Alphabetical Index


119th St., Point Place
149th St., Point Place
577 Foundation


A. W. Marion SP
Aaron Smith Nature Preserve
Abby's Farm
Aberdeen Blvd. Pond
Acacia Reservation
Academy Park
Acadia Cliffs Wildlife Area
Ackerman Nature Preserve
Adam Phillips Pond
Adams Lake Prairie State Nature Preserve
Adams Lake SP
Adams Rd.
Adell Durbin Arboretum
Adena State Memorial
Aeraland Recreation Area
Agerter Rd. River Access
Agosta Cemetery
Agraria Farm (restricted access)
Air Force Museum Memorial Park
Akron Fulton Airport--Akron Skate Park
Akron Zoo
Al Lease Park
Alabama Avenue SW
Alderfer-Chatfield Wildlife Sanctuary
Aldersgate Park
Aldrich Pond
Ales Run Wildlife Area
Alexander Pike
Alexander Rd.
Algonquin Mill
Alice Bish Park
Allardale Park
Alliance City Cemetery
Alms Park
Alum Creek SP--Africa Rd. @ Plumb Rd.
Alum Creek SP--Alum Reservoir
Alum Creek SP--Beach and Alum Reservoir South
Alum Creek SP--Big Run Rd. Access
Alum Creek SP--Campground
Alum Creek SP--Cheshire Boat Ramp
Alum Creek SP--Dam at Africa Rd.
Alum Creek SP--Delaware Co. Rd. 10A Fishing Access
Alum Creek SP--Hogback Rd.
Alum Creek SP--Howard Rd. Parking
Alum Creek SP--Kilbourne Boat Launch
Alum Creek SP--Marina
Alum Creek SP--New Galena Boat Ramp
Alum Creek SP--OH-37 Fishing Access
Alum Creek SP--Old Berlin Station Rd.
Alum Creek SP--Park Office Trails
Alum Creek SP--Sailing Club Access
Alum Creek SP--Spillway
Alum Creek Trail--Heritage Park and Westerville Sports Complex
Alum Creek Trail--I-270 to Easton Way
Alum Creek Trail--Innis Rd. to Ballyvaughn Dr.
Alum Creek Trail--Livingston Ave. to Petzinger Rd.
Alum Creek Trail--Main St. to Schrock Rd.
Alum Creek Trail--Nelson Rd. and I-670 to Wolfe Park
Alum Creek Trail--Petzinger Rd. to Three Creeks Metro Park
Alum Creek Trail--Polaris Pkwy. to County Line Rd.
Alum Creek Trail--Sunbury Ridge Dr. to Airport Dr.
Alum Creek Trail--Wolfe Park to Livingston Ave.
Amann Reservoir
Amberleigh Community Park
American Legion Park
Amherst Beaver Creek Reservation
Amick Reservoir
Amolsch Ditch @ Lallendorff Rd.
Anchor Point Rd.
Andreoff Wildlife Area (Wyandot Co.)
Andreoff Wildlife Area--Hardin Co. Rd. 205
Andreoff Wildlife Area--Jackson Township Rd. 50
Andy Dorick Park
Angst Nature Preserve MetroPark
Anheuser-Busch Sports Park
Anliot-Davidson Woods
Antioch College Campus
Antrim Park
Apple Valley Golf Course
Apple Valley Lake
Apple Valley Lake--Apple Valley Marina
Apple Valley Lake--Bennett Park
Apple Valley Lake--Club House Rd.
Apple Valley Lake--Kingsway Circle Parking Area
Apple Valley Lake--Ridgeway Dr. Parking Area
Apple Valley Lake--Southeast Boat Ramp
Apple Valley Lake--Southwest Boat Ramp
Apple Valley Lake--Sutton Beach
Aquilla Lake
Archbold Reservoir
Arcola Creek Park
Arlington Memorial Gardens
Armco Park
Armleder Park
Armleder Park--Little Miami River Canoe Access
Arrington Rd.
Arrowhead Park
Artesian Lake (view from roadside only)
Arthur Fisher Park
Ashcroft Woods Conservation Area
Ashland Cemetery
Ashland Co. Rd. 1950
Ashland County Airport
Ashtabula County Fairgrounds
Ashtabula River Overlook
Ashtabula Towne Square Pond (view from roadside only)
Attica Reservoir
Atwood Lake (Carroll Co.)
Atwood Lake (Tuscarawas Co.)
Atwood Lake Marsh
Atwood Lake Park (Carroll Co.)
Atwood Lake Park (Tuscarawas Co.)
Atwood Lake--Atwood Marina East
Atwood Lake--Atwood Marina West
Atwood Lake--Dam
Atwood Lake--Elliot Bay
Atwood Lake--Magnolia Rd. East Causeway
Auburn Community Park
Auburn Marsh Wildlife Area
Audubon Islands State Nature Preserve
Audubon Wetlands Preserve
Augusta-Anne Olsen State Nature Preserve
Aullwood Audubon Center
Aullwood Garden MetroPark
Ault Park
Aumiller Park
Aurora Audubon Sanctuary
Aurora Lake Pull-Off
Aurora Wetlands Park
Austin Badger Park
Austintown Township Park
Avery Dennison Parking Lot
Avery Park
Avoca Park
Avon Lake Veterans Memorial Park
Avondale Ave.


Babb Run Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary
Back Orrville Rd. Pond
Bairdstown Wildlife Production Area (view from roadside only)
Baker Rd. Park
Baker Tract
Baker Woods Nature Preserve
Baldwin Woods Preserve
Ballantrae Woodlot
Barberton Reservoir
Bareis Preserve
Barkcamp SP
Barkcamp SP--Overlook Picnic Area
Barlow Community Center Ponds
Barn Restaurant Pond
Barnes Preserve
Bass Lake Preserve
Bath Nature Preserve
Bath Nature Preserve--Bath Pond
Bath Nature Preserve--Beefys Trail and Woods
Bath Nature Preserve--Bridle Trail Loop
Bath Nature Preserve--Creekside Trail
Bath Nature Preserve--Garden Bowl
Bath Nature Preserve--South Woods Trail
Bath Township Park
Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park (Franklin Co.)
Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Ancient Trail
Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Big & Little Darby Creek Confluence
Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Biggert Rd. Public Hunting Access
Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Cedar Ridge Hawthorn Trail
Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Darby Creek Greenway Trail
Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Darby Plains Wet Prairie Restoration
Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Dyer Mill Trail
Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Graessle Rd. Public Hunting Access
Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Harrisburg-Georgesville Rd. Public Hunting Access
Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Indian Ridge Area
Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Kuhlwein Rd. Wetlands
Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Kuhlwein Rd. Wetlands South
Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Nature Center
Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Oak Savannah Greenway
Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Osprey Lake
Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Pleasant Valley Quarry Area
Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Public Hunting Area (please use a more specific hotspot)
Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Race Track Wetlands
Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Terrace Trail
Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Turkey Foot Trail Prairie Area
Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Wagtail Trail
Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--White Barn Lagoon
Battery Park
Battlefield Park
Bay Point
Bay View
Bay View Park
Bayshore Fishing Access
Bayshore Power Plant (closed)
Beach City Dam
Beach City Wildlife Area
Beachwood City Park--East
Beachwood City Park--West
Beartown Lakes Reservation
Beartown Rd. Pond
Beaty Landing
Beaver Creek Preserve
Beaver Creek Reservoir
Beaver Creek SP
Beaver Creek SP--Echo Dell Bridge
Beaver Creek SP--Oak Hill Trail and Logans Loop
Beaver Creek SP--Sprucevale Rd.
Beaver Creek SP--Vondergreen Trail
Beaver Creek Treatment Train
Beaver Creek Wetland Nature Reserve
Beaver Creek Wildlife Area
Beaver Township Nature Preserve
Beaver Wildlife Area
Beavercreek Community Park--Angels Pass Memorial
Beavercreek Golf Club
Beck Park
Beckley Municipal Airport
Bedford Reservation--Astorhurst Park
Bedford Reservation--Bike and Hike Trail, Sagamore Creek
Bedford Reservation--Bridal Veil Falls
Bedford Reservation--Circle Emerald Field, Button Rd.
Bedford Reservation--Egbert Picnic Area
Bedford Reservation--Forbes Woods Picnic Area
Bedford Reservation--Hemlock Creek Picnic Area
Bedford Reservation--Little Overlook
Bedford Reservation--Tinkers Creek Gorge Overlook
Bedford Reservation--Viaduct Park
Bedford Reservation--Willis Picnic Area
Beech Creek Gardens
Beiser Field Station
Belleville Locks and Dam (Ohio)
Bellevue Community Center
Bellevue Reservoir No. 3
Bellevue Reservoir No. 4
Bellevue Reservoir No. 5
Bellflower Rd. (view from roadside only)
Bellville Cemetery
Belmont Park
Belmont Park Cemetery
Bend View Metropark
Bender Mountain Nature Preserve
Bentleyville Community Park
Berlin Lake (Mahoning Co.)
Berlin Lake (Portage Co.)
Berlin Lake Bike Trail
Berlin Lake Dam
Berlin Lake Wildlife Area
Berlin Lake Wildlife Area--Fewtown Rd.
Berlin Lake--German Church Rd. Boat Launch and Mudflats
Berlin Lake--Greenbower Bridge
Berlin Lake--Mill Creek Recreation Area Campground
Berlin Lake--Price St. Bridge
Berlin Lake--Teel Ave.
Berlin Mudflats
Bessie Benner Metzenbaum Park
Bevelhymer Park
Beverly Bird Sanctuary
Big Creek Park
Big Creek Reservation--Beyers Pond
Big Creek Reservation--Fern Hill Picnic Area
Big Creek Reservation--Fowles Marsh
Big Creek Reservation--Lake Abram
Big Creek Reservation--Lake Isaac
Big Creek Reservation--Memphis Ave. Section
Big Creek Reservation--Snow Rd. Picnic Area
Big Darby Creek--North Lewisburg Rd.
Big Darby Headwaters Nature Preserve
Big Island Wildlife Area
Big Island Wildlife Area--Espyville Rd. North
Big Island Wildlife Area--Espyville Rd. South
Big Island Wildlife Area--Herr Rd.
Big Island Wildlife Area--Hoch Rd. Reservoir
Big Island Wildlife Area--LaRue-Prospect Rd. Wetlands Reserve
Big Island Wildlife Area--New Bloomington North of OH-95
Big Island Wildlife Area--North of LaRue-Prospect Rd.
Big Island Wildlife Area--North of Marion-Agosta Rd.
Big Island Wildlife Area--Prospect-Upper Sandusky Rd.
Big Island Wildlife Area--Rayl Cemetery
Big Island Wildlife Area--Seiter Rd.
Big Island Wildlife Area--South of LaRue-Prospect Rd.
Big Island Wildlife Area--South of Marion-Agosta Rd.
Big Island Wildlife Area--White Barn Containment Pond
Big Oak Nature Park
Big Run Park
Big Run Park--Derby Hill
Big Walnut Creek Parkland--Cambria Way
Big Walnut Creek Parkland--Lee Rd.
Big Walnut Park
Big Walnut Trail--Granville Rd. to Galloway Preserve
Big Walnut Trail--McKenna Creek Restoration Project
Big Walnut Trail--Olde Ridenour Rd.
Bigelow Cemetery Prairie State Nature Preserve
Bill Yeck Park
Billman Rd., York Township Rd. 219
Bingham Farm Trail
Bistline Rd.
Bixby Rd.
Black Diamond Rd. Marsh
Black Fork Bottoms
Black Fork River--Bowen Rd.
Black Fork Wetlands Preserve
Black Oak East Park
Black River Audubon Society Park
Black River Landing
Black River Nature Preserve--Bluebell Valley
Black River Nature Preserve--Hidden Hollow Camp
Black River Reservation--Bridgeway Trail
Black River Reservation--Bur Oak
Black River Reservation--High Meadows
Black River Reservation--Steel Mill Trail
Black River Wharf Boat Launch
Black River, Lorain
Black Swamp Bird Observatory and Trails
Black Swamp Nature Center
Black Swamp Preserve
Blackfork Swamp
Blackhand Gorge State Nature Preserve
Blackhand Gorge--Marie Hickey Trail
Blacklick Creek Greenway Trail--Blacklick Woods to Portman Park
Blacklick Creek Greenway Trail--Portman Park to Shannon Rd.
Blacklick Creek Greenway Trail--Shannon Rd. to Three Creeks
Blacklick Woods--Nature Center and Trails (Fairfield Co.)
Blacklick Woods--Picnic Areas and Ashton Pond (Franklin Co.)
Bladensburg Community Center
Blair Landing
Blanchard Landing
Blanchard River Nature Preserve
Blankenship Riverside Sanctuary
Blendon Woods Metro Park
Blendon Woods Metro Park--Disc Golf Course
Blendon Woods Metro Park--Goldenrod Trail
Blendon Woods Metro Park--Natural Playground
Blendon Woods Metro Park--Nature Center
Blendon Woods Metro Park--Sugarbush Trail
Blendon Woods Metro Park--Thoreau Pond
Bloomfield Cemetery
Blooming Grove Cemetery
Blue Creek Metropark
Blue Heron Reserve
Blue Limestone Park
Blue Rock Nature Preserve
Blue Rock SP--Cutler Lake Trails
Blue Rock State Forest
Blues Creek Preserve
Bluestone Boulevard
Bluffton University Nature Preserve
Boardman Park
Bob Evans Farm
Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve
Boehnke Woods Nature Preserve
Bolivar Dam (Stark Co.)
Bolivar Dam--Spillway Fishing Access
Bolivar Rd.
Bolton Field Airport--Public Parking Area
Bonham Rd., York Township Rd. 205
Boonshoft Museum
Boord State Nature Preserve
Bott Wildlife Area (Brown Co.)
Bott Wildlife Area (Clermont Co.)
Boulder Park
Bowen Nature Preserve
Bowling Green Golf Course
Boyer Nature Preserve
Bradley Nature Park
Bradley Woods Reservation
Bradner Preserve
Bradstreets Landing
Brady Lake
Brandon Park
Brandon Reserve
Brandywine Ski Resort
Brecksville Reservation
Brecksville Reservation--Buckeye Trail, Ottawa Point Picnic Area to Snowville Rd.
Brecksville Reservation--Chippewa Ford
Brecksville Reservation--Gazebo Field
Brecksville Reservation--Meadows
Brecksville Reservation--Nature Center
Brecksville Reservation--Oak Grove, Plateau, My Mountain
Brecksville Reservation--Stables
Brecksville Town Square
Bresler Reservoir
Bretschneider Park
Briar Wood Rd. (view from roadside only)
Bright Conservation Area
Brighton Park
Bristol Park
Broadway Cemetery
Broadway Wharf
Brokaw Rd. Public Hunting Area
Broken ARO and Flint Run Wildlife Areas
Bronson Park
Brookdale Cemetery
Brooklyn Oxbow
Brookside Park and Golf Course
Brookside Reservation
Broughton Nature and Wildlife Education Area
Brown County Water Improvement District
Brown Family Environmental Center
Brown Family Environmental Center--North
Brown Pet Cemetery
Browns Lake Bog State Nature Preserve (TNC)
Browns Recreation Lake (view from roadside only)
Bruce Yee Park
Brukner Nature Center
Brush Creek State Forest (Scioto Co.)
Brush Creek State Forest--Big Run Rd.
Brush Creek State Forest--Coffee Hollow
Brush Creek State Forest--Crabtree Cemetery Rd.
Brush Creek State Forest--Cramer Rd.
Brush Creek State Forest--Douglas Rd.
Brush Creek State Forest--Dry Fork Rd.
Brush Creek State Forest--Dry Run Creek Rd.
Brush Creek State Forest--Hackelshin Rd.
Brush Creek State Forest--Stone Quarry Ridge Trail
Brush Creek Wildlife Area
Brust Park
Bryn Zion Cemetery
Buck Creek SP
Buck Creek SP--Beach
Buck Creek SP--Boat Launch
Buck Creek SP--Buckhorn Trail
Buck Creek SP--Cabin Area
Buck Creek SP--Clarence J. Brown Reservoir Overlook
Buck Creek SP--Lakeview and Bridle Trails
Buck Creek SP--Marina
Buck Creek SP--New Moorefield Access
Buck Creek SP--Northeast Lake Access
Buck Creek SP--Picnic Area and Disc Golf Course
Buck Creek SP--Prairie View Recreation Area
Buck Creek SP--RV Camping Area
Buck Creek SP--West Lake Access from OH-4
Buck Creek Trail--Pumphouse Rd. Access
Buckeye Furnace State Memorial
Buckeye Horse Park
Buckeye Lake (Licking Co.)
Buckeye Lake SP (Fairfield Co.)
Buckeye Lake SP--Brooks Park Area
Buckeye Lake SP--Fairfield Beach Area
Buckeye Lake SP--Liebs Island
Buckeye Lake SP--Mud Island
Buckeye Lake SP--North Shore
Buckeye Lake SP--Spillway and Sellers Point
Buckeye Lake, Bluffton
Buckeye Park
Buckeye Trail Barn
Buckeye Woods Park
Buckeye Woods--Schleman Nature Preserve
Bucyrus Reservoir #2
Buffalo Fork Wildlife Area
Buffington Island Battlefield Memorial Park
Bull Creek @ Lipply Rd. (view from roadside only)
Bulls Run Arboretum
Bunker Hill (view from roadside only)
Burbank Park
Burke Lakefront Airport
Burke Lakefront Airport--Hill Watch
Burlington Commons
Burnet Woods
Burnside Cemetery
Burr Oak Lake (Athens Co.)
Burr Oak SP (Morgan Co.)
Burr Oak SP--Beach, Campground, and Harbor
Burr Oak SP--Boat Dock 3
Burton Wetlands
Burton Wetlands--Kettle Trail
Busby Rd.
Buttercup Valley and Parkers Woods
Butterfly Ridge Conservation Center
Buzzards Roost Nature Preserve
Byers Woods
Byron Rd. (view from roadside only)


