Helpful Maps for Massachusetts Birding

Statewide maps

Massachusetts Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Database

  • This map contains several layers pertaining to accessor's resources, openspace, and environmental data. The openspace and accessor's tax parcels can be especially helpful when trying to determine wether somewhere you are interested in birding is considered public land or is private property. The Aerial imagery basemaps and land cover/land use layer can be especially helpful for determining what types of habitats you might encounter somewhere before you visit. While this database has a lot of useful resources, it can be a bit tricky to learn how to utilize them all if you are a beginning the  MassMapper User Guide is a good place to start learning how to use this powerful resouce.

MassWildlife Lands Viewer

  • A map of all wildlife managment areas managed by the Massachusetts Fish & Wildlife Service within the state. This map also provides information on parking at each WMA.

Massachusetts Audubon Society Sanctuary Map

  • A map of all Massachusetts Audubon Society sanctuaries within the state.

Massachusetts Breeding Bird Atlas

  • Provides data on potential, probable, and confirmed breeding bird records within Massachusetts for a variety of bird species.


  • BirdCast provides a "forecast" for migratory activity during peak migration season. This link will bring you to the page specifically about Massachusetts, however, the website has data for all of the lower 48 states in the United States.


  • TrailLink is a website that highlights railtrails and bikeways, they have a page specifically for Massachusetts birding.

County/Regional maps


  • AllTrails is a great resource for finding trail maps. If the hotspot you are visiting is within a public park there is a good chance the website will have a trailmap and description for a hike there.

Town of Plymouth Ponds & Boat Access Map

  • This map was created by the town of Plymouth and provides information on ponds and boat access within the town. This map can be particularly helpful if you are trying to determine wether a pond you are interested in birding is public or privately owned. It also helps to provide information on parking.