hike the trails throughout this area for a chance to see a wide variety of species. If the marsh is dry in the fall, walk around on the edges of the mudflats looking for both LeConte’s and Nelson’s Sharp-tailed Sparrows. To get to the viewing platform, continue on the trails until you come to the paved Shaker Trace Trail. Follow the trail south and a small gravel trail to the viewing platform will be on your left. If there is water in the wetlands, scan for shorebirds and waterfowl.

Miami Whitewater Forest--Lake

Harrison, Ohio 45030

From Miami Whitewater Wetlands drive east on Baughman Road for .5 mile. Turn right onto Oxford Road. Turn right onto New Haven Road and go .7 mile. Turn left onto Mount Hope Road and go .7 mile. Turn right onto Harbor Ridge Drive and arrive at Miami Whitewater Lake.

The 85-acre lake with boathouse offers row, pedal, motor and pontoon boats and kayaks for rent. Licensed private canoes and kayaks are permitted. Electric and gas motors up to four horsepower are permitted to use with rental boats or private canoes and kayaks. Bank fishing is also available. An Ohio State Fishing License is required.

Miami Whitewater Forest--Timberlakes and Oakleaf Trails

Harrison, Ohio 45030

From Miami Whitewater Lake drive southwest on Harbor Ridge Drive. Turn left onto Mount Hope Road and go .7 mile. Turn left onto New Haven Road. Turn left onto Dry Fork Road and drive 1.3 miles. Turn left onto West Road for .2 mile. Turn left onto Timberlakes Drive. Arrive at Timberlakes in 1 mile.

There is a 1.4 mile Timberlakes Nature Trail for birding at Timberlakes.

Miami Whitewater Forest--West Rd. Bridge Environs

Harrison, Ohio 45030

From Timberlakes drive north on Timberlakes Drive toward Harbor Ridge Drive. Turn left on West Road.

West Road goes southeast from Timberlakes Drive for 2 miles through the Miami Whitewater Forest habitat. Bird this road from your vehicle. Go as far along West Road as is productive and retrace your route back to Timberlakes Drive. Sometimes you find birds on your return that you missed on the first pass along the road.

Miami Whitewater Forest--Bowles Woods and Tallgrass Prairie Trail

Harrison, Ohio 45030

From West Road turn left onto Timberlakes Drive and go 1 mile to the Bowles Woods picnic area.

The Tallgrass Prairie Trail passes near this picnic area and can be birded in both directions.

There are many eBird hotspots in the Miami Whitewater Forest which you may explore if you have more time on this trip.