Cackley Swamp
Cadiz-Flushing Rd.
Caesar Creek Gorge
Caesar Creek Lake Wildlife Area (Greene Co.)
Caesar Creek Lake Wildlife Area--Anderson Fork
Caesar Creek Lake Wildlife Area--Burlington Ridge
Caesar Creek Lake Wildlife Area--New Burlington Rd.
Caesar Creek Lake Wildlife Area--OH-380 Access
Caesar Creek Lake Wildlife Area--Roxanna New Burlington Rd. and Bridge
Caesar Creek Lake Wildlife Area--Young Rd.
Caesar Creek SP (Warren Co.)
Caesar Creek SP--Beach Area
Caesar Creek SP--Campground
Caesar Creek SP--Cedar Point Trails
Caesar Creek SP--Equestrian Campground
Caesar Creek SP--Furnas Shore Boat Ramp
Caesar Creek SP--Harveysburg Rd.
Caesar Creek SP--Hopewell Day Lodge
Caesar Creek SP--Marina
Caesar Creek SP--Mound Rd.
Caesar Creek SP--Nature Center
Caesar Creek SP--North Pool Boat Ramp
Caesar Creek SP--Observation Tower and Trail
Caesar Creek SP--South Boat Ramp
Caesar Creek SP--Spillway
Caesar Creek SP--Visitor Center
Caesar Creek SP--Ward Rd. Area and Mountain Bike Trail
Caesar Ford Park
Cahoon Park
Cain Park
Calamus Swamp
Caldwell Lake
Caldwell Nature Preserve
Caledonia Cemetery
Caley Reservation
California Golf Course
California Woods
Calla Rd.
Calvary Cemetery, Garfield Heights
Calvary Cemetery, Lorain
Calvary Cemetery, Toledo
Cambridge City Reservoir
Camp Belden Wildlife Area
Camp Berry (restricted access)
Camp Chase Trail--Alton Rd. to Galloway Rd.
Camp Chase Trail--Darby Creek Dr. to Alton Rd.
Camp Chase Trail--Gardner Rd.
Camp Chase Trail--Wilson Rd. to West Jefferson Kiousville Rd.
Camp Dennison Gravel Pits
Camp Dennison Memorial Park
Camp Kern (registered guests only)
Camp Livingston Park
Camp Peet Metropark
Camp Perry Beach
Camp Rd., Homerville
Camp Sabroske
Camp Tuscazoar Trails (sign-in required)
Campbell Lakes Preserve
Canal Lock Park
Canal Park--Canal Rd.
Canal Park--Towpath Trail
Canfield Fairgrounds
Cannonball Prairie Metropark
Canoe City MetroPark
Capital University
Captina Creek Mainstem
Carillon Historical Park
Carlisle Reservation
Carlisle Reservation--Duck Pond Picnic Area
Carlisle Reservation--Equestrian Center
Carnation Mall Swamp
Carpenter Nature Preserve
Carriage Hill MetroPark
Carroll Community Park
Carter Park, Bowling Green
Carter Park, Kings Mills
Carter Pedigo Trail
Cascade Locks Park
Cascade Park, Elyria
Cascade Park, Hudson
Cascade Valley Metro Park
Cascade Valley Metro Park--Schumacher Trail
Cascade Valley Metro Park--Valley View Area
Cascade Wildlife Area
Case Rd. Prairie Trail
Cassell Reservation
Castalia Cemetery
Castalia Pond
Castalia Quarry MetroPark
Castalia Quarry MetroPark--North
Castalia State Fish Hatchery
Castaway Bay
Casto Park
Catawba Island
Catawba Island SP
Catawba Point Preserve
Cedar Bog State Nature Preserve
Cedar Creeks Preserve
Cedar Fork Park
Cedar Meadow Preserve
Cedar Point
Cedar Point Chaussee (restricted access)
Cedar Point NWR (restricted access)
Cedar Point NWR--Potters Pond (restricted access)
Cedar Point Rd.
Cedar Point--Lighthouse Point
Cedarville University--Campus
Cedarville University--Elvin R. King Cross Country Course
Celeryville Muck Crop Fields (view from roadside only)
Celina Coldwater Bikeway
Celina Coldwater Bikeway--Beaver Creek
Celina Grain Silos
Cemex Reserve
Cenci Lake Park
Centennial Park, Englewood
Center Cemetery
Center Valley Park
Centerburg Community Memorial Park
Centerville Mills Park
Central Park, Mansfield
Century Park
Chagrin River Park
Chagrin River Rd. Pull Off
Chalet Nivale Preserve
Chambers Wetland
Champions Golf Course
Chandler Cemetery
Chaparral Prairie State Nature Preserve
Chapin Forest Reservation
Chapin Forest Reservation--West Section Trails
Char-Mar Ridge Preserve
Charlemont Reservation
Charles Alley Nature Park
Charles Mill Lake (Ashland Co.)
Charles Mill Lake (Richland Co.)
Charles Mill Lake Dam and Spillway
Charles Mill Lake Park
Charles Mill Lake--Ashland Co. Rd. 1217 Access
Charles Mill Lake--Donaldson Family Trail
Charles Mill Lake--Eagle Point
Charles Mill Lake--OH-430 Boat Ramp
Charles Palm Park
Charleston Falls Preserve
Charleton Mill Rd. Covered Bridge
Charlies Pond
Chase Retention Ponds
Chatterton Wetland
Cherry Bottom Park
Cheshire Gravel Pits
Chestnut Grove Cemetery, Olmsted Falls
Chestnut Hill Memorial Park
Chestnut Ridge Metro Park
Chestnut Ridge Park, Akron
Chestnut St. Marsh
Chickagami Park
Chilo Lock 34 Park and Crooked Run Nature Preserve
Chippewa Creek Headwaters Park
Chippewa Inlet Trail--North
Chippewa Inlet Trail--South
Chippewa Lake--Chippewa Lake Boat Ramp
Chippewa Lake--Krabill Lodge
Chippewa Rail Trail
Chrisholm MetroPark
Christman Memorial Park
Christmas Rocks State Nature Preserve
Christmas Run Park
Christy Farm Nature Preserve
Chudzinski-Johannsen Park
Cincinnati Nature Center--Long Branch Farm
Cincinnati Nature Center--Rowe Woods
Cincinnati Nature Center--Rowe Woods Redwing Trail
Cincinnati Zoological Gardens (please do not report the ducks)
Civitan Park
Clague Park
Claibourne Cemetery
Clarence Darrow Park
Claridon Recreation Park
Claridon Woodlands
Clark County Fairground--Champions Park
Clark County Fairground--Gravel Pits
Clark Lake
Clark Township Rd. 25
Clay Pits--Strawbridge Pond
Clay Pits--West of Marion Township Rd. 227 (view from roadside only)
Clay Plant Rd.
Clayton Township Rd. 217
Clear Creek Metro Park (Fairfield Co.)
Clear Creek Metro Park (Hocking Co.)
Clear Creek Metro Park--Chestnut Trail (Fairfield Co.)
Clear Creek Metro Park--Creekside Meadows Trail
Clear Creek Metro Park--Fern, Hemlock, and Cemetery Ridge Trails
Clear Creek Metro Park--Lake Trail
Clear Creek Metro Park--Mathias and Thomas Cabins
Clear Creek Metro Park--Prairie Warbler and Tulip Tree Trails
Clear Creek Park, Cincinnati
Clear Creek Park, Wooster
Clear Fork Reservoir--East (Richland Co.)
Clear Fork Reservoir--Gass Rd. Dam and Spillway (view from roadside only)
Clear Fork Reservoir--Lexington-Ontario Parking Lot
Clear Fork Reservoir--Marina
Clear Fork Reservoir--Marion Ave. Access
Clear Fork Reservoir--Northwest (Richland Co.)
Clear Fork Reservoir--OH-97 Pull Off #1
Clear Fork Reservoir--Picnic Area #1
Clear Fork Reservoir--Picnic Area #2
Clear Fork Reservoir--Picnic Area #3
Clear Fork Reservoir--Southwest (Morrow Co.)
Clear Fork Reservoir--Stoller Rd. Trail
Clear Fork Reservoir--Wolf School Rd. Access
Clendening Lake
Clendening Lake--Brushy Fork
Clendening Lake--Buckeye Trail, North of Brushy Fork Bay
Clendening Lake--Buckeye Trail, South of Brushy Fork Bay
Clendening Lake--Marina
Clepper Park
Cleveland Botanical Garden
Cleveland Clinic--Crile Building
Cleveland Clinic--Intercontinental Hotel
Cleveland Cultural Gardens
Cleveland Harbor
Cleveland Harbor Breakwall
Cleveland Hopkins Airport--The Aviator Restaurant Parking Lot
Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve
Cleveland Memorial Gardens Cemetery
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Cleveland Museum of Art Doan Brook Park
Cleveland Museum of Natural History--Perkins Woods Garden
Cleveland Public Library Eastman Garden
Cleveland Public Power
Cleveland Public Square
Cleves Community Park
Cliff Park
Clifton Gorge Nature Preserve
Clifton Reserve
Clifton Union Cemetery
Clint Fultz River Park
Clinton Nature Preserve
Clinton-Como Park
Clouse Lake
Clover Cemetery and Wetlands
Coal Grove Boat Ramp
Coalton Wildlife Area
Cobb Lake
Cobey Park
Coblentz Ave.
Coe Lake
Coffman Park
Cold Creek at Sandusky Bay
Coldwater Creek Treatment Train
Coldwater Wastewater Treatment Plant
Colerain Towne Centre
College Knolls Wetland Reserve
College of Wooster Campus
Collegial Woods
Collier Preserve, Canfield
Collier State Nature Preserve
Collins Park
Colony Park and Trails
Columbia Creek Wetland, Westlake Park-n-Ride
Columbia Park
Columbia Reservation
Columbia Woods Park
Columbus International Airport--Post Office Parking Lot
Columbus Road Wetlands
Columbus Upground Reservoir--Retention Ponds (Delaware Co.)
Columbus Upground Reservoir--Retention Ponds (Union Co.)
Columbus Zoo
Combs Park
Common Ground Canopy Tour
Community Golf Course
Community Park Miami Twp.
Community Park, Clyde
Conant Wildlife Area
Concord Community Park
Concord Woods Nature Park
Conesville Coal Lands (Coshocton Co.)
Conesville Coal Lands--Coshocton Co. Rd. 7 Pond
Confluence Metro Park--Long Lake Area
Conkles Hollow State Nature Preserve
Conneaut Harbor
Conneaut Marsh
Conneaut Sandspit
Conneaut Township Park
Conneaut Wildlife Area
Conotton Creek Trail--Bowerston Trailhead
Conotton Creek Trail--Conotton Rd. Trailhead
Conotton Creek Trail--Jewett Trailhead
Conotton Creek Trail--Scio Trailhead
Conrey Rd. Bird and Butterfly Sanctuary
Constitution Park
Convoy Park
Cooke Family Conservation Park
Cooks Lagoon Park
Cool Springs Conservation Park
Coonpath Rd. Wetland (view from roadside only)
Coonrod Rd. Wetlands
Cooper Hollow Wildlife Area
Cooper Hollow Wildlife Area--Headquarters and Iron Furnace
Cooper Park
Copley Community Park
Coppess Nature Sanctuary
Corduroy Rd.
Coshocton Co. Rd. 368
Coshocton Co. Rd. 9
County Line Trail--Creston
County Line Trail--Sterling
Coventry Woods Park
Cover Rd. Wetlands
Covered Bridge Park, Canton
Covington Meadows Nature Reserve
Cowan Lake
Cowan Lake SP
Cowan Lake SP--East Ponds
Cox Arboretum MetroPark
Cox Arboretum MetroPark--Red Trail
Coyote Run Farm (restricted access)
Craig Pittman Memorial Park
Crains Run Nature Park
Crandall Park
Crawford County Landfill (restricted access)
Crazy Rd.
Creek Bend Farm
Creekside Reserve
Creekside Trail--Spinning Rd.
Creekside Trail--Xenia
Cricket Frog Cove
Cromwell Park
Crook St. Wetlands
Cross Mound Park
Crown City Wildlife Area (Gallia Co.)
Crown City Wildlife Area (Lawrence Co.)
Crown Hill Cemetery
Crown Point Ecology Center
Cruiser Park
Crystal Lake, Akron
Crystal Lake, Medway
Crystal Springs Park--Towpath Trailhead
Cucumbertree Trail
Culberson Woods State Nature Preserve
Cullen Park
Cumberland Park and Public Pool
Custer Monument
Cuyahoga Community College--Eastern Campus
Cuyahoga Community College--Western Campus
Cuyahoga County Airport
Cuyahoga River--I-480 Bridge
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Armington Pond
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Bath Rd.
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Blue Hen Falls Trail
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Boston Run Trail
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Boston Store Towpath
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Brandywine Falls
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Brookside Rd. Marsh
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Buckeye Trail, Jaite to Blue Hen
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Canal Exploration Center
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Coliseum Grasslands
Cuyahoga Valley NP--East Rim Trail
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Everett Rd. Covered Bridge Trails
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Frazee House Towpath Trail
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Hale Farm and Howe Meadow
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Horseshoe Pond and Tree Farm
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Hunt Farm
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Indigo Lake
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Ira Rd. Beaver Marsh
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Jaite Mill Park Headquarters
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Ledges Trail and Octagon Shelter
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Oak Hill Trails
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Ohio Turnpike Bridge
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Peninsula and Towpath Trail Lock 29
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Pine Hollow Trailhead
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Pine Ln. Trailhead
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Redlock North
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Rockside Station and Rockside Rd. Wetland
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Salt Run Trail
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Sanitation (Fawn) Pond
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Stanford Rd.
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Station Rd. Parking Area (train tracks closed to entry)
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Station Rd. Towpath Trail (Summit Co.)
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Terra Vista Nature Study Area
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Virginia Kendall Lake and Trails
Cuyahoga Valley NP--West Hines Hill Rd. Wetlands and Meadow
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Wetmore Trails
Cyclops Field


Dairy Barn Ora Anderson Trail
Dalmore Park
Damascus Cemetery
Danbury Pond
Dane Mutter Prairie
Daniel Drake Park
Daniels Park
Darby Dan Sod Farm
Darby Township Cemetery
Darke Wildlife Area
Darree Fields
Darsch Rd.
Daugherty Lake
Daughmer Prairie
Davey Woods State Nature Preserve
David Fichtner Outdoor Education Center
David Fortier River Park
Davidson Interpretive Center
Davis Cemetery
Davis Memorial State Nature Preserve
Davis Overlook
Dawes Arboretum
Dawes Arboretum--Dutch Fork Wetlands
Dawes Arboretum--Red Barn Area
Dayton Kettering Bike Path--Shroyer Rd. Access
Dean State Forest
Decant Rd. @ Seaman Rd.
Decoy Marsh (scheduled program use only)
Deeds Point and Vicinity
Deep Lock Quarry Metro Park
Deer Creek Reservoir (Stark Co.)
Deer Creek SP
Deer Creek SP--Adena Ridge Trail
Deer Creek SP--Beach
Deer Creek SP--Beach Picnic Area
Deer Creek SP--Boat Ramp and Harding Cabin
Deer Creek SP--Dam
Deer Creek SP--Georges Run
Deer Creek SP--Marina and Boat Launch
Deer Creek SP--Van Horn Nature Trail
Deer Creek SP--Waters Rd.
Deer Creek Township Cemetery
Deer Creek Wildlife Area (Fayette Co.)
Deer Creek Wildlife Area--Dick Rd. Wetland
Deer Creek Wildlife Area--East St. Wetland
Deer Creek Wildlife Area--Middle Wetland
Deer Creek Wildlife Area--Wetland Levee
Deer Creek Wildlife Area--Yankeetown Rd.
Deer Haven Preserve
Defiance College
Defiance Power Dam
Defiance Reservoir
Delaware Creek Park
Delaware Island
Delaware Reservoir Dam and Spillway
Delaware Reservoir--North End
Delaware SP
Delaware SP--Lakeview Trail
Delaware SP--South Beach
Delaware SP--Willey Rd.
Delaware Wetland Mitigation Marsh
Delaware Wildlife Area--Claypool Run (Morrow Co.)
Delaware Wildlife Area--Cole Rd.
Delaware Wildlife Area--East Marsh
Delaware Wildlife Area--Hoke Rd.
Delaware Wildlife Area--Panhandle Rd.
Delaware Wildlife Area--Ponds South of Cole Rd.
Delaware Wildlife Area--Saint James Rd.
Delaware Wildlife Area--Sherwood Rd. Area
Delaware Wildlife Area--Wildlife Rd.
Delco Park
Delhi Park
Delphos-Gillmor Reservoir
Delta Reservoir No. 1
Delta Reservoir No. 2
Dempsey Boat Basin
Denison Park
Denison University
Denison University Biological Reserve
Derby Rd. and Buchanan Rd.
Deshler Reservoirs
Desonier State Nature Preserve
Detwiler Marsh
Devola Lock and Dam #2
Devonshire Park
Dewines Pond
Diamond St.
Dickerson Church Rd.
Dickinson St. Retention Pond
Diehl Park
Dillon Falls
Dillon Overlook
Dillon Reservoir--Dam
Dillon Reservoir--Marina
Dillon SP
Dillon SP--Beach and Trails
Dillon SP--Big Run Boat Ramp
Dillon Wildlife Area--Pleasant Valley Rd. Access
Dillon Wildlife Area--Rock Dam Rd.
Dillon Wildlife Area--Toboso Rd. Wetlands
Dillon Wildlife Area--Vickers Hill Rd. Access
Dix Park
Dominick Lofino Park
Donegal Cliffs Park
Donnybrook Park
Dorset Wildlife Area
Dorset Wildlife Area--Footville-Richmond Rd.
Dorset Wildlife Area--Kyle Rd. East
Dorset Wildlife Area--Kyle Rd. West
Dorset Wildlife Area--Tower Rd. Scrub and Woods
Dorset Wildlife Area--Tower Rd. Wetland
Drew Woods State Nature Preserve (restricted access)
Dry Tree Point
Dublin Rd. Quarries (view from roadside only)
Dublin Springs Park
Dudley Woods Park
Dueber Ave.
Duff-Washa Rd. Wetland
Dundee Fields (view from roadside only)
Dunham Park
Dunker Rd.
Dunkerton Rd.
Dupont Marsh State Nature Preserve
Duranceau Park
Dysart Woods


