Focus on Notable Trails

Irwin Prairie

When we have information about trails we add a Notable Trails section to the page about the hotspot. Birders like places where there are trails for many reasons, for a day hike, a bike ride, wheelchair access, a family walk, a slow birding stroll, or access to a special destination in a park.

Notable Trails help birders discover places to walk and see bird life. Often when we visit a park for the first time it is a challenge to know where to start. These trails, recommended by birders and hikers, are a way to begin to explore new territory.

It is sometimes said that “birding is one of the slowest forms of transportation.” Even walking a short distance while observing birds can take lots of time. There are some short trails listed, but many are 2 miles or longer. Often there are options of trails to take and suggestions of ways to shorten or lengthen a hike.

If a birder visits your area, what trail would you suggest? Send us information about the trail, if it is missing from the website. Feedback is especially welcome with suggestions for improving the description of a trail. Tips for birding locations are also welcome. There is no limit to the number of trails we can have. Feel free to suggest one you like.