Eagle City Rd. Borrow Pits (view from roadside only)
Eagle City Soccer Complex
Eagle Creek State Nature Preserve
Eagle Creek Wildlife Area
Eagles Nest Disc Golf Course
East Branch Bullskin Creek Falls @ OH-505
East Cleveland Township Cemetery
East Fork Riparian Reserve--East Side Trails (Clinton Co.)
East Fork Riparian Reserve--West Side Trails (Highland Co.)
East Fork SP (please use a more specific location)
East Fork SP--Afton Area
East Fork SP--Bantam Rd.
East Fork SP--Bethel Concord Rd. Area
East Fork SP--Bridle Trail Parking Area
East Fork SP--Camping Area
East Fork SP--Dam
East Fork SP--Double Gate Area
East Fork SP--Elklick Mound
East Fork SP--Flood Plain
East Fork SP--Greenbriar Rd. Area
East Fork SP--Harsha Lake Dam Boat Ramp, Retzler Rd.
East Fork SP--Lake Trail
East Fork SP--Ninnichuck Rd. Area
East Fork SP--North Boat Ramp
East Fork SP--North Entrance Wetland
East Fork SP--Prairie Trail
East Fork SP--Reisinger Rd. Boat Ramp
East Fork SP--South Beach
East Fork SP--South Side
East Fork SP--South Trailhead Ponds
East Fork SP--Tailwater Shelter
East Fork SP--Tate Boat Ramp
East Fork SP--Tunnel Mill Boat Ramp
East Fork SP--Williamsburg Wetland
East Granville Park
East Harbor SP
East Harbor SP--Beach Ridge
East Harbor SP--Middle Harbor
East Harbor SP--Offshore
East Harbor SP--West Harbor Trail
East Harbor SP--Wetlands Trail
East Lorain St. Roadside Park
East Loveland Nature Preserve
East Ninth Street Pier
East Riverdowns Park
East Sandusky Bay MetroPark
East Sandusky Bay MetroPark--Joseph Steinen Wildlife Area
East Sandusky Bay MetroPark--Putnam Marsh
East Sandusky Bay MetroPark--Stockdale Arboretum
East Sandusky Bay MetroPark--Wyandot Wetland Meadows Preserve
Eastlake Boat Ramp
Eastlake Garden Park
Eastlake Seawall, Eastlake Power Plant
Easton Nature Walk
Eastview Park
Eastwood MetroPark
Eastwood MetroPark--Eastwood Lake
Eastwood Preserve
EcOhio Farm and Wetland (restricted access)
Eckley Cemetery
Eddie Jones Park
Eden Park
Eden Park--Presidential Grove
Edge of Appalachia Preserve--Abner Hollow Rd.
Edge of Appalachia Preserve--Buzzardroost Rock
Edge of Appalachia Preserve--Cedar Falls Preserve
Edge of Appalachia Preserve--Lynx Prairie
Edge of Appalachia Preserve--Portman Trail and Rieveschl Overlook
Edge of Appalachia Preserve--Wilderness Trail
Edinburg Cemetery
Edinburg Park
Edison Park, Milan
Edison Woods MetroPark (Erie Co.)
Edison Woods MetroPark--Mason Rd. Prairie Trails
Edison Woods MetroPark--Rose Mallow Pond
Eells Park
Egypt Valley Wildlife Area--Egypt Valley North Rd.
Egypt Valley Wildlife Area--Smith Co. Rd. 104
Egypt Valley Wildlife Area--Starkey Rd. 546
Eidson Woods Preserve, Greenville
Eldon Russell Park
Elizabeth Evans Waterfowl and Bird Sanctuary
Eljer Park
Elk Creek Metropark--Meadow Ridge Area
Elk Creek Metropark--Sebald Park Area
Elk Run Park
Ellis Lake Wetlands
Ellis Park
Elliston Rd. @ Veler Rd.
Elm Rd. Public Hunting Area
Elmon Richards Scioto River Fishing Access
Elmwood Cemetery
Elmwood Park, Lorain
Elmwood Park, Rocky River
Elywood Park
Embshoff Woods--Parcours Trail
Emily Traphagen Preserve
Engle Rd. Sledding Hill
Englewood MetroPark
Englewood MetroPark--North Park
Englewood MetroPark--South Park
Enterprise Iles Rd.
Erie County Landfill
Erie Sand Barrens Nature Preserve
Erie Street Cemetery
Erie-Ottawa International Airport
Ernsberger Rd.
Esbenshade Wetlands
Esmont Park
Estel Wenrick Wetlands
Euclid Creek Reservation--Euclid Beach Park
Euclid Creek Reservation--Glenridge Loop
Euclid Creek Reservation--Highland Picnic Area
Euclid Creek Reservation--Quarry Picnic Area
Euclid Creek Reservation--Upper Highland Trail
Euclid Creek Reservation--Villa Angela
Euclid Creek Reservation--Wildwood Park
Euclid Creek Reservation--Wildwood Stream and Wetland Restoration
Euclid Park
Evans Lake (restricted access)
Evans Park
Exchange Rd.--US-250 to OH-162
Eyring Wetlands


Fairborn Community Park
Fairborn Marsh
Fairfield Cemetery
Fairhope Nature Preserve
Fairlawn Park
Fairmont Ave. Park
Fairmount Rd. and Lusk-Lock Rd.
Fairport Harbor Lakefront Park
Fairport Nursery Rd.
Fairview Cemetery, Galion
Fairview Cemetery, Shreve
Fairview Park
Fallen Timbers Battlefield
Fallsville Wildlife Area
Fanchion Lewis Park
Farbach-Werner Nature Preserve
Fargo Rd. (view from roadside only)
Farnsworth Metropark
Farrington Reserve
Faurot Park
Fellows Riverside Gardens
Ferguson and Metzger Reservoirs
Fernald Preserve (Hamilton Co.)
Fernald Preserve--Lodge Pond
Fernald Preserve--North Woods (Butler Co.)
Fernald Preserve--Sycamore and Shingle Oak Trails
Fernbank Park
Ferncliff Cemetery
Fernwood State Forest
Ferris Wright Park
Fincks Nature Preserve
Findlay Airport
Findlay Reservoirs
Findlay Water Pollution Control Center
Findley SP
Finwood Forest Park, Findley Cabin
Firestone Metro Park
Firestone-Yeagley Wildlife Area
Fish Creek Wildlife Area--Tract 1
Fish Creek Wildlife Area--Tract 2
Fishers Grove Rest Area
Five Mile Trail
Flat Rock Creek Nature Preserve (ACRES)
Flint Park
Flint Ridge State Memorial
Fly Ash Pond
Fly Rest Area
Fly-Sistersville Ferry
Forest Cemetery, Circleville
Forest Cemetery, Toledo
Forest Hill Park
Forest Hill Park--Cleveland Heights
Forest Hill Park--East Cleveland
Forest Lake Wildlife Preserve
Forest Ridge Preserve
Forest Ridge Village Park
Forest Run MetroPark--Timberman Ridge Area
Forest Run MetroPark--Wildlife Preserve Area
Forked Run SP
Forked Run SP--Ohio River Access
Former Shelly Gravel Pit
Forrest Nature Preserve
Forrest Nature Preserve--Floodplain Trail
Forrest Woods Nature Preserve (restricted access)
Fort Amanda Park
Fort Ancient Earthworks and Nature Preserve
Fort Hill Earthworks and Nature Preserve
Fort Island and Griffiths Park
Fort Jefferson Memorial Park
Fort Laurens State Memorial
Forty Acre Pond Bridge
Foster Chapel Cemetery
Foster MetroPark
Foundation Park
Foundry Hill Rd.
Fountain Park
Fountain Square
Four Mile Creek MetroPark--Antenen Nature Preserve Area
Four Mile Creek MetroPark--Mill Race Preserve Area
Four Mile Creek MetroPark--Sycamore Bluffs Boat Ramp
Four Ponds
Four Seasons Marina
Fowler Woods
Fowlers Mill Cemetery
Fox Glen Park
Fox Lake Rd.
Fox Lake Wildlife Area
Foxfield Preserve Nature Cemetery
Foxglove Meadow Park
Franklin County Sanitary Landfill--London Groveport Rd.
Franklin County Sanitary Landfill--Young Rd.
Franklin Miller Observatory
Franklin Mills River Edge Park
Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens
Franklin Square Pond
Franklin Township Nature Park
Franks Park
Franks Park--Clover Groff Run
Fred Fuller Park and Kramer Field
Fred Greenwood Park
Fredericktown Community Park
Fredericktown Nature Center
Freedlander Park
Freedom Bike and Hike Trail--Middlebury Trailhead
Freedom Bike and Hike Trail--Tallmadge Trailhead
Freeman Prairie Reserve
Freer Field Park
Fremont Reservoir
Fremont Water Filtration Output
French Creek Reservation
French Creek Reservation--Burrell Homestead (restricted access)
French Creek Reservation--Nature Center
French Creek Reservation--Pine Tree Picnic Area Entrance
French Park
Friend Cemetery
Friends of Conneaut Creek Park
Friendship Park
Friendsville Rd. Gravel Pits (view from roadside only)
Frohring Meadows
Fruth Wetland Nature Preserve
Fry Family Park
Fryer Park
Fulton Pond Wildlife Area
Funk Bottoms Wildlife Area
Funk Bottoms Wildlife Area--Angling Rd.
Funk Bottoms Wildlife Area--Funk Rd.
FurField Dog Park
Furnace Run Metro Park--Brushwood Area
Furnace Run Metro Park--Daffodil Trail


Gahanna Creekside Park
Gahanna Woods State Nature Preserve
Galena Brick Trail--Miller Park
Galion Bike Path
Gallagher Fen Nature Preserve
Gallant Farm
Gallant Woods Park
Gallipolis Locks and Dam (Ohio)
Gallipolis Riverfront
Galloway Cemetery
Galloway Park
Galpin Nature Trail
Galpin Wildlife Sanctuary
Gantz Park
Garber Forest
Garbry Big Woods Reserve
Garden Isle Rd.
Garfield Commons
Garfield Park Nature Center
Garfield Park Reservation
Garfield Park Reservation--Mill Creek
Garfield Park, Mentor
Garland Reserve
Garlo Heritage Nature Preserve
Gatton Rock Rd.
Gaunt Park
Gavin Power Plant
Gearhiser Rd.
Geauga Co. Fairgrounds Parking Field
Genesis Hospital Walking Trail
Geneva SP
Geneva SP--Archery Range
Geneva SP--Beach
Geneva SP--Cowles Creek
Geneva SP--Crabapple Picnic Area
Geneva SP--Marina
Geneva Township Park
George Bible Park
George Rogers Clark Park
Germantown MetroPark--Dam Area
Germantown MetroPark--Nature Center
Germantown MetroPark--Sunfish Pond Area
Germantown MetroPark--Wetlands
Gibraltar Island
Gifford State Forest
Gilliland Nature Sanctuary
Gilliom-Cherp Nature Park
Gilmore MetroPark
Gilson Park
Girdled Road Reservation
Girdled Road Reservation--North Entrance
Girdled Road Reservation--Skok Meadows
Gist Settlement and Cemetery
Glacier Ridge Metro Park
Glacier Ridge Metro Park--Greenway Link to Avery Park
Glacier Ridge Metro Park--Honda Wetlands
Glacier Ridge Metro Park--Ironweed Trail
Glacier Ridge Metro Park--Marshhawk Trail
Glacier Ridge Metro Park--Marshhawk Trail Bird Observation Station
Glacier Ridge Metro Park--North
Glacier Ridge Metro Park--Red Oak Trail
Gladys Riley Golden Star Lily Preserve
Glass City Metropark
Glass Farm
Gleason Family Nature Reserve
Glen Echo Park
Glen Forest Cemetery
Glen Helen Preserve
Glen Helen Preserve--Camp Greene
Glen Helen Preserve--Covered Bridge
Glen Helen Preserve--Sutton Farm (restricted access)
Glendale Cemetery
Glenn Thompson Reserve
Glenwillow Village Trail
Glenwood Ave. Disc Golf Course
Glenwood Gardens
Gnadenhutten Mine Pits (view from roadside only)
Golden Gate Park
Goll Woods State Nature Preserve
Goll Woods State Nature Preserve--Cottonwood and Burr Oak Trails
Goll Woods State Nature Preserve--Tuliptree Trail
Goodale Blvd. Parks: McKinley, Wallace Gardens, Wyman Woods
Goodale Park
Goode Prairie
Goodyear Heights Metro Park
Goodyear Heights Metro Park--Alder Pond
Gorge Metro Park
Gorman Nature Center--Bird Feeders
Gorman Nature Center--Property and Trails
Goshen Memorial Park
Gottfried Nature Center
Gottron Wetland Restoration
Governor Bebb MetroPark
Grailville Nature Trails
Grand Lake Saint Marys SP (Auglaize Co.)
Grand Lake Saint Marys SP (Mercer Co.)
Grand Lake Saint Marys SP--Anderson Rd. Picnic Area
Grand Lake Saint Marys SP--Coldwater Creek
Grand Lake Saint Marys SP--East Bank Picnic Area
Grand Lake Saint Marys SP--Entrance and Campground
Grand Lake Saint Marys SP--Harmons Landing
Grand Lake Saint Marys SP--Lake Shore Dr.
Grand Lake Saint Marys SP--Montezuma Boat Ramp
Grand Lake Saint Marys SP--Spillway
Grand Lake Saint Marys SP--West Bank Picnic Area
Grand Lake Saint Marys SP--West Bank Rd. Breakwall
Grand Lake Saint Marys SP--Windy Point
Grand River Landing
Grand River Lowlands Wetland
Grand River Wildlife Area
Grand River Wildlife Area--Coffee Creek Wetlands
Grand River Wildlife Area--Dead Branch Wetlands
Grand River Wildlife Area--Hoffman Norton Rd. North
Grand River Wildlife Area--Hoffman Norton Rd. South
Grand River Wildlife Area--Hoffman Norton Rd. Trail and Boardwalk
Grand River Wildlife Area--Hyde Oakfield Rd. Area
Grand River Wildlife Area--Norton Lane Ponds
Grand River Wildlife Area--Parking and Wetland East of OH-534
Grand River Wildlife Area--Stroups Hickox Rd. Ponds
Grand River Wildlife Area--Tamarack Lake
Grand River--Callender Rd. Canoe Access
Grand River--Cork Cold Springs Canoe Access
Grand River--Harpersfield Bridge Canoe Access
Grand River--Jersey Farm Canoe Access
Grand River--Johnson Rd. Canoe Access
Grand River--Mechanicsville Bridge Canoe Access
Grand River--Parkman Gorge Canoe Access
Grand River--Schweitzer Rd. Canoe Access
Grandview Cemetery
Grant Lake Wildlife Area
Grant Park
Grant Park--Badlands
Grant Park--Mature Woods
Grant Park--Wet Meadow
Granville Schools Land Lab
Grape Grove Cemetery
Grassy Fork Bottoms, Jackson Co. Rd. 2
Gravel Pit Rd.
Gravel Pits West of Kilby Rd.
Gray Park
Great American Ball Park
Great Egret Marsh Preserve (TNC)
Great Guernsey Trail--Corduroy Rd.
Great Lakes Mall
Great Miami River Trail--Dye Mill Rd.
Great Miami River Trail--East River Rd.
Great Miami River Trail--Hydraulic Rd.
Great Miami River Trail--Middletown
Great Miami River Trail--OH-202 Trailhead
Great Miami River--Lost Bridge
Great Miami River--Low Level Dam
Great Miami Wetland Mitigation Bank
Great Miami Wetland Mitigation Bank--Former Larch Tree Golf Course
Great Seal SP
Great Seal SP--Sugarloaf Mountain Area
Green Heron MetroPark
Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus
Green Leaf Park
Green Township Bike and Walk Trail
Greenbriar Commons Life Trail
Greenfield Lake Wildlife Area
Greenlawn Cemetery, Crestline
Greenlawn Cemetery, Delta
Greenlawn Cemetery, Plymouth
Greenlawn Cemetery, South Charleston
Greenlawn Cemetery, Tiffin
Greenlawn Dam
Greenlawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Akron
Greenmount Cemetery
Greenspur Nature Preserve
Greenville Falls State Scenic River Area
Greenwich Rd., Homerville
Greenwich Reservoir Park
Greenwood Park, Marysville
Greenwood Park, Toledo
Greer Ave. Gravel Pit
Griggs Reservoir
Griggs Reservoir Park
Griggs Reservoir Park--Fishinger Rd. Bridge
Griggs Reservoir Park--South
Griggs Reservoir--Dam
Grimms Bridge
Grosjean Park
Gross Woods State Nature Preserve
Groveport Heritage Park
Groveport Municipal Golf Course
Groveport Recreation and Aquatic Center
Groveport Warehouse District and Retention Ponds
Guilford Lake SP
Guilford Lake SP--Dam and Spillway
Guilford Lake SP--Guilford Lake
Guilford Lake SP--Teegarden Rd. Fishing Access
Gulley Park and Trail
Gully Brook Park
Gunlock Park
Guy Cemetery
Gwynne Conservation Area


Hach-Otis Sanctuary State Nature Preserve
Hach-Otis Sanctuary--John and Carol Lillich Meadows
Haiti Rd. Wetland
Hale Woods and Preserve
Haleys Run Trail
Hall Rd. Intermittent Ponds
Halls Creek Woods State Nature Preserve
Hambden Orchard Wildlife Area
Hamilton Park
Hamler City Park
Hammertown Lake
Hampton Hills Metro Park
Hampton Hills Mountain Bike Area
Hancock County Sanitary Landfill Wetland
Hannibal Dam (Ohio)
Harbin Park
Hardin County Airport (view from roadside only)
Harding High School Wetlands and Vegetation Area
Harmody Park
Harmony Lake
Harpersfield Covered Bridge Metropark
Harrison Lake SP
Harrison Smith Park, Columbus
Harrison Smith Park, Upper Sandusky
Harrison State Forest
Harrison State Forest--Bells Hill Rd. Grassland
Harrison State Forest--Equestrian Camp Trail
Harrison State Forest--Green Trail East
Harrison State Forest--Green Trail West
Harrison State Forest--Lake Loop
Harrison State Forest--Red Trail
Harrison State Forest--Yellow Trail
Harroun Community Park
Harry Kessler Park--Ottawa River Viewpoint
Harry Wolfe Park
Hartville Community Garden Pond
Hartwell Golf Club
Hatches Corners Metropark
Hauck Botanic Gardens
Haul Rd. Quarries (restricted access)
Havener Park
Haver Ridge Metro Park
Havre Woods Park
Hawk Rd.
Hayden Falls Park
Hayden Rd. Wildlife Production Area
Hayes Rd.
Hazard Arboretum
Hazel Willis Woods
Headlands Beach SP
Headlands Beach SP--Shipman Pond
Headlands Dunes State Nature Preserve
Headwaters Park
Headwaters Park--Entrance Parking Lot
Headwaters Park--North Entrance and Buckeye Trail
Headwaters Trail--Asbury Rd. Trailhead
Heart of Ohio Trail--Henry Rd.
Hearthstone Berry Farm
Heather Glen Park
Hebble Creek Reserve
Hebron Fish Hatchery and Wetlands
Hechts Landing
Heckert Nature Preserve
Hecklinger Pond
Hecks Bridge Scenic River Access
Hedges-Boyer Park
Heidelberg University
Heise Park
Helen Hazen Wyman Park
Hell Hollow Western Trails
Hell Hollow Wilderness Area
Hellbender Bluff County Park
Hemlock Creek Trail, Independence
Heritage Park, Cincinnati
Heritage Park, Fort Shawnee
Heritage Preserve
Heritage Rail-Trail--South of Hayden Run Rd.
Heritage Trail Metro Park
Heritage Wetlands
Hermon Woodlands
Herrick Fen (TNC)
Hickory Chase Ponds
Hickory Woods Park
Hidden Hills Wetland
Hidden Lake Metropark
Hidden Valley Metropark
Hidden Valley Metropark--North Entrance
Hiestand Park and Nature Preserve
Highbanks Metro Park
Highbanks Metro Park--Big Meadows
Highbanks Metro Park--Coyote Run Trail
Highbanks Metro Park--Dripping Rock Trail
Highbanks Metro Park--Nature Center
Highbanks Metro Park--Overlook Trail
Highbanks Metro Park--River Bluff
Highbanks Metro Park--Scenic River Trail
Highbanks Metro Park--Wetland Blind
Highland Heights Community Park
Highland Park
Highland Park Cemetery
Highlands Nature Sanctuary
Highlands Nature Sanctuary--Barretts Rim Trail
Highlands Nature Sanctuary--Barrier Ridge Trail
Highlands Nature Sanctuary--Cedar Run Trail
Highlands Nature Sanctuary--Kamelands Trail
Highlands Nature Sanctuary--Listening Trail
Highlands Nature Sanctuary--Maudes Cedar Narrows Trail
Highlands Nature Sanctuary--Museum Trails
Highlands Nature Sanctuary--Ridgeview Farm and Trail
Highlands Nature Sanctuary--Roundtop Loop
Highlandtown Reservoir--Dam
Highlandtown Reservoir--Headwaters
Highlandtown Reservoir--North Arm
Highlandtown Wildlife Area
Hilliard Bradley High School Pond
Hilliard Green Park
Hills and Dales MetroPark
Hillside Memorial Park
Hilmar Park
Hinckley Reservation
Hinckley Reservation--Brooklyn Exchange Cabin Trails
Hinckley Reservation--Buckeye Trail
Hinckley Reservation--Buzzard Roost
Hinckley Reservation--Gravel Loop
Hinckley Reservation--Hinckley Hills Loop
Hinckley Reservation--Hinckley Lake Loop Trail
Hinckley Reservation--Johnson Picnic Area
Hinckley Reservation--Judges Lake
Hinckley Reservation--Ledge Lake Bridle Trail
Hinckley Reservation--Ledge Lake Loop Trail
Hinckley Reservation--Redwing Cabin Picnic Area
Hinckley Reservation--Rising Valley
Hinckley Reservation--Spillway Pool and Ranger Station Area
Hinckley Reservation--Top O' Ledges Picnic Area
Hinckley Reservation--West Drive Scenic Overlook
Hinckley Reservation--Whipps Ledges
Hinckley Reservation--Wordens Ledges
Hiramsburg Cemetery
Hisey Park
Historic Kirtland Visitors Center
Hitchcock Woods
Hoback Park
Hobart Urban Nature Preserve
Hobson Freedom Park
Hoch Rd. Wetland
Hockhocking Adena Bikeway--Armitage Rd.
Hockhocking Adena Bikeway--Bluebell Preserve, Industrial Dr.
Hockhocking Adena Bikeway--Chauncey
Hockhocking Adena Bikeway--East Park Drive Access
Hockhocking Adena Bikeway--Eclipse
Hockhocking Adena Bikeway--Glen Ebon Rd.
Hockhocking Adena Bikeway--Hamley Run Wetlands
Hockhocking Adena Bikeway--Hocking College Campus
Hockhocking Adena Bikeway--Hocking River, Athens
Hockhocking Adena Bikeway--State St.
Hocking Canal Lock 17
Hocking Hills Golf Club
Hocking Hills SP
Hocking Hills SP--Ash Cave
Hocking Hills SP--Campground
Hocking Hills SP--Cantwell Cliffs
Hocking Hills SP--Cedar Falls
Hocking Hills SP--Old Mans Cave
Hocking Hills SP--Rock House
Hocking Hills SP--Whispering Cave and Lodge
Hocking River Stream Restoration and Wetland
Hocking River--Haydenville to Murrays Landing
Hocking State Forest--Rockclimbing and Rappelling Area
Hocking Woods Nature Center
Hoffman Forest MetroPark
Hoffman Reserve
Hog Creek Marsh
Hogback Ridge Metropark
Hogback Ridge Preserve
Holbrook Hollows
Holden Arboretum--Bole Woods
Holden Arboretum--Carver Pond (restricted access)
Holden Arboretum--Conifer Section
Holden Arboretum--Corning Lake
Holden Arboretum--East Branch (restricted access)
Holden Arboretum--Fishermans Ponds (restricted access)
Holden Arboretum--Garden and Collections
Holden Arboretum--Holly and Winterberry Collection
Holden Arboretum--Little Mountain (restricted access)
Holden Arboretum--Lower Baldwin (permit required)
Holden Arboretum--Piersons Creek Valley
Holden Arboretum--Stebbins North (restricted access)
Holden Arboretum--Stebbins South (restricted access)
Holden Arboretum--Strong Acres (restricted access)
Holden Arboretum--Upper Baldwin (permit required)
Holes Creek Park
Hollstein Reservation
Holmes Co. Rd. 168
Holmes County Trail--Fredericksburg
Holmes County Trail--Glenmont to Gann
Holmes County Trail--Holmesville
Holmes County Trail--Killbuck
Holmes County Trail--Millersburg
Holmes County Trail--Millersburg to Holmesville
Holmes County Trail--Prairie Township Rd. 346 Marsh
Holmesbrook Park
Holmesville Marsh (view from roadside only)
Holy Cross Cemetery
Home of the Brave Park
Homestead Metro Park
Honey Creek Preserve
Honey Run Highlands Park
Hoover Nature Preserve
Hoover Nature Preserve--Area L
Hoover Nature Preserve--Area N
Hoover Nature Preserve--Boardwalk Area M
Hoover Nature Preserve--Gertrude S. Lawrence Woods
Hoover Nature Preserve--Hoover Meadows
Hoover Nature Preserve--Mud Hen Marsh
Hoover Nature Preserve--Old Sunbury Rd.
Hoover Nature Preserve--Oxbow Rd.
Hoover Park Connector Trail
Hoover Reservoir (Delaware Co.)
Hoover Reservoir (Franklin Co.)
Hoover Reservoir--Area C
Hoover Reservoir--Area D
Hoover Reservoir--Area S
Hoover Reservoir--Area T
Hoover Reservoir--Areas E and F
Hoover Reservoir--Hoover Dam Boat Dock
Hoover Reservoir--Hoover Dam Park
Hoover Reservoir--Maxtown Boat Launch
Hoover Reservoir--North
Hoover Reservoir--Smothers Rd. Bridge South
Hoover Reservoir--Spillway
Hoover Reservoir--Sunbury Causeway and Baldridge Boat Ramp
Hoover Reservoir--Twin Bridges Boat Ramp
Hoover Reservoir--Walnut Boat Ramp
Hoover Scenic Trail, Plumb Rd. to Wiese Rd.
Hopeton Earthworks
Hopewell Cemetery
Hopewell Mound Group
Hopkins Landing
Horns Hill Park
Howard Marsh Metropark
Howard Marsh--Howard Rd.
Howard Marsh--Toulon Dr.
Howard Pinkley Landing
Howe Pond
Howland Twp. Park--Boardwalk Trail
Howland Twp. Park--Wetland Trail
Hubbard Valley Park
Hudson Springs Park
Hueston Woods SP (Butler Co.)
Hueston Woods SP (Preble Co.)
Hueston Woods SP--Acton Lake (Preble Co.)
Hueston Woods SP--Avian Research and Education Institute Bird Banding Station
Hueston Woods SP--Beach
Hueston Woods SP--Big Woods Trail
Hueston Woods SP--Dam
Hueston Woods SP--Group Camp
Hueston Woods SP--Lodge
Hueston Woods SP--Marina
Hueston Woods SP--Pine Grove
Hueston Woods SP--Sugar Camp Area and Fishing Pier
Hueston Woods SP--Sycamore and Pine Loop Trails
Hueston Woods SP--Wild Turkey Habitat Area and Bird Blind
Huffman MetroPark
Huffman Prairie Flying Field
Hunter Park
Huntington Bank Building
Huntington Reservation
Huntley Bowl Park
Hurdle Waterfowl Park
Huron County Land Lab
Huron Harbor--Impoundment
Huron Harbor--West Pier
Huron Lighthouse
Huron River Boat Ramp
Huron River Flats--OH-2
Huron River Mouth
Huron River Path MetroPark
Huston-Brumbaugh Nature Center
Hyde Rd.


I-70 Guernsey County Rest Area
I-70 Hebron Rest Areas
I-70 South Vienna Rest Area
I-70 Zanesville Rest Area Westbound
I-71 Jeffersonville Rest Area Northbound
I-71 Jeffersonville Rest Area Southbound
I-71 Lebanon Rest Areas
I-71 South West Salem Rest Area
I-75 Monroe Rest Area Northbound
I-76 Portage Rest Area Eastbound
I-76 Portage Rest Area Westbound
I-90 Ohio Welcome Center
IKEA Mill Creek Pond
Iberia Cemetery
Ida Park
Imagination Station Park
Imago Earth Center
Independence Dam SP
Indian Acres Park
Indian Creek MetroPark
Indian Creek MetroPark--Pioneer Church
Indian Creek Wildlife Area--Greentree Marsh
Indian Creek Wildlife Area--Snowhill Rd.
Indian Creek Wildlife Area--Turner Rd.
Indian Green Cemetery and Worden Conservation Area
Indian Guyan Boat Ramp
Indian Hollow Reservation--Royal Oaks
Indian Hollow Reservation--Sheldon Woods
Indian Lake SP
Indian Lake SP--Chippewa Marina Area
Indian Lake SP--Fox Island
Indian Lake SP--Moundwood Boat Ramp
Indian Lake SP--Old Field
Indian Lake SP--Pew Island
Indian Mill Park
Indian Mound Metropark
Indian Mound Reserve
Indian Mound Reserve--Cedar Cliff Falls
Indian Point Park--Lower Lot Entrance
Indian Point Park--Upper Lot Entrance
Indian Riffle Park
Indian Run Falls
Indian Run Meadows Park
Indian Springs Campground
Indian Trails Park--East 24th St.
Indian Trails Park--Smolen-Gulf Covered Bridge
Indian Trails Park--Tannery Hill Access
Indian Valley Golf Course
Indian Village Camp
Indianfield Bluffs Park
Industrial Park Dr. (Harrison Co.)
Infirmary Mound Park
Infirmary Rd.
Innis Park
Inniswood Metro Gardens
International Park
Iron Horse Trail (Montgomery Co.)
Iron Horse Trail (Stark Co.)
Iron Horse Trail (Stark Co.)--Cenfield St.
Irwin Prairie State Nature Preserve
Island Creek Boat Ramp
Island MetroPark
Island Rd.
Island Rd. Quarry
Island View Park
Iuka Park and Ravine


Jack McDowell Nature Preserve
Jackson Bog State Nature Preserve
Jackson Hill Park
Jackson Lake (Pike Co.)
Jackson Lake SP
Jackson Landing
Jackson Park
Jackson Pike Waste Water Treatment Plant
Jackson Street Pier
Jackson Township Park
Jacksonburg Rd.
Jacoby Rd. Canoe Launch
James Day Park
James H. Barrow Field Station
James Ranch Park
James Wildlife Area
Jamie Farr Park
Jamison Creek Nature Preserve
Jane Newcom Park
Jeff's Park
Jefferson Ave. Dead End
Jefferson Community Park
Jefferson Lake SP
Jefferson Township Community Park
Jeffersonville Park
Jeffrey Park
Jermain Park
Jerome Outdoor Experience Center
Jerome Township Rest Area
Jesse Owens SP and Wildlife Area
Jesse Owens SP and Wildlife Area--Bristol Church Rd.
Jesse Owens SP and Wildlife Area--Maple Grove Campground
Jesse Owens SP and Wildlife Area--Miner's Memorial
Jesse Owens SP and Wildlife Area--Sand Hollow Campground
Jessie Smith Nature Preserve
Jim Simmons Trail
Jim Terrell Park
Jockey Hollow Wildlife Area (Harrison Co.)
Joes Run Recreational Trail
John Bryan SP
John Glenn Astronomy Park
John T. Kennedy Memorial Park
John Todd Park
Johnny Appleseed Heritage Center
Johnson Hills Park
Johnson Island
Johnson Nature Preserve
Johnson Rd., Kent
Johnson Ridge State Nature Preserve
Johnson Woods Nature Preserve
Joint Watershed Management Project
Joyce Park
Junction Earthworks
Junior Home Memorial Park


K.C. Geiger Park
Kachelmacher Park
Kalida Community Park
Karohl Park
Kathryn Sheedy Sanctuary
Keckley Park
Keefus Rd.
Keehner Park
Keen Wildlife Area
Keller Farms Park
Kelley Nature Preserve
Kelleys Island
Kelleys Island SP
Kelleys Island--East Quarry
Kelleys Island--Ed Curilla Preserve
Kelleys Island--Huntley-Beatty Preserve
Kelleys Island--Jones Preserve at Long Point
Kelleys Island--North Pond State Nature Preserve
Kelleys Island--North Shore Alvar State Nature Preserve
Kelleys Island--Scheele Preserve
Kelleys Island--South Bay
Kelleys Island--West Bay
Kelleys Island--West Quarry
Kellogg Avenue Park
Kellogg Park
Kendall Ridge Park
Kendrick Woods State Nature Preserve
Kendrick Woods--Cottonwood Trail Access
Kendrick Woods--Kiracofe Prairie
Kenney Park
Kent Bog State Nature Preserve
Kent State Golf Course
Kent State University Campus
Kent State University Trumbull--Lake Anne
Kent State University--Kent Wetlands
Kent State University--Stark Pond and Wetlands Research Area
Kenyon College Campus
Kessler Swamp State Nature Preserve
Keystone Furnace
Kidron Park
Kiedaisch Point Park
Kilby Rd. Gravel Pits, Smith Tract
Killbuck Lakes Park--West
Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area (Holmes Co.)
Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area (Wayne Co.)
Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area--Butler Spring
Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area--Cemetery Rd.
Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area--Clark Rd.
Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area--Force Rd. East
Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area--Force Rd. West
Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area--Headquarters (restricted access)
Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area--Messner Rd.
Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area--Moore Marsh
Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area--Railroad @ Willow Rd.
Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area--Valley Rd. North
Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area--Valley Rd. South
Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area--Willow Rd.
Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area--Wright Marsh
Killbuck Township Rd. 92
Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area (Marion Co.)
Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area (Wyandot Co.)
Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area--Abraham Marsh
Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area--Drained Reservoir
Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area--Former Service Center Area
Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area--Harold Roe Wetland
Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area--Marseilles Township Rd. 103
Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area--Owl Pines
Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area--Pond 27
Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area--Pond 3
Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area--Pond 30
Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area--Pond 33
Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area--Pond 6
Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area--Wyandot Co. Rd. 71 East
Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area--Wyandot Co. Rd. 71 West
Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area--Wyandot Co. Rd. 75 (no vehicles)
Kingswood Park
Kingwood Center
Kinnikinnick Fen Nature Preserve
Kinnikinnick Wildlife Area
Kinsey Road Mound Preserve
Kipton Reservation
Kirby Nature Center and Preserve
Kirtland Park
Kiser Lake SP
Kiser Lake Wetlands State Nature Preserve
Kitty Todd Nature Preserve
Kiwanis Park
Kiwanis Riverway Park
Knights Landing
Knobbys Prairie Wildlife Area
Knox Cemetery
Knox Lake
Knox Lake--Madison St. Boat Ramp
Knox Lake--Old Mansfield Rd. North
Knox Lake--Old Mansfield Rd. South
Knox Lake--Prairie Run
Knox Lake--Spillway and Dam
Knox Woods State Nature Preserve
Kokosing Gap Trail--Danville
Kokosing Gap Trail--Howard
Kokosing Gap Trail--Killduff Rd.
Kokosing Gap Trail--Lower Gambier Rd.
Kokosing Gap Trail--Quarry Pond
Kokosing Gap Trail--Stull Rd.
Kokosing Gap Trail--Weber Rd.
Kokosing Gravel Pits
Kokosing Lake Wildlife Area
Kokosing Lake Wildlife Area--Campground and Boat Ramp
Kokosing Lake Wildlife Area--Dam and Spillway
Kokosing Lake Wildlife Area--Yankee St. Access
Kokosing Nature Preserve
Kokosing River--Lower Gambier Rd. Access
Kokosing River--Millwood Rd. Access
Kokosing River--Newcastle Township Rd. 423 Access
Kokosing River--Pipesville Rd. Access
Kokosing River--Riley Chapel Rd. Access
Koogler Wetland and Prairie Preserve
Kopf Family Reservation
Krause Rd., Centerburg
Kris-Mar Woods
Kroger Hills State Reserve
Kroger Pond
Kroger Wetlands
Kuenning-Dicke Natural Area
Kuliga Park
Kyger Creek Power Plant
Kyle Rd. Ponds (view from roadside only)
Kyle Woods State Nature Preserve


L.J. Darr Memorial Wetlands Restoration (restricted access)
LaBoiteaux Woods Preserve
LaDue Public Hunting Area--Aquilla Rd.
LaDue Public Hunting Area--Bartholomew Rd. Ponds
LaDue Public Hunting Area--Rapids Rd.
LaDue Reservoir
LaDue Reservoir--Auburn Rd.
LaDue Reservoir--Boathouse
LaDue Reservoir--OH-44 Boat Ramp
LaDue Reservoir--South
Lagoon Deer Park--North (view from roadside only)
Lagoon Deer Park--South
Lagrange Community Park
Lake Alma SP (Vinton Co.)
Lake Anna
Lake Barber
Lake Buckhorn (restricted access)
Lake Cable
Lake Cascades (view from roadside only)
Lake Corazon
Lake County Landfill
Lake Erie Bluffs Metropark
Lake Erie Bluffs Metropark--Clark Rd.
Lake Erie Bluffs Metropark--Lane Rd.
Lake Erie Nature and Science Center
Lake Erie Pelagic--Littoral (Cuyahoga Co.)
Lake Erie Pelagic--Littoral (Erie Co.)
Lake Erie Pelagic--Littoral (Lorain Co.)
Lake Erie Pelagic--Littoral (Ottawa Co.)
Lake Erie Pelagic--Open Water (Cuyahoga Co.)
Lake Erie Pelagic--Open Water (Erie Co.)
Lake Erie Pelagic--Open Water (Lorain Co.)
Lake Erie Pelagic--Open Water (Ottawa Co.)
Lake Erie--Kelleys Island Offshore Waters
Lake Erie--Ohio Islands Offshore East
Lake Erie--Ohio Islands Offshore West
Lake Erie--US-Canada Border Waters
Lake Hodgson
Lake Hope
Lake Hope SP
Lake Hope SP--Cabin Ridge Rd.
Lake Hope SP--Dining Lodge and Forest Cabins
Lake Hope SP--Hope Furnace Trail
Lake Hope SP--Iron Furnace
Lake Hope SP--Nature Center and Campground
Lake Hope SP--OH-278 @ Furnace Ridge Rd.
Lake Hope SP--White Oak Trail
Lake Isabella Park
Lake Katharine State Nature Preserve
Lake La Su An Wildlife Area
Lake La Su An Wildlife Area--Bridgewater Twp. Rd. 8
Lake La Su An Wildlife Area--Copperbelly Marsh
Lake La Su An Wildlife Area--Lake La Su An
Lake La Su An Wildlife Area--Lake La Vere
Lake La Su An Wildlife Area--Lake Mel and Lake Us
Lake La Su An Wildlife Area--Lake Sue and Lake Ann
Lake La Su An Wildlife Area--Lake Wood Duck
Lake La Su An Wildlife Area--Unit G
Lake La Su An Wildlife Area--Williams Co. Rd. R Grasslands
Lake La Su An Wildlife Area--Williams Co. Rd. S Bridge
Lake La Su An Wildlife Area--Williams Co. Rd. S Grasslands
Lake La Su An Wildlife Area--Williams Co. Rd. S Marsh
Lake Lamberjack
Lake LeComte
Lake Libby
Lake Logan SP
Lake Loramie SP
Lake Loramie SP--Little Turtle Trace
Lake Loramie SP--Oak Grove
Lake Loramie SP--Siegles Bridge
Lake Medina
Lake Metroparks Environmental Learning Center
Lake Milton SP
Lake Milton SP--Mahoning Ave. Nature Trail
Lake Milton SP--Mountain Bike Trails
Lake Milton SP--Nature Trails and Amphitheater
Lake Milton SP--Pointview Boat Launch
Lake Milton SP--Robinsons Point
Lake Milton SP--Swimming Beach Area
Lake Milton--Charley Run
Lake Milton--Dam East
Lake Milton--Henry Meshel Picnic Area
Lake Milton--Mahoning Ave. Causeway
Lake Mosier
Lake Mottram
Lake Park Wildlife Area
Lake Park, Coshocton
Lake Park, Huron
Lake Pippen
Lake Point Park
Lake Rd. Sod Farm
Lake Rockwell
Lake Rockwell--Lake Rockwell Rd.
Lake Rupert
Lake Rupert--Spillway
Lake Saint Joseph
Lake Snowden
Lake View Cemetery
Lake White SP
Lakefront Lodge
Lakefront Reservation--East 55th St. Marina
Lakefront Reservation--East 72nd St.
Lakefront Reservation--Edgewater Marina
Lakefront Reservation--Edgewater Park
Lakefront Reservation--Edgewater Park Fishing Pier
Lakefront Reservation--Edgewater Park Perkins Beach Overlook
Lakefront Reservation--Gordon Park
Lakefront Reservation--Heritage Park
Lakefront Reservation--Scranton Road Peninsula
Lakepoint Pond
Lakeshore Drive Waterfront
Lakeshore Park, Ashtabula
Lakeshore Reservation
Lakeside Daisy State Nature Preserve
Lakeside Park, Dayton
Lakeside Yacht Club (restricted access)
Lakeview Park
Lakewood Park
Lakewood Park Cemetery
Lampson Reservoir
Landen Farm Lake
Landen-Deerfield Park
Lanker Wildlife Area
Lantz Cemetery
Latham Park
Lawndell Rd. Southwest
Lawrence Chapel-Okey Wetlands
Lawrence Twp. Community Park
Lawrence Woods State Nature Preserve
Lawrence Woods State Nature Preserve--Prairie
Lawrence Woods State Nature Preserve--Woods Boardwalk
Lawrenceville Cemetery
Leadingham Prairie Preserve
Lebanon Countryside Trail--Natalie Lane
Lee Cemetery
Leesville Lake
Leesville Lake Wildlife Area
Leesville Lake Wildlife Area--Edgewood Rd.
Leesville Lake Wildlife Area--OH-164 and Desert Rd.
Leesville Lake--Autumn Rd. (view from roadside only)
Leesville Lake--Bramble Rd. and Dove Rd. (view from roadside only)
Leesville Lake--Rockwood Park (restricted access)
Leetonia Beehive Coke Ovens Park
Lefferson Park
Lehnert Green Lake
Leihley Hill Rd. (view from roadside only)
Leipsic Upground Reservoir
Leo Petroglyphs State Memorial
Leohr Park
Leohr Park--Chippewa Creek
Lesher Woods
Lester Rail Trail
Letha House Park
Letha House Park--Great Horned Owl Bridle Trail
Letha House Park--Lake and Wood Thrush Trails
Letha House Park--Pawpaw Grove Trail
Letha House Park--West Horse Trail
Lever Park
Lexington Cemetery
Lexington Ridge
Liberty Landing
Liberty Park, Mansfield
Liberty Park, Pataskala
Liberty Park, Powell
Liberty Park--Pond Brook Conservation Area
Liberty Park--Twinsburg Ledges and Nature Center
Liberty Wildlife Area
Lickert-Harder Rd.
Lincoln Park Civic Commons
Lincoln Park, Marion
Lincoln Park, Massillon
Lincoln Park, Youngstown
Lindner Park
Linebaugh Rd.
Linton Township Rd. 145 Pond
Lions Park
Lippincott Bird Sanctuary
Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail--Franklin Square Trailhead
Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail--Leetonia Trailhead
Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail--Lisbon Trailhead
Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail--Logtown Trailhead
Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail--Salem Greenway Preserve Trailhead
Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail--Teegarden Trailhead
Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail--Washingtonville Trailhead
Little Darby Preserve
Little Miami River--Carl A. Rahe Access
Little Miami River--Elstun Rd.
Little Miami Scenic Trail--Bass Island
Little Miami Scenic Trail--Corwin Area
Little Miami Scenic Trail--Grandin Rd.
Little Miami Scenic Trail--North of Old 3-C
Little Miami Scenic Trail--Roxanna New Burlington Rd.
Little Miami Scenic Trail--Xenia
Little Miami Scenic Trail--Yellow Springs
Little Portage River--Lower
Little Portage Wildlife Area
Little Punderson Lake
Little Sandusky River @ Pitt Township Rd. 113
Little Sandusky River @ Pitt Township Rd. 125
Little Washington Cemetery
Litzenberg Memorial Woods--North of US-224
Litzenberg Memorial Woods--South of US-224
Lobdell Reserve
Lock Nine Park
Lock One Park
Lock Ten Park
Lockington Reserve
Lockville Canal Park
Locust Corner Park and Trails
London Fish Hatchery
Longwood Park
Lorain County Community College
Lorain County Regional Airport--Russia Rd.
Lorain Harbor--Boat Ramp Hotwaters
Lorain Harbor--Breakwalls
Lorain Harbor--Fishing Pier
Lorain Impoundment Lakeside Landing
Lost Creek Prairie Preserve
Lost Creek Reserve
Lost Creek Reserve--Knoop Agricultural Heritage Center
Lost Creek Reservoir
Lou Berliner Park
Lou Campbell State Nature Preserve
Loudonville Park Pond
Loveland Bike Trail--Nesbit Park
Lowe-Volk Park
Lowell Lock and Dam #3
Lower Clearfork Swamp
Lower Killbuck Creek Wildlife Area
Lucas Monroe Township Memorial Park
Lucia S. Nash Preserve
Lucien Clemons Park
Luckhart Rd. Swamp
Luke Chute Conservation Area
Lunken Airport
Lusk-Lock Rd. @ Little Beaver Creek
Lytle Creek Nature Preserve


M.L. Red Trabue Nature Reserve
MacIvor Woods
Mackey Ford Wildlife Area
Mad River Gorge Nature Preserve
Madison Community Park
Madison Lake SP
Madison Mills Cemetery
Magee Marsh (Lucas Co.)
Magee Marsh (Ottawa Co.)
Magee Marsh--Beach East
Magee Marsh--Beach West
Magee Marsh--Boardwalk
Magee Marsh--Causeway Marshes (Lucas Co.)
Magee Marsh--Causeway Marshes (Ottawa Co.)
Magee Marsh--Entrance Road
Magee Marsh--Goosehaven Trail (seasonal)
Magee Marsh--Lakefront Levee Trail (seasonal)
Magee Marsh--Migratory Bird Center and Trails
Magrish Riverlands Preserve
Mahoning River Pull-Off, First St. @ Ticknor Ave.
Mahoning Valley Trail--Greenbower to Price St.
Mahoning Valley Trail--Rockhill to Gaskill
Main St. Beach
Malabar Farm Restaurant
Malabar Farm SP
Malabar Farm SP--Butternut Nature Trail
Malabar Farm SP--Doris Duke Trail
Malabar Farm SP--Junglebrook Trail
Malabar Farm SP--Mount Jeez Overlook
Malek Park
Mallard Club Marsh Wildlife Area
Malone University
Malvern Village Park
Mambourg Park
Manhattan Marsh Preserve Metropark
Manley Rd.
Manore Rd.
Manry Park
Mansfield City Cemetery
Mansfield Lahm Airport and Vicinity
Mansfield Memorial Park
Mansfield Walmart Retention Pond (view from parking lot)
Maple Cliff Dr. Lookout
Maple Dell Cemetery
Maple Grove Cemetery, Chesterville
Maple Grove Cemetery, Findlay
Maple Grove Cemetery, Mechanicsburg
Maple Grove Cemetery, Plymouth
Maple Highlands Trail--Burton-Windsor Rd. to Tare Creek Rd.
Maple Highlands Trail--Headwaters Park to Burton-Windsor Rd.
Maple Highlands Trail--Headwaters Park to OH-608
Maple Highlands Trail--North of Fifth Ave., Chardon
Maple Highlands Trail--OH-601 Access to Chardon
Maple Highlands Trail--OH-601 Access to Girdled Rd.
Maple Highlands Trail--OH-608 to Chardon
Maple Highlands Trail--Ravenna Rd. Trailhead
Maple Highlands Trail--Tare Creek Rd. to OH-528
Maple Lakes Campground (register at office)
Maple Ridge Cemetery
Maple Ridge Reserve
Marblehead Ferry Dock
Marblehead Lighthouse SP
Marburn Academy Field
Margaret Creek Reservoir
Margaret Peak Nature Preserve
Mariemont South 80 Trails
Marietta City Trails--Marietta High School and Vicinity
Marietta College
Marina at Powhatan Point
Marion Cemetery
Marion Tallgrass Trail--Agosta-Meeker Rd. to Decliff Rd.
Marion Tallgrass Trail--Decliff Rd. to LaRue-Marseilles Rd.
Marion Tallgrass Trail--Espyville Rd. to Agosta-Meeker Rd.
Marion Tallgrass Trail--Holland Rd. Trailhead
Marion Tallgrass Trail--Marion Community Foundation Lake
Marion Tallgrass Trail--Marseilles Rd. to Hardin Co. Line
Marion Tallgrass Trail--OH-203 to Espyville Rd.
Marsh Park Fishing Lake
Marsh Wetlands State Nature Preserve
Marsha Gunder Schneider Preserve
Martindale Park
Mary Fate Park
Mary Jane Thurston SP (Henry Co.)
Mary Jane Thurston SP--Grand Rapids Tow Path Trail
Mary Jane Thurston SP--North Turkeyfoot Area East Access
Mary Jane Thurston SP--North Turkeyfoot Area West Access
Mary Rutan Park
Mary Virginia Crites Hannan Park
Marysville Upground Reservoir
Maskill Cemetery
Masons Landing Park
Massillon Cemetery
Maumee Bay
Maumee Bay SP
Maumee Bay SP--Beach
Maumee Bay SP--Boardwalk
Maumee Bay SP--Campground
Maumee Bay SP--East End
Maumee Bay SP--Inland Beach
Maumee Bay SP--Lodge Pond and Beach
Maumee Bay SP--Multi-use Trail
Maumee Bay SP--Nature Center
Maumee Bay SP--The Hill
Maumee Dredge Spoil
Maumee River @ I-280
Maumee River Mouth
Maumee River Rapids
Maumee River--Grand Rapids
Maumee River--Jerome Rd. Rapids
Maumee River--Roche De Boeuf
Maumee State Forest (Fulton Co.)
Maumee State Forest (Henry Co.)
Maumee State Forest--Stewardship Trail
Mayfield Village Wetlands Preserve
Mazurik Access
McAfee Rd., Athens
McAfee Rd., Wooster
McBride Arboretum
McCarthy Park
McClellan Rd. Covered Bridge
McClures Marsh
McComb Village Park and Reservoirs
McCracken Fen State Nature Preserve
McGraw Edison Recreation Area
McGuffey Wildlife Preserve
McKinley Park
McKinley Quarry
McLean Teddy Bear Park
McNamara Park
Meade Park
Meadowbrook Marsh
Meadowood Westlake Golf Course
Meander Reservoir (Trumbull Co.)
Meander Reservoir--Mahoning Ave.
Medina Marsh
Medlar Conservation Area
Medusa Marsh
Medusa Marsh--Barrett Rd.
Medusa Marsh--Martins Point Pool
Medway Town Park
Meigs Soil and Water Conservation Area
Meinke Marina
Meldahl Dam (Ohio)
Melvin Miller Park
Melvin Quarry Pits
Memorial Lake Park
Memorial Park, Medina
Memorial Park, Mount Vernon
Memorial Park, Saint Marys
Menards Retention Pond
Mentor Beach Park
Mentor Lagoons Marina and Canoe Trails
Mentor Lagoons Nature Preserve
Mentor Marsh State Nature Preserve
Mentor Marsh State Nature Preserve--Kerven Trail
Mentor Marsh State Nature Preserve--Wake Robin
Mentor Marsh State Nature Preserve--Zimmerman Trail
Mentor Municipal Cemetery
Mercer Wildlife Area
Mercy Community Nature Center
Metahqua Preserve
MetroParks Mountain Biking Area Trail Head
Metzger Marsh Wildlife Area
Metzger Marsh--Bono Rd. Entrance
Metzger Marsh--Causeway Viewing Areas
Metzger Marsh--Outer Dike
Metzger Marsh--Woodlot
Metzger Park
Metzger Preserve and Ballard Park
Meyerholtz Wildlife Area
Miami & Erie Canal Trail--Saint Marys
Miami Cemetery
Miami Meadows Park
Miami River County Park
Miami Township West Community Park
Miami University Main Campus
Miami University--Bachelor Preserve East Loop
Miami University--Dogwood Grove
Miami University--Ecological Research Center
Miami University--Formal Gardens
Miami University--Helen S. Ruder Preserve
Miami University--Middletown Campus
Miami University--Natural Areas Bird Blind
Miami University--Peffer Woods Trails
Miami University--Western Woods and Beck Preserve
Miami View Park
Miami Wabash & Erie Canal Park
Miami Wabash & Erie Canal Towpath Trail--Independence Dam Section
Miami Whitewater Forest (please use a more specific location)
Miami Whitewater Forest--Badlands Trail
Miami Whitewater Forest--Bike Trail Inner Loop
Miami Whitewater Forest--Bike Trail Outer Loop
Miami Whitewater Forest--Bowles Woods and Tallgrass Prairie Trail
Miami Whitewater Forest--Golf Course
Miami Whitewater Forest--Great Miami Bottoms and Dog Park
Miami Whitewater Forest--Lake
Miami Whitewater Forest--Shaker Trace Wetlands
Miami Whitewater Forest--Strimple Rd.
Miami Whitewater Forest--Timberlakes and Oakleaf Trails
Miami Whitewater Forest--West Rd. Bridge Environs
Miami-Erie Trail--Lake Loramie
Middle Bass Island
Middle Bass Island SP
Middle Bass Island--Petersen Woods and Kuehnle Wildlife Area
Middle Branch Trail--Easton St. to Market St. Tunnel
Middle Branch Trail--Gervasi Station Trailhead
Middle Branch Trail--Saratoga Hills
Middle Branch Trail--Schneider Loop
Middle Point Lake (view from roadside only)
Middleburg Cemetery
Middlefield Retention Ponds
Middlegrounds Metropark
Middlemore Retention Ponds
Milan Towpath MetroPark
Milan Wildlife Area
Milford Center Prairie State Natural Area
Mill Bridge Launch Park
Mill Creek Golf Course
Mill Creek Greenway Trail--Mill Creek Rd.
Mill Creek MetroParks Farm
Mill Creek Park
Mill Creek Park--Amphitheater Area
Mill Creek Park--Bears Den Run
Mill Creek Park--Daffodil Meadow
Mill Creek Park--East Channel and Islands Trail
Mill Creek Park--East Cohasset Dr.
Mill Creek Park--East Golf Hike and Bike Trail
Mill Creek Park--East Gorge Trail
Mill Creek Park--Ford Nature Center
Mill Creek Park--Glacier Falls
Mill Creek Park--Lake Cohasset
Mill Creek Park--Lake Glacier
Mill Creek Park--Lake Newport
Mill Creek Park--Lily Pond
Mill Creek Park--Newport Wetlands
Mill Creek Park--Shields Rd. Trailhead
Mill Creek Park--Stitt Pavilion Woods
Mill Creek Park--Suspension Bridge
Mill Creek Park--West Gorge Trail, Chestnut Hill
Mill Creek Park--West Gorge Trail, Newport Drive
Mill Creek Wildlife Sanctuary (restricted access)
Mill Creek--East Galbraith Rd.
Mill Creek--Evendale Commons
Mill Park Dr. Pond
Mill Run Pond
Mill Stream Run Reservation
Mill Stream Run Reservation--Albion Woods
Mill Stream Run Reservation--Baldwin Lake and Wallace Lake
Mill Stream Run Reservation--Bonnie Park Picnic Area
Mill Stream Run Reservation--Bridle Trail, West 130th St. to Edgerton Rd.
Mill Stream Run Reservation--Chalet
Mill Stream Run Reservation--Ranger Lake
Mill Stream Run Reservation--Royalview Picnic Area
Mill Stream Run Reservation--Strongsville Wildlife Area
Millbrook Rd.
Miller Ecological Park
Miller Ferry
Miller Nature Preserve
Miller Park, Edgerton
Miller Road Park, Avon Lake Power Plant
Miller Road Park--Jetty
Miller Sanctuary State Nature Preserve
Miltonville Fishing Access
Minerton Wetland
Minerva Municipal Park
Minerva Park Lake and Greenbelt
Mingo Grasslands
Mingo Park
Mink St.
Mission Oaks Gardens
Missionary Island Wildlife Area
Mitchell Historic District
Mitchell Memorial Forest
Mitchell Memorial Forest--Mountain Bike Trailhead
Modroo Preserve
Mogadore Reservoir
Mogadore Reservoir--Cleveland Canton Rd. Boathouse and Marina
Mogadore Reservoir--Congress Lake Rd.
Mogadore Reservoir--East End
Mohawk Dam
Mohican River Wildlife Area (Coshocton Co.)
Mohican River Wildlife Area (Knox Co.)
Mohican SP
Mohican SP--Campground
Mohican SP--Covered Bridge
Mohican SP--Gorge Overlook
Mohican SP--Hemlock Gorge Trail
Mohican SP--Hemlock Grove Campground
Mohican SP--Lodge Area
Mohican SP--Lyons Falls Trail
Mohican SP--North Rim Trail
Mohican SP--Pleasant Hill Trail
Mohican State Forest
Mohican State Forest--Blue Bridle Trail
Mohican State Forest--Clear Fork Preserve
Mohican State Forest--Discovery Forest
Mohican State Forest--Fire Tower
Mohican State Forest--Green Bridle Trail
Mohican State Forest--Headquarters and Shelterhouse Area
Mohican State Forest--Hickory Ridge
Mohican State Forest--Hog Hollow Trail
Mohican State Forest--Memorial Shrine
Mohican State Forest--Mountain Bike Trail
Mohican State Forest--Orange Bridle Trail
Mohican State Forest--Rd. 51 Trailhead Parking Lot
Mohican State Forest--Sand Ridge
Mohican State Forest--Yellow Bridle Trail
Mohican Valley Trail
Mohicanville Dam
Mohicanville Dam--Mohican Township Rd. 2250
Mohler Wildlife Area
Molly Stark Park
Molnar Audubon Sanctuary
Monroe Basin
Monroe Lake Wildlife Area
Monroeville Reservoir
Montgomery Township Rd. 1600
Monument Park
Moore's Lane
Moorefield Family Park
Moorefield Rd. (view from roadside only)
Moraine Country Club--Southern Blvd. Viewing
Morgan Park
Morgan Swamp Preserve (TNC)--Conservation Campus
Morgan Swamp Preserve (TNC)--Long Pond Trail
Morgana Bluffs Nature Preserve
Morris Bean Prairie (view from roadside only)
Morris Reserve
Morris Woods State Nature Preserve
Mosquito Creek WTP (restricted access)
Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area
Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area--Chaffee Dodgeville Rd.
Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area--Durst-Colebrook Rd.
Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area--Gardner-Barclay Rd.
Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area--Hoagland-Blackstub Rd.
Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area--Mahan-Denman Boat Launch
Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area--Mallard Pond (view from Maham Denman Road only)
Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area--North Park Ave., Townline Rd.
Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area--Penniman Rd.
Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area--Wood Duck Marsh (restricted access)
Mosquito Creek, South of US-422
Mosquito Lake SP
Mosquito Lake SP--Beach
Mosquito Lake SP--Bridle Trail Area
Mosquito Lake SP--Campground
Mosquito Lake SP--Harbor Breakwall
Mosquito Lake SP--Turkey Run Trail
Mosquito Lake SP--Turkey Run Trail, North End
Mosquito Lake SP--Walnut Creek
Mosquito Lake--Causeway
Mosquito Lake--Hillside Cemetery and Boat Launch
Mosquito Lake--Lakeview Recreation Area
Mosquito Lake--Mosquito Creek Outflow
Mosquito Lake--North End
Mosquito Lake--OH-305 Boat Launch
Motter Metro Park
Mound Cemetery
Mound City Group
Moundview Park
Mount Airy Forest
Mount Airy Forest--Arboretum
Mount Airy Forest--Maple Ridge
Mount Airy Forest--McFarlan Woods
Mount Gilead SP
Mount Herman Cemetery
Mount Hope Cemetery
Mount Saint John Nature Preserve and Campus
Mount Saint Joseph on the Ohio
Mount Vernon Developmental Center
Mount Zion Cemetery, Lucas
Mounts Park
Muddy Creek
Muddy Creek Bay (Ottawa Co.)
Muddy Creek Bay (Sandusky Co.)
Muddy Creek Mouth (Sandusky Co.)
Mudsock Trail
Mugrage Park
Munroe Falls Metro Park
Munroe Falls Metro Park--Tallmadge Meadows
Murnan Rd.
Museum of the Great Lakes
Muskingum Park
Muskingum Recreational Trail--Dresden Main St. Trailhead
Muskingum Recreational Trail--Ellis Dam Rd. Trailhead
Muskingum Recreational Trail--Rock Cut Rd. Trailhead
Muskingum River Rd.
Muskingum River SP--Lock 6, Stockport
Muskingum River SP--Lock 8, Rokeby
Muskingum River SP--Lock 9, Philo
Muskingum River SP--McConnelsville Boat Ramp
Muskingum University Friendship Trail
Myeerah Nature Preserve
Myeerah Nature Preserve--Wetland
Myers Woods


Narrows Reserve and Nature Center
Nason Park
National Lime and Stone Quarry (view from roadside only)
National Road Commons Park
National Road and Zane Grey Museum
Nationwide Pond
Nature Trails Park
Nelson-Kennedy Ledges SP
Nero Nature Preserve
Nettle Lake Sewage Ponds
New Albany Nature Preserve and Wetlands
New Albany School Woodlands Wetlands
New Concord Village Reservoir
New Cumberland Locks and Dam
New Haven Cemetery
New Holland Park
New London Reservoir
New Lyme Wildlife Area
New Reid Park
New Richmond Riverfront
New Russia Township Cemetery
New Russia Township Preserve
New Saint Joseph Cemetery
New Vision Fire Station and Community Center
New Washington Upground Reservoirs
Newcastle Township Rd. 366
Newcomers Cemetery
Newton Falls Bike Trail
Newton Falls Schools Woodlot and Marsh
Newtown Bottoms
Newtown Gravel Pits
Nickel Plate Beach
Nickel Plate Trail
Nickel Plate Trail--Crowl St.
Niles Greenway--Wetlands Area
Nimisila Reservoir
Nimisila Reservoir--Campground and Boat Ramp
Nimisila Reservoir--Parking Lot C1 and Boat Ramp
Nimisila Reservoir--Parking Lot C3
Nimisila Reservoir--Parking Lot C4
Nimisila Reservoir--Parking Lot C5
Nimisila Reservoir--Parking Lot C6 and Boat Ramp
Nimisila Reservoir--Parking Lot C7
Nimisila Reservoir--Parking Lot SM2 and Boat Ramp
Nimisila Reservoir--Parking Lot SM3, Dam and Spillway
Nine Mile Creek Wetland
Norma Johnson Center
Norma Johnson Center--Johnson Loop Trail
North Baltimore Reservoir
North Bass Island
North Chagrin Nature Center Trails
North Chagrin Reservation (Cuyahoga Co.)
North Chagrin Reservation (Lake Co.)
North Chagrin Reservation--Bridle Trail
North Chagrin Reservation--Cleveland Metropark Dr.
North Chagrin Reservation--Dingers Marsh Trail
North Chagrin Reservation--Oxbow Lagoon
North Chagrin Reservation--River Grove Chestnut Shelter
North Chagrin Reservation--Rogers Meadow (Cuyahoga Co.)
North Chagrin Reservation--Rogers Meadow (Lake Co.)
North Chagrin Reservation--Squires Castle
North Chagrin Reservation--Strawberry Lane Pond
North Chagrin Reservation--Sylvan Loop
North Coast Harbor
North Coast Inland Trail--Elmore
North Coast Inland Trail--Elyria
North Coast Inland Trail--Monroeville
North Fork Little Miami River--Crabill Rd.
North Kingsville Sand Barrens
North Lake Park
North Lawn Cemetery
North Olmsted Community Park
North Park, Brunswick
North Perry Park
North Townline Park
North Yondota Rd.
Northam Park
Northcrest Park
Northeast Ohio Regional Airport
Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District 49th St. Outflow
Northeast Yacht Club (restricted access)
Northmoor Park
Northwood Walking Trail
Norwalk City Reservoir--Lower
Norwalk City Reservoir--Upper
Norwalk Memorial Reservoir
Novak Audubon Sanctuary
Now Rd.


O'Brien Cemetery
O'Neil Woods Metro Park
O'Shaughnessy Nature Preserve--Twin Lakes
O'Shaughnessy Reservoir
O'Shaughnessy Reservoir--Area P, Pylon Point
O'Shaughnessy Reservoir--Boater Education Facility, Area C
O'Shaughnessy Reservoir--Dam
OH-15 Barrow Ponds East of US-68
OH-2 @ OH-19
OH-2 @ Russell Rd.
OH-2 La Carpe Creek Rest Area
OH-2 Lorain Rest Area Nature Trail Eastbound
OH-2 Lorain Rest Area Nature Trail Westbound
OH-269 @ Erie Co. Rd. 175
OH-32 Pike Rest Area
OH-39 @ OH-164 Intersection
OH-4 at Hawk Rd. Wetland
Oak Creek South Park
Oak Glen Nature Preserve (temporarily closed)
Oak Grove Cemetery, Delaware
Oak Grove Cemetery, Marietta
Oak Grove Memorial Park
Oak Grove Park
Oak Hill Cemetery
Oak Hill Park
Oak Openings Preserve Metropark
Oak Openings--Buehner Center and Mallard Lake
Oak Openings--Evergreen Lake
Oak Openings--Evergreen Trail (orange)
Oak Openings--Ferns and Lakes Trail (blue)
Oak Openings--Foxfire Trail (yellow)
Oak Openings--Girdham Rd. @ Reed Rd.
Oak Openings--Girdham Rd. @ Sager Rd.
Oak Openings--Girdham Rd. Sand Dunes
Oak Openings--Horse Rider Center
Oak Openings--Jeffers Rd.
Oak Openings--Lodge Area
Oak Openings--Manore Rd.
Oak Openings--Reed Rd.
Oak Openings--Ridge Trail
Oak Openings--Sand Dunes Trail (red)
Oak Openings--South Wabash Rd. Ski Trail
Oak Openings--Springbrook Lake Trail
Oak Openings--Wabash Cannonball Trail
Oak Openings--Waterville Swanton Rd.
Oak Openings--White Oak Campground
Oakdale Cemetery, Marysville
Oakdale Cemetery, Urbana
Oakes Quarry Park
Oakthorpe Lake
Oakwood Cemetery
Oakwood Community Park
Oakwood Green Nature Preserve
Oakwoods Nature Preserve
Oakwoods Nature Preserve--Discovery Center Feeders
Oakwoods Nature Preserve--East Wetlands
Oberlin Beach Overlook
Oberlin College
Oberlin College--Community Trail and Athletic Fields
Oberlin College--Oberlin Arboretum
Oberlin Preserve--Prairie
Oberlin Preserve--South Woods
Oberlin Reservoir
Observatory Park
Odd Fellows Cemetery
Odell Lake (view from roadside only)
Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail--Bolanz Rd. to Deep Lock Quarry
Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail--Botzum Trailhead
Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail--Canal Lands Park North
Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail--Canal Lands Park South
Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail--Center Rd.
Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail--Clark Ave.
Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail--Clinton Trailhead
Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail--John Glenn Grove
Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail--Lake Lucerne Trailhead
Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail--Lock 4 Park
Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail--Manchester Rd. Trailhead
Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail--McDonnell Trailhead
Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail--West Wilbeth Rd. Trailhead
Ohio Bird Sanctuary
Ohio Dominican University
Ohio River Bluffs
Ohio River Lock and Dam 23
Ohio Riverfront Park, Marietta
Ohio State University Main Campus
Ohio State University Mansfield Campus
Ohio State University Mansfield Campus--Bromfield Trail
Ohio State University Marion Campus--Larry R. Yoder Prairie Nature Center
Ohio State University Newark Campus
Ohio State University--Airport
Ohio State University--Buckeye Grove
Ohio State University--Campus Prairie (historical)
Ohio State University--Chadwick Arboretum and Learning Gardens
Ohio State University--Chadwick Lake
Ohio State University--Drake Center at Olentangy River
Ohio State University--Fred Beekman Park
Ohio State University--Golf Club
Ohio State University--Kottman Hall Sports Fields
Ohio State University--Mirror Lake and Browning Amphitheatre
Ohio State University--Society for Ecological Restoration Site
Ohio State University--Waterman Farm
Ohio State University--West Campus Woodlots
Ohio State University--Wetlands
Ohio Statehouse
Ohio Township Park
Ohio Turnpike--Erie Islands Service Plaza
Ohio Turnpike--Indian Meadow Service Plaza Westbound
Ohio University--Campus
Ohio University--Golf Course
Ohio Veterans Home
Ohio Wesleyan University Campus
Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation--CanalWay Center
Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation--Morgans Hollow Picnic Area
Ohms Rd. Private Wetlands (view from roadside only)
Olander Park
Old Chestnut Grove Cemetery
Old Columbia St. Cemetery
Old Eden Elementary School
Old Highland Stone Gravel Pits
Old Lock 27 Fishing Access
Old McArthur Rd. Wetlands
Old OH-42 Rd.
Old Reid Park
Old Reid Park--Kirby Preserve
Old Saint Joseph Cemetery
Old Stone Schoolhouse
Old Town Reserve
Old Woman Creek
Old Woman Creek--Beach Area
Oldaker Wildlife Area
Olde Quarry Park
Oldtown Creek
Olentangy Indian Caverns
Olentangy Nature Trail
Olentangy Park
Olentangy River--5th Ave.
Olentangy River--Cardington Rd.
Olentangy Trail--Ackerman Bridge
Olentangy Trail--I-270 to Worthington Hills Park
Olentangy Trail--Northmoor Park to Antrim Park
Olentangy Trail--Tuttle Park to Ohio State University Wetlands
Orchard Hills Park
Orleans Park
Orweiler Rd. Marsh
Orwell Wildlife Area
Osborn MetroPark
Osborn Rd. Gravel Pits
Osborne Park
Otsego Park
Ottawa County Courthouse
Ottawa Metro Park and Lima Reservoir
Ottawa NWR (Lucas Co.)
Ottawa NWR (Ottawa Co.)
Ottawa NWR--Adam Grimm Prairie
Ottawa NWR--Boss Unit
Ottawa NWR--Crane Creek Estuary (Lucas Co.)
Ottawa NWR--Crane Creek Estuary (Ottawa Co.)
Ottawa NWR--Crane Creek Estuary Trail
Ottawa NWR--Darby Unit (restricted access)
Ottawa NWR--Entrance Pool
Ottawa NWR--Fox Nature Preserve
Ottawa NWR--Kontz Unit, Bodi and Lemon Roads
Ottawa NWR--Little Portage Unit (view from roadside only)
Ottawa NWR--Lower Toussaint Unit (restricted access)
Ottawa NWR--Marinewood Unit
Ottawa NWR--Metzger Marsh Partnership Trail
Ottawa NWR--Middle Toussaint Unit
Ottawa NWR--Navarre Marsh (restricted access)
Ottawa NWR--Nehls Memorial Preserve
Ottawa NWR--Ottawa-Lucas Co. Rd. (Ottawa Co.)
Ottawa NWR--Pool 1 Trail
Ottawa NWR--Show Pool
Ottawa NWR--Stange Prairie
Ottawa NWR--Turkey Run Unit
Ottawa NWR--Two Rivers Unit, O'Neal Rd. (restricted access)
Ottawa NWR--Two Rivers Unit, West Portage River South Rd.
Ottawa NWR--Upper Toussaint Unit
Ottawa NWR--Veler Rd.
Ottawa NWR--Visitor Center and Boardwalk
Ottawa NWR--Walking Trail Pools
Ottawa NWR--Walking Trail Woodland
Ottawa NWR--West Harbor Landing
Ottawa NWR--Wildlife Drive (Lucas Co.)
Ottawa NWR--Wildlife Drive (Ottawa Co.)
Ottawa NWR--Woodies Roost Trail
Ottawa Park
Ottawa River Interpretive Trail
Ottawa Upground Reservoir
Otter Creek Restoration Project
Otterbein Cemetery
Otterbein University
Otterbein-Lebanon Retirement Community Retention Ponds
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Cemetery
Outhwaite Reservoir
Overbrook Ravine Park
Overlook Beach Park
Overton Rd. Ponds
Owens Fen State Nature Preserve
Oxbow Lake Wildlife Area
Oxford Airport


PPG Lime Lakes
Packard Park
Paddock River Preserve
Paine Falls Metropark--Main Entrance
Painesville Square
Painesville Township Park
Paint Creek Dam
Paint Creek Lake Wildlife Area (Highland Co.)
Paint Creek Lake Wildlife Area (Ross Co.)
Paint Creek Lake Wildlife Area--Burgess Rd.
Paint Creek Lake Wildlife Area--Centerfield Rd.
Paint Creek Lake Wildlife Area--Cope Rd.
Paint Creek Recreational Trail--Austin Trailhead
Paint Creek Recreational Trail--Robinson Rd. Trailhead, Shaw Wetlands
Paint Creek SP (Highland Co.)
Paint Creek SP (Ross Co.)
Paint Creek SP--Beach Area
Paint Creek SP--Lakeview and Bridle Trails
Paint Creek SP--Little Pond Trail
Paintersville New Jasper Rd. Cemetery
Paper District Marina
Park Colony Rd.
Parkersburg Wildlife Area
Parkridge Park--Alum Creek Trail
Parsons Gardens
Pataskala Municipal Park
Patch Rd.
Pater Wildlife Area
Paul M. Gillmor Community Park
Paulding Co. Rd. 146
Paulding Reservoir
Paulding Sewage Lagoons (view from roadside only)
Pavonia Cemetery
Pearl King Savanna
Pearls Fen
Pearson Metropark
Pearson Metropark--All Purpose Trail
Pearson Metropark--Lallendorf Rd. Wetland
Pearson Metropark--North Perimeter Trail
Pearson Metropark--Seaman Rd.
Pearson Metropark--Window on Wildlife
Pekin Rd. Marsh
Peninsular Farms
Penitentiary Glen Reservation
Pennyroyal Marsh
Perkins Park
Perry Co. Rd. 112
Perry State Forest
Perry State Forest--Number 8 Hollow Rd.
Perry Township Park
Perrysville Union Cemetery
Peterson Rd. (view from roadside only)
Petes Pond Preserve
Petros Lake Park
Pettibone Park
Phil Hillman Fishing Access
Phillips Park Complex
Piatt Park
Pickaway County Airport
Pickerel Creek Wildlife Area
Pickerel Creek Wildlife Area--Boggy Bottoms
Pickerel Creek Wildlife Area--Brugger Rd.
Pickerel Creek Wildlife Area--Headquarters Check Station
Pickerel Creek Wildlife Area--Observation Deck
Pickerel Creek Wildlife Area--Ohms Rd. Wetlands
Pickerel Creek Wildlife Area--Parking Area D
Pickerel Creek Wildlife Area--Parking Area E
Pickerel Creek Wildlife Area--Pearson Rd.
Pickerel Creek Wildlife Area--Pump House Wetland
Pickerel Creek Wildlife Area--Sandusky Co. Rd. 232
Pickerel Creek Wildlife Area--Three Eagles Wetland
Pickerel Creek Wildlife Area--Vern Essi Wetland
Pickerington Ponds (Fairfield Co.)
Pickerington Ponds (Franklin Co.)
Pickerington Ponds--Arrowhead Trail
Pickerington Ponds--Burning Lake Area
Pickerington Ponds--Ellis Pond
Pickerington Ponds--Glacier Knoll Arrowhead Marsh Overlook
Pickerington Ponds--West
Pickerington Ponds--Wood Duck Picnic Area
Piedmont Lake (Harrison Co.)
Piedmont Lake--Piedmont Lake Rd.
Piedmont Lake--Piedmont Marina
Piedmont Lake--West Boyd Hall Rd.
Pierce Park
Pierce Preserve
Pierce Township Nature Trail
Pike Co. YMCA Soccer Fields and Walking Path
Pike Island Lock and Dam
Pike Lake SP
Pine Hill Lakes Park
Pine Hill Park--Crall Woods
Pine Hill Park--Sauers Farm
Pine Lake
Pine Quarry Park
Pine Tree Barn Lake
Pioneer Cemetery
Pioneer Park
Pioneer Rest Cemetery
Pipe Creek Wildlife Area
Pizzurro Park
Plaza at Chapel Hill Shopping Center
Pleasant Cemetery
Pleasant Hill Lake (Ashland Co.)
Pleasant Hill Lake (Richland Co.)
Pleasant Hill Lake Dam
Pleasant Hill Lake Park
Pleasant Hill Lake Park--Swimming Beach
Pleasant Hill Lake--Barron Rd. Access
Pleasant Hill Lake--Clear Fork River
Pleasant Hill Park
Pleasant Hill Rd., Richmond (view from roadside only)
Pleasant Township Park
Pleasant Valley Park
Pleasant Valley Wildlife Area
Plum Cemetery
Plum Creek Park, Brunswick
Plum Creek Park, Kent
Plum Run Prairie Preserve
Point Place Lighthouse
Pointe North
Poland Municipal Forest
Poland Township Park
Poland Trail from South Main St. to Middle School
Polley Field--Watkins St.
Pond at OH-334 and Middle Urbana Rd.
Pondview Park
Port Clinton Lakefront Preserve
Portage Hike and Bike Trail--Crain Ave. Bridge
Portage Hike and Bike Trail--Judson Rd. Trailhead
Portage Hike and Bike Trail--Lake Rockwell Rd. Trailhead
Portage Hike and Bike Trail--Middlebury Rd.
Portage Hike and Bike Trail--Peck Rd.
Portage Lakes State Park--Turkeyfoot Lake
Portage Lakes Wetland State Nature Preserve
Portage Lakes--Cottage Grove Lake
Portage Lakes--East Reservoir
Portage Lakes--Lake Nesmith
Portage Lakes--Long Lake
Portage Lakes--North Reservoir
Portage Lakes--North Reservoir, Myers Island
Portage Path Wildlife Area
Portage River @ OH-163
Portage River Estuary
Portage River Fishing Access
Portage River Inlet
Portage River--Oak Harbor
Portage Trail Park
Possum Creek MetroPark
Post Preserve Park
Poston Plant Lands Public Hunting Area
Pottersburg Bridge Trail (Champaign Co.)
Pottersburg Bridge Trail (Union Co.)
Powelson Wildlife Area
Powers Reservoir
Prairie Creek Treatment Train
Prairie Grass Trail--Cedarville
Prairie Grass Trail--London Trailhead
Prairie Lane Wetlands
Prairie Oaks Metro Park (Madison Co.)
Prairie Oaks Metro Park--Beaver Lake Trail
Prairie Oaks Metro Park--Coneflower Trail
Prairie Oaks Metro Park--Darby Bend Lakes (Franklin Co.)
Prairie Oaks Metro Park--Morgan Rd. Wetlands
Prairie Oaks Metro Park--Sycamore Plains Trails
Prairie Oaks Metro Park--Upper Darby Canoe Access
Prairie Rd. Fen Nature Preserve
Prairie Ridge Meadow
Preble County Historical Society and Nature Reserve
Presidents Park
Price Cemetery
Price Park, North Canton
Price Rd.
Princess Ledges
Proctorville Driving Range
Proctorville Park
Progressive Field
Prospect Cemetery
Prospect St. Riverview, Newton Falls
Providence Metropark
Providence Metropark--Dam and Wolf Trail
Proving Ground Farm
Punderson SP
Punderson SP--Stump Lake
Puritas Wetland
Put In Bay Ferry
Putnam Hill Park
Putnam Landing Park
Pyle Rd. Reservoir and Wildlife Area
Pymatuning High Banks
Pymatuning SP (Ohio)
Pymatuning SP--Causeway Parking Lot
Pymatuning SP--Main Beach and Boat Launch
Pymatuning SP--New Bowers Boat Ramp
Pymatuning SP--Padanaram Boat Launch
Pymatuning SP--Padanaram Trail
Pymatuning SP--Poplar Grove Picnic Area (Ohio)
Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park
Pyro Wetlands


Quail Hollow SP
Quail Hollow SP--Meadowlands Trail
Quarry Apartments Lake
Quarry Farm Nature Preserve and Conservation Farm
Quarry Park, Marion
Quarry Trails Metro Park
Quarry Trails Metro Park--Millkin Falls
Quarry Trails Metro Park--North Entrance
Quinn Park


Rabold Park
Raccoon Creek County Park
Raccoon Creek Reservoir
Racine Hydro Picnic Area
Rager Rd.
Ralph J. Perk Plaza
Ramey Swamp
Ramser Arboretum
Ramser Arboretum--Mount Vernon Nazarene University Woods
Rapid Run Park
Raven Rocks
Rayland Marina (Jefferson Co.)
Raymond Memorial Golf Course
ReCreation Land--Bicentennial Campground and Buckeye Trail
ReCreation Land--Brannons Fork Picnic Area
ReCreation Land--Buckeye Trail Dyes Fork
ReCreation Land--Chapel Dr.
ReCreation Land--Coal Hill Rd.
ReCreation Land--High Hill Rd.
ReCreation Land--Hook Lake Campground
ReCreation Land--Prouty Rd.
ReCreation Land--Sawmill Rd. Campground
ReCreation Land--Sugar Grove Rd.
ReCreation Land--Windy Hill Picnic Area
ReCreation Land--Woodgrove Campground and Buckeye Trail
Reagan Park
Rebert Pike Nature Park
Red Brook Metropark
Redbird Hollow Trail
Redett Rd., Fredericksburg
Reibel Woods Park
Reifsnyder Park
Rentschler Forest MetroPark
Rentschler Forest Metropark--Line Hill Mound Area
Republic Landfill Grasslands and Airfield
Reservoir Park
Resthaven Wildlife Area
Resthaven Wildlife Area--Castalia Prairie
Resthaven Wildlife Area--Cement St. Access
Resthaven Wildlife Area--Handicapped Fishing Access
Resthaven Wildlife Area--Heywood Rd.
Resthaven Wildlife Area--Oxbo Rd.
Resurrection Cemetery, Lewis Center
Resurrection Cemetery, Toledo
Reynolds Municipal Park
Reynolds Municipal Park--Clover Groff Run
Reynoldsburg Civic Park
Rheinstrom Park
Rhododendron Cove State Nature Preserve
Rices Swamp
Richardson Forest Preserve
Richfield Heritage Preserve
Richland B&O Trail--Butler
Richland B&O Trail--Home Rd. Marsh
Richland B&O Trail--Lexington Community Park
Richland B&O Trail--Marion Ave. Access
Richland B&O Trail--OH-97 Parking Lot near I-71
Richmond Park
Richwood Lake Park
Riddle Rd., York Township Rd. 292
Riddle State Nature Preserve
Ridge Hill Cemetery
Ridge Rd., Delphos
Ridgecrest Memory Gardens
Ridgewood Lake Park
Rieck Center for Habitat Studies
Riley Reservoir
Ringneck Ridge Wildlife Area
Ringneck Ridge--Nine Mile Creek Trail
Ringneck Ridge--North Trailhead
Ringneck Ridge--Southeast Trail
Rip Rap Park
Rising Park
Ritter Park
River Cliff Park
River Cliff Union Cemetery
River Drive (Pickaway Co.)
River Front Park
River Rd. Park
River Run Park
River Styx Park
River Walk Natural Area
River Woods Nature Preserve
River's Edge Wildlife Preserve
Riverbend Recreation Area
Riverfront Park, Portsmouth
Rivergate Park, Merwin Ave.
Rivers Edge Retention Pond
RiversEdge Park
Riverside Cemetery, Cleveland
Riverside Cemetery, Defiance
Riverside Cemetery, Monroeville
Riverside Commons Dr.
Riverside Green Park
Riverside Natural Area
Riverside Park, Antwerp
Riverside Park, Cincinnati
Riverside Park, Defiance
Riverside Park, Findlay
Riverside Park, Lorain
Riverside Park, Loudonville
Riverside Park, Mount Vernon
Riverside Park, Zanesville
Rivertowne Marina
Riverview Park
Roadside Park
Robert Clark Neff Reservoir
Roberts Pass Trail--London Trailhead
Rock Mill Lake Wildlife Area
Rock Mill Park
Rock Run Preserve
Rockafield Cemetery
Rockbridge State Nature Preserve
Rockefeller Lake
Rocky Fork Metro Park
Rocky Fork Metro Park--Beech Woodland and Millstone Trails
Rocky Fork Metro Park--North Meadow Trail
Rocky Fork SP
Rocky Fork SP--Campground
Rocky Fork SP--East End Overlook and Marina
Rocky Fork SP--East Shore Dr. Boat Ramp and Dam
Rocky Fork SP--Fishing Wharf
Rocky Fork SP--North Beach Marina
Rocky Fork SP--Plum Run Bridge
Rocky Fork SP--South Beach and Boat Ramp
Rocky River Mouth
Rocky River Park
Rocky River Reservation
Rocky River Reservation--Cedar Point Rd.
Rocky River Reservation--Guerin Rd.
Rocky River Reservation--Hogsback Ln. Parking Lot
Rocky River Reservation--Lagoon Picnic Area
Rocky River Reservation--Lewis Road Riding Ring
Rocky River Reservation--Little Met Wetlands
Rocky River Reservation--Nature Center Feeders
Rocky River Reservation--Nature Center Trails
Rocky River Reservation--Rockcliff Dr.
Rocky River Reservation--Scenic Park Marina
Rocky River Reservation--South Mastick Picnic Area
Rocky River Reservation--Stinchcomb-Groth Memorial Overlook
Rocky River Reservation--Tyler Field
Rocky River Reservation--Valley Parkway Trail
Rocky River Reservation--Willow Bend Picnic Area
Rogues Hollow Historical Park
Roscoe Ewing Park
Rose Hill Burial Park
Rose Point, Kensington Oval Overlook
Rose Run Park
Ross Gravel Pit
Ross Lake Wildlife Area
Ross-Pickaway County Line Rd. (Pickaway Co.)
Ross-Pickaway County Line Rd. (Ross Co.)
Rotary Glacial Esker Trail
Rotary Park, North Canton
Routzong Preserve
Rowe Arboretum
Rowland Nature Preserve
Rowley Run Beaver Marsh
Roxanna New Burlington Rd. Gravel Pit--North
Roxanna New Burlington Rd. Gravel Pit--South
Roy Myers Rd., Thompson Township Rd. 80
Rudolph Savanna
Ruffner Park
Ruihley Park
Rural Dale Rd. East of Paisley Rd.
Rural Dale Rd. West of Paisley Rd.
Rush Creek Lake (Fairfield Co.)
Rush Creek Lake (Perry Co.)
Rush Run Park
Rush Run Ravines
Rush Run Wildlife Area
Russ Nature Reserve
Russell Uplands Preserve
Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center


Saber Rd.
Sackett Cemetery
Sacks Rd.
Sagamore Hills Park
Sager Memorial Cemetery
Sager Rd. @ Groundhog Rd.
Saint Bernard Cemetery
Saint Charles Borromeo Cemetery
Saint Clairsville Memorial Park
Saint Clairsville Memorial Park--Newlin Falls Nature Trail
Saint John Cemetery, Lakeville
Saint Johns Cemetery, Marysville
Saint Johns Cemetery, Milan
Saint Joseph Cemetery, Fremont
Saint Joseph Cemetery, Lockbourne
Saint Joseph Cemetery, Monroeville
Saint Marys State Fish Hatchery
Saint Peters Cemetery
Saint Rose Church River View
Salamander Flats
Salamander Run MetroPark
Salem Reservoir
Salisbury Quarry, Albon Lake
Sally Buffalo Park Lakes
Salt Fork SP
Salt Fork SP--Beach and Dog Park
Salt Fork SP--Cabin Area
Salt Fork SP--Campground
Salt Fork SP--Campground Office
Salt Fork SP--Hosak's Cave Area
Salt Fork SP--Morning Glory Boat Launch
Salt Fork SP--Rd. 54
Salt Fork SP--Salt Fork Lake
Salt Fork SP--Salt Fork Lodge
Salt Fork SP--Stone House Nature Trail
Salt Fork SP--Sugartree Marina
Salt Springs Rd. Mahoning River View
Salway Park
Sam Masi and Crestwood Parks
Samuels Wildlife Area
Sand Run Metro Park
Sand Run Metro Park--Big Bend Trailhead
Sand Run Metro Park--N. Hawkins Ave. Entrance
Sandel Legacy Trail
Sandhill Crane Wetlands
Sandusky Amvets Baseball Field
Sandusky Bay (Erie Co.)
Sandusky Bay (Ottawa Co.)
Sandusky Bay--Outer Basin (Ottawa Co.)
Sandusky Bay--Sandusky Harbor
Sandusky Co. Rd. 202
Sandusky Co. Rd. 244
Sandusky Headwaters Nature Preserve
Sandusky Hollow Nature Preserve
Sandusky Plains Environmental Education Center
Sandusky River @ West Hurdic Rd.
Sandy Ridge Reservation
Sandy Valley Trail-Maple St
Sara Lee Arnovitz Preserve
Sardis-Fielding Wetlands
Sauder Village Oak Savannah and Wetlands
Saulisberry Park
Sautter Memorial Park
Sawmill Creek Preserve
Sawmill Wetland State Education Area
Sawyer Quarry Nature Preserve
Sawyer-Ludwig Park
Scenic River Retreat
Scenic Vista Park
Schaefer Park
Schappacher Park
Schedel Gardens
Schekelhoff Park
Schellin Park
Schiller Park
Schmidt Park and Boat Ramp
Schoenbrunn Village
Schoepfle Garden
Schoonover Park
Schreiber Park
Schwartzkopf Park
Schwartzwalder Rd.
Scioto Audubon Metro Park
Scioto Audubon Metro Park--Lower Scioto Park
Scioto Audubon Metro Park--Observation Deck
Scioto Audubon Metro Park--Wetland Trails
Scioto Audubon Metro Park--Whittier
Scioto Bottoms
Scioto Brush Creek State Nature Preserve
Scioto Grove Metro Park
Scioto Grove Metro Park--Archery and Disc Golf Courses
Scioto Grove Metro Park--Mingo Trail
Scioto Grove Metro Park--Multipurpose Trail
Scioto Mile Park
Scioto Park
Scioto River Dublin Rd. Parking
Scioto River Trail--Dublin Rd.
Scioto River Trail--Scioto and Olentangy River Confluence
Scioto River--5th Ave
Scioto River--OH-316 Access
Scioto River--Radnor Boat Ramp
Scioto River--The Point
Scioto Run Nature Trail
Scioto Trail SP
Scioto Trail State Forest--Buckeye Trail, Stoney Creek Rd.
Scioto Trail State Forest--North Ridge Rd.
Scioto Trail State Forest--South Ridge Rd.
Scott Rd.
Scottish Corners Park
Scotts Associate Park (restricted access)
Seaman Rd.
Sears Woods State Nature Preserve
Sebring Woods
Secor Metropark
Secor Metropark--Window on Wildlife
Secrest Arboretum
Seiberling Nature Realm
Seip Earthworks
Sells Middle School 1919 Building
Seltzer Park
Seneca Co. Rd. 34
Seneca County Landfill (restricted access)
Seneca Lake Park
Seneca Lake--Edgewater Rd.
Seneca Lake--North (Guernsey Co.)
Seneca Lake--South (Noble Co.)
Seneca Ponds Park
Seneca Township Rd. 26 Wildlife Production Area
Senecaville State Fish Hatchery
Serpent Mound
Seymour Woods State Natural Area
Shade River Bridge @ OH-124
Shade River State Forest
Shaker Lakes Park System
Shaker Lakes--Doan Brook Gorge
Shaker Lakes--Green Lake
Shaker Lakes--Horseshoe Lake
Shaker Lakes--Lower Shaker Lake
Shaker Lakes--Marshall Lake
Shaker Lakes--Nature Center
Shaker Lakes--Southerly Park
Shaker Median Trail
Shale Hollow Preserve
Shallenberger State Nature Preserve
Shannon Square Ponds
Sharon Woods Metro Park (Franklin Co.)
Sharon Woods Metro Park--Edward S. Thomas Trail
Sharon Woods Metro Park--Schrock Lake
Sharon Woods Metro Park--Spring Creek Trail
Sharon Woods Park (Hamilton Co.)
Sharon Woods Park--Buckeye Falls and Visitor Center
Sharon Woods Park--Golf Course
Sharon Woods Park--Gorge Trail
Sharon Woods Park--Meadow Drive
Sharrock Ridge Reclaimed Area
Shauck Cemetery
Shaw Woods Park
Shawnee Lookout
Shawnee Lookout--Blue Jacket Trail
Shawnee Lookout--Boat Ramp
Shawnee Lookout--Former Golf Course Trails
Shawnee Lookout--Little Turtle Trail
Shawnee Lookout--Miami Fort Trail
Shawnee Park, Shawnee
Shawnee Park, Xenia
Shawnee Prairie Preserve
Shawnee SP--Campground
Shawnee SP--Lookout Trail
Shawnee SP--Marina
Shawnee SP--Roosevelt Lake
Shawnee SP--Turkey Creek Lake and Lodge
Shawnee State Forest (Adams Co.)
Shawnee State Forest (Scioto Co.)
Shawnee State Forest--Big Run Rd.
Shawnee State Forest--Churn Creek Rd.
Shawnee State Forest--Copperhead Fire Tower
Shawnee State Forest--Forest Rd. 1, Panoram Loop
Shawnee State Forest--Forest Rd. 13
Shawnee State Forest--Forest Rd. 2
Shawnee State Forest--Forest Rd. 4, Panoram Loop
Shawnee State Forest--Forest Rd. 6, Panoram Loop
Shawnee State Forest--Lower Twin Creek Rd.
Shawnee State Forest--Nace Run Rd.
Shawnee State Forest--Odle Creek Rd.
Shawnee State Forest--Picnic Point
Shawnee State Forest--Pond Lick Rd.
Shawnee State Forest--Pond Run Rd.
Shawnee State Forest--Rocky Fork
Shawnee State Forest--Wolfden Lake
Sheep Pen Lock
Sheepskin Hollow State Nature Preserve
Sheffield Lake Boat Ramp and Beach
Sheffield Lake Recreational Trail
Shelby Black Fork Wetlands
Shelby Reservoir No. 2
Shelby Reservoir No. 3
Shelby Street Boat Ramp
Shelby-Oakland Cemetery
Sheldon Marsh State Nature Preserve
Shell Cove Park
Shelly Gravel Pits
Shenango Wildlife Area
Shenango Wildlife Area--Milligan Rd.
Shenango Wildlife Area--OH-87 Parking Lot and Trail
Shenango Wildlife Area--OH-88 Access
Sherman Ave. Park, Buck Creek Trail
Sherod Park
Shockley Rd.
Shoemaker State Nature Preserve
Shooters on the Water
Shor Park
Shoreline Park
Short Creek Marshland
Showse Park
Shreve Fish Pond
Shreve Lake Wildlife Area
Shreve Oak Grove Cemetery
Shrine Park
Side Cut Metropark
Side Cut Metropark--Siegert Lake
Siebenthaler Fen
Siegenthaler-Kaestner Esker State Nature Preserve
Silver Creek Metro Park
Silver Creek Metro Park--Cross Country Trails
Silver Creek Wildlife Area
Silver Lake
Silver Park
Silver Springs Park--Bow Wow Beach
Simco Wildlife Area
Simon Kenton Trail--County Line Rd. Access
Simon Kenton Trail--OH-55 Trailhead, Urbana
Simon Kenton Trail--Villa Rd. Access
Simon Kenton Trail--Woodburn Rd. Access
Simpson Garden Park
Sims Park
Sippo Lake
Sippo Lake--Exploration Gateway
Sippo Lake--Marina and Fishing Pier
Sippo Lake--Sippo Lake Trail
Sippo Lake--Sommer Wildlife Conservation Center and Walking Trails
Sippo North Park
Sippo South Park
Sippo Valley Trail--Dalton
Sippo Valley Trail--Massilon
Sites Lake
Sixteen Cemetery
Skillet Handle Hollow
Slate Run Metro Park
Slate Run Metro Park--Bobolink Grassland Trail
Slate Run Metro Park--Five Oaks Trail
Slate Run Metro Park--Sugar Maple Trail
Slate Run Metro Park--Wetlands
Sleepy Hollow Park
Slope Creek Reservoir
Smale Riverfront Park
Smeck Park
Smith Cemetery State Nature Preserve
Smith Preserve (view from roadside only)
Smith Rd. Grasslands (view from roadside only)
Smith Rd., Fredericktown
Smith Rd., Waite Hill
Snyder Park
Sofios Park and Nature Trail
Sol Arnovitz Park
Solon Community Park
Solon Landfill
Solon Rd.
Soltis Rd.
Somerford Cemetery
Somerset Reservoir
South Bass Island
South Bass Island SP
South Bass Island--Coopers Woods
South Bass Island--Dodge Woods Preserve
South Bass Island--Jane Coates Wildflower Trail
South Bass Island--Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center
South Bass Island--Lighthouse
South Bass Island--Massie Cliffside Preserve
South Bass Island--Oak Point SP
South Bass Island--Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial
South Bass Island--Scheeff East Point Nature Preserve
South Bass Island--Terwilligers Pond
South Chagrin Reservation
South Chagrin Reservation--Chagrin River Overlook
South Chagrin Reservation--Harper Ridge Picnic Area
South Chagrin Reservation--Jackson Field
South Chagrin Reservation--Look About Lodge
South Chagrin Reservation--Polo Field
South Chagrin Reservation--Shadow Lake Trails
South Chagrin Reservation--Shelterhouse Picnic Area
South Chagrin Reservation--Sulphur Springs Trails
South Charleston Bike Trail
South Creek Mouth
South Crown Hill Rd. Ponds, Orrville
South Fork of Captina Creek at Rainbows End
South Hamilton Rd.
South Newbury Cemetery
South Park, Mansfield
South Plasterbed Rd.
South River Rd., South Charleston
South Russell Village Park
South Shore Veterans Park
South Turkeyfoot Creek Fishing Access
Southern Point Pond (view from roadside only)
Southgate Park
Southgate Park--Belden Farm and Bog
Southview Park
Spain Creek Bridge
Spencer Lake Wildlife Area
Spencer Rd. Pond
Spindler Road Park
Spitzer Riverside Marina
Spohn Rd.
Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati
Spring Grove Cemetery, Medina
Spring Hill Park
Spring Lakes Park
Spring Valley Nature Preserve
Spring Valley Wildlife Area (Greene Co.)
Spring Valley Wildlife Area--South (Warren Co.)
Spring Valley Wildlife Area--Upper End Trail
Springbrook Gardens Park
Springfield Bog
Springfield Lake
Springfield Park
Springville Marsh State Nature Preserve
Sprinkle Park
Sprinkle and Emmons Lakes
Squire Valleevue Farm
Stadium Park
Stafford Park
Stages Pond State Nature Preserve
Stan Hywet Gardens
Stanbery Park
Standing Rock Cemetery
Stange Rd. @ Krause Rd.
Stange Rd. @ W. Walbridge East Rd.
Starve Island
Steam Corners Cattle Feedlot (view from roadside only)
Stearns Homestead
Stepping Stones Park
Stevens Rd. @ OH-98 (view from roadside only)
Stevenson Cemetery
Stevenson Rd. Covered Bridge
Stewart Cemetery
Steyer Nature Preserve
Stillfork Swamp Nature Preserve (TNC) (restricted access)
Stillwater Prairie Reserve
Stillwater Prairie Reserve--Rangeline Rd. Entrance
Stingy Lane (restricted access)
Stollacker Rd.
Stonelick SP
Stonelick SP--Beach
Story Woods Park
Stranahan Arboretum
Stratford Woods State Nature Preserve
Strickfaden Park
Strongsville Backyard Preserve
Strouds Run SP
Strouds Run SP--Dow Lake Dam
Stubbs Park
Sugar Creek Wildlife Area
Sugar Grove Cemetery
Sugarcreek MetroPark
Sugarloaf Park
Sullivant Trace Trail
Sulphur Brook Estuary
Summit Bike and Hike Trail--Barlow Rd.
Summit Bike and Hike Trail--Sagamore Hills
Summit Bike and Hike Trail--West Highland Rd.
Summit Bike and Hike Trail--Young Rd. Wetlands
Summit County Fairgrounds Parking Area
Summit Lake
Summit Park (formerly Blue Ash Airport)
Sunny Lake Park
Sunnybrook Preserve
Sunrise MetroPark
Sunset Cemetery
Sunset Harbor
Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery
Sunset Park, Mansfield
Sunset Park, North Kingsville
Sunset Park, Willoughby
Sunsite Lake
Superior Wildlife Area
Susan Hambley Nature Center Trails
Swamp Rd.
Swan Creek Bottoms
Swan Creek Cemetery
Swan Creek Preserve Metropark
Swan Creek Preserve Metropark--Window on Wildlife
Swanton Cemetery
Swartzlander-Rotary Park
Sweet Arrow Reserve
Swickard Woods
Swine Creek Reservation
Swine Creek Reservation--Lodge and Bird Feeders
Swine Creek Reservation--Valley Shelter Area
Sycamore Creek Park
Sycamore Park
Sycamore Reserve
Sycamore Run Park
Sycamore SP
Sylvan Prairie Park
Symmes Creek Boat Launch
Symmes Creek--Arabia Bottoms
Symmes Creek--Waterloo Bottoms (Gallia Co.)
Symmes Creek--Waterloo Bottoms North
Symmes Creek--Waterloo Bottoms South
Symmes Township Park
Symmes Wildlife Area


T. J. Evans Bike Path--Alexandria to Granville
T. J. Evans Bike Path--Granville
T. J. Evans Bike Path--Harndens Mill to Reddington Rd.
T. J. Evans Bike Path--Johnstown to Alexandria
T. J. Evans Bike Path--Newark
T. J. Evans Park, Newark
Tabernacle Rd. Marsh
Taft Reserve--Flint Ridge Rd. Entrance
Taft Reserve--Kraner Nature Center
Tagg Rd.
Tallmadge Lions Park
Tam O'Shanter Park
Tanglewood Lake
Tannery Park
Tappan Lake
Tappan Lake Park
Tappan Lake--Clearfork Bay
Tappan Lake--East Marshes and Bridge
Tappan Lake--North
Tappan Wetland Mitigation Bank
Tar Hollow SP (Hocking Co.)
Tar Hollow SP (Ross Co.)
Tar Hollow SP--Sheep Pasture Shelter
Tar Hollow State Forest (Ross Co.)
Tar Hollow State Forest--Clark Hollow Rd. (Vinton Co.)
Tar Hollow State Forest--Logan Trail
Tarbox Cemetery
Tarpy Woods
Tartan Ridge Park
Tawawa Park
Taylor Farm Park
Taylorsville MetroPark
Tea Kaufman Homestead
Tecumseh Lake
Tecumseh Nature Preserve
Tecumseh Trail
Terra Community College
Terradise Nature Preserve
Thaddeus Kosciuszko Park
Thayer Ridge Park
The Coupling Reserve
The Ridges
The Ridges--Cemeteries Nature Walk
The Ridges--Radar Hill Area
The Rookery
The Shops at Fallen Timbers Lake
The Water Hole
The Wilderness Center
The Wilderness Center--East Trails
The Wilds
The Wilds--Big Muskie Dr.
The Wilds--Birding Station at Jeffrey Point
The Wilds--Cumberland Rd.
The Wilds--International Rd.
The Wilds--Mount Zion Cemetery
The Wilds--Visitor Center (restricted access)
The Wilds--Zion Ridge Rd.
The Woods At Luscombe Farm
Theodore M. Berry Park
Thomas A. Swift MetroPark
Thomas Currier Nature Preserve
Thomas Heritage Park
Thomas J. Evans Foundation Park, Pataskala
Thompson Ledges Township Park
Thompson Park, New Albany
Thompson Park, Upper Arlington
Thompson Rd. Covered Bridge
Thompson Township Rd. 178
Three Creeks Metro Park
Three Creeks Metro Park--Confluence Trails Area
Three Creeks Metro Park--Heron Pond Area
Three Creeks Metro Park--Oxbow Loop Area
Three Creeks Metro Park--Sycamore Fields Area
Three Locks Rd.
Tick Ridge
Tiffin River Wildlife Area
Tiffin University Nature Preserve
Tiffin Water Treatment Plant
Tinkers Creek SP
Tinkers Creek State Nature Preserve
Tinkers Creek Trail--South of Pettibone Rd.
Todd Field
Toledo Botanical Garden
Toledo Memorial Park
Toledo Zoo--North Side
Toledo Zoo--South Side
Tom Jenkins Dam
Tom Kruse Wildlife Conservation Park
Topiary Garden Park
Tote Rd. Park
Toussaint River Estuary
Toussaint River--Packer Creek Area
Toussaint Wildlife Area
Toussaint Wildlife Area--Toussaint River @ OH-19
Tower East
Towners Woods Park
Towpath Park
Trail Bottom Valley (view from roadside only)
Trail Lake Park
Tranquility Wildlife Area
Travertine Fen State Nature Preserve (permit required)
Treasure Island Park--Monarch Habitat Trail
Tri-Valley Wildlife Area
Triangle Lake Bog State Nature Preserve
Trimble High School--Muddy Boot Trail
Trimble Township Community Forest
Triple Creek Park
Trumbull Woods Park
Tummonds State Nature Preserve
Turkey Creek Metropark
Turkey Ridge Wildlife Area
Turkeyfoot Preserve
Turning Point Island
Turtle Creek Bay (restricted access)
Turtle Creek Estuary--Lemon Rd. Bridge
Turtle Creek Fishing Access
Tuscarawas River Access @ Coshocton Co. Rd. 254
Tuttle Park
Tuxedo Park
Twin Churches Lake
Twin Creek MetroPark
Twin Creek Preserve
Twin Lakes
Twin Towers Park
Two Glaciers Park
Tycoon Lake Wildlife Area


US-33 Auglaize Rest Area Eastbound
US-33 Auglaize Rest Area Westbound
US-33 Huntsville Rest Area Eastbound
US-33 Huntsville Rest Area Westbound
US-33 Union Rest Area Eastbound
US-33 Union Rest Area Westbound
US-35 @ OH-159 Wetland
US-35 @ OH-72 Pond (view from roadside only)
Unger Park
Union Cemetery, Columbus--East
Union Cemetery, Columbus--West
Union Cemetery, Oak Harbor
Union County Sports Complex
Union Rd.
Union Township Cemetery, Milford Center
Uniontown Community Park
United American Cemetery
University of Akron, Wayne College
University of Mount Union
University of Toledo Campus
University of Toledo--Scott Park
Upper Clearfork Swamp
Upper Cuyahoga River--Horwaths Landing
Upper Sandusky Bike Trail--Riparian Corridor
Upper Sandusky Reservoir #1
Upper Sandusky Reservoir #2
Upper Valley Mall
Ursuline College--Lake Elissa
Urwin Parkway Wetland (view from roadside only)


Valle View Reserve
Valley Run Wildlife Area
Valley View Preserve
Valley View Woods Park
Van Buren SP
Van Tassel Wildlife Area
Van Wert Reservoirs
Vanlue Sewage Ponds
Vaughn Cemetery
Venedocia Memorial Park
Verizon Pond--North End (Warren Co.)
Verizon Pond--South End (Hamilton Co.)
Vermilion Cemetery
Vermilion River Entrance
Vermilion River Reservation--Bacon Woods
Vermilion River Reservation--Mill Hollow
Veterans Legacy Woods
Veterans Memorial Lake
Veterans Memorial Park and Eagle Point
Veterans Memorial Park, Parma
Veterans Memorial Park, Rossford
Veterans Memorial Park, Spencer
Veterans Park, Dayton
Veterans Park, Delaware
Veterans Park, Dent
Veterans Park, Mentor
Veto Lake Wildlife Area
Vickers Nature Preserve
Villages at Sycamore Creek Pond
Vinton County Airport Pond
Vinton Furnace State Forest--North
Vinton Furnace State Forest--Raccoon Ecological Management Area
Voice of America MetroPark
Vultures Knob Mountain Bike Trail


W. W. Knight Nature Preserve
Wabash Cannonball Trail--South Fork, Neapolis to Coulton
Wabash Cannonball Trail--South Fork, Whitehouse to Monclova
Wabash Cannonball Trail--Tiffin River
Wade Lagoon
Wade Park Historic District
Wagers Park and Devils Backbone
Wahkeena Nature Preserve
Wakeman Cemetery
Wakeman Community Park
Wakeman Township Cemetery
Walborn Reservoir (Portage Co.)
Walborn Reservoir (Stark Co.)
Walborn Reservoir--Eagle Nest Observation Deck
Walborn Reservoir--South of German Church Rd.
Walborn Reservoir--West
Walbridge Park
Walbridge Park--Observation Deck
Waldruhe Park
Walhalla Rd., Columbus
Walker Road Park
Wallace H. O'Dowd Wildlife Area
Walnut Beach Park
Walnut Creek Trail
Walnut Hills Cemetery
Walnut Woods Metro Park
Walnut Woods Metro Park--Big Run Area
Walnut Woods Metro Park--Buckeye Area
Walnut Woods Metro Park--Rohr Rd. Access
Walnut Woods Metro Park--Tall Pines Area
Walnut Woods Metro Park--Walnut Creek Fields
Walsh Park, Fremont
Walsh Park, Mentor
Walter C. Best Wildlife Preserve
Walter Stinson Park
Walther Park
Walton Woods Wild Flower Sanctuary
Wapakoneta City Schools Trail
Warpole Creek Fields
Warren Wildlife Area
Washburn Rd.
Washington County Career Center Outdoor Education Trail
Washington Court House Reservoir
Washington Park, Cincinnati
Washington Park, Washington Court House
Washington Reservation
Washington Township Recreation Center
Water Works Park, Cuyahoga Falls
Waterloo State Forest--Driving Loop
Waterloo Wildlife Area
Watermark Quarries
Waterworks Park, Akron
Wauseon Reservoir
Wayne County Airport
Wayne Lakes Village (view from roadside only)
Wayne National Forest--Anderson Meadows
Wayne National Forest--Archers Fork Trail, Archers Fork Trailhead
Wayne National Forest--Big Bailey Wetland
Wayne National Forest--Burr Oak Cove Campground
Wayne National Forest--Dorr Run Trail
Wayne National Forest--Five Forks
Wayne National Forest--Frontier Boat Launch
Wayne National Forest--Greendale Wetland
Wayne National Forest--Hanging Rock ORV Park
Wayne National Forest--Holmes Wetland
Wayne National Forest--Hune Covered Bridge Campground and Trail
Wayne National Forest--Kenton Lake
Wayne National Forest--Kern Rd.
Wayne National Forest--Kinderhook Trail
Wayne National Forest--Lake Vesuvius
Wayne National Forest--Lamping Homestead Recreation Area
Wayne National Forest--Leith Run Recreation Area
Wayne National Forest--Monroe Outlook
Wayne National Forest--Newell Run Mouth
Wayne National Forest--Newell Run Rd.
Wayne National Forest--Number Nine Rd.
Wayne National Forest--Paddle Creek Trail
Wayne National Forest--Paynes Wetland
Wayne National Forest--Peggs Fork Run
Wayne National Forest--Rutherford Wetland and Anderson Nature Trail
Wayne National Forest--Sand Fork Wetland
Wayne National Forest--Sand Run Lake Picnic Area
Wayne National Forest--Superior Wetlands
Wayne National Forest--Tanskys Marsh
Wayne National Forest--Timbre Ridge Lake
Wayne National Forest--Utah Ridge
Wayne National Forest--Utah Ridge Pond
Wayne National Forest--Wildcat Hollow Trail (Morgan Co.)
Wayne National Forest--Wildcat Hollow Trail, CR-50 to CR-70
Wayne National Forest--Wildcat Hollow Trail, TR-300 to Town Hwy. 455
Webster Park
Wecht Rd. (view from roadside only)
Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark
Weirs Rapids
Weis Rd. Wetlands
Weiss Field Woods
Wellington Park
Wellington Reservation
Wellington Upground Reservoir
Wellington Wildlife Area
Wellness Way Walk
Wellston Environmental Trail
Wellston Wildlife Area
Welsh Hills Cemetery
Weltmer Park
Weltons Gorge Preserve
Wendy Park, Whiskey Island
Werk Road Property
Wesley Chapel Cemetery
Wesleyan MetroPark
West Branch SP
West Branch SP--East Boat Ramp, Gilbert Rd.
West Branch SP--Kirwan Reservoir
West Branch SP--Knapp Rd.
West Branch SP--Marina and Beach
West Branch SP--Rock Spring Rd.
West Branch SP--Wayland Tailwater Trails
West Branch SP--West Boat Ramp
West Carrollton Barrett Gravel Pit
West Creek Reservation
West Geauga Commons
West Lawn Cemetery
West Milton Municipal Park
West Park Cemetery
West River Rd.--I-75 to Hancock Co. Rd. 139
West Sister Island NWR (restricted access)
West State St. Park
West State St. Park--Bicycle Bridge
West State St. Park--Little Fish Wetland
West Woods
Westbury Park
Western Reserve Greenway Trail--Austinburg Trailhead
Western Reserve Greenway Trail--Eagleville Trailhead
Western Reserve Greenway Trail--Herzog Rotary Park
Western Reserve Greenway Trail--Lampson Rd. Staging Area
Western Reserve Greenway Trail--Munson Hill Station
Western Reserve Greenway Trail--OH-305 to Airport Rd.
Western Reserve Greenway Trail--OH-305 to Champion Ave.
Western Reserve Greenway Trail--Rome Rock Creek Rd.
Western Reserve Greenway Trail--Station St. Trailhead
Western Reserve Greenway Trail--Sunside Trailhead
Western Reserve Greenway Trail--Wetland South of Dunkerton Rd.
Westfield Center Village Park
Westgate Park
Westlake Recreation Center
Westlake Retention Basin
Westlake Wetland
Westmoor Park
Westview Park
Westwinds Metropark
Westwood Cemetery and Oberlin Country Club
Westwood Memorial Park
Wetlands Park
Whetstone Park
Whetstone Park--Columbus Park of Roses
Whetstone Park--Ravine
Whipple State Nature Preserve
Whitacre Park
White City Park (closed)
White Star Park
White Star Park--Doug Haubert Wetland
Whitehall Community Park
Whitehaven Memorial Park
Whitesburg Park
Whitlam Woods
Wightman's Grove Riverfront, Sandusky River
Wildcat Park
Wilderness Rd.
Wildman Rd. (view from roadside only)
Wildwood Cultural Center and Park
Wildwood Preserve Metropark
Wilkins Rd. @ Sager Rd. (Lucas Co.)
Willard Marsh Wildlife Area
Willard Park
Willard Reservoir
William Henry Harrison Park
William J. Robertson Nature Preserve
William J. Robertson Nature Preserve--OH-57 Entrance
William Lucas Rd.
Williams Cemetery
Williams Reservoir
Williamsburg Community Park
Willoughby Memorial Gardens Cemetery
Willoughby Village Cemetery
Willow Beach Park
Willow Grove Park
Willow Island Lock and Dam (Ohio)
Willow Point Wildlife Area
Willow Point Wildlife Area--Eastern Pools
Willow Point Wildlife Area--Fish Work Unit
Wills Creek Lake (Muskingum Co.)
Wills Creek Lake--Boat Launch
Wills Creek Lake--Dam
Willshire Village Park
Willys Park
Wilson Hill Park
Wilson Rd. Park
Wilson Wetlands Wildlife Area
Windsor Park Cemetery
Windsor Preserve
Wingfoot Lake
Wingfoot Lake SP
Winous Point
Winous Point Marsh--Dike along Muddy Creek Bay (restricted access)
Winous Point Marsh--Entrance Road Woods (restricted access)
Winous Point Marsh--Horseshoe Loop (restricted access)
Winous Point Marsh--Horseshoe Unit (restricted access)
Winous Point Marsh--Metzger Unit (restricted access)
Winous Point Marsh--N. Lily Pond (restricted access)
Winous Point Marsh--North Marsh (restricted access)
Winous Point Marsh--Road to Canvasback Pt. (restricted access)
Winous Point Marsh--Slates Pt. (restricted access)
Winous Point Shooting Club (Ottawa Co.) (restricted access)
Wintergarden Woods and Saint Johns Nature Preserve
Winterrowd Wetlands
Winton Woods
Winton Woods--Boathouse
Winton Woods--Campground
Winton Woods--Elm Ridge Overlook
Winton Woods--Fitness Trail
Winton Woods--Golf Course
Winton Woods--Great Oaks Trail
Winton Woods--Harper Meadows
Winton Woods--Kingfisher Trail
Winton Woods--Locust Dell and Spring Beauty Dell
Winton Woods--Meadow Links and Golf Academy
Winton Woods--Orchard Area and Cherry Hill
Winton Woods--Parkys Farm and Riding Center
Winton Woods--Settling Pond
Winton Woods--Southshore Dr.
Winton Woods--West Branch Trail
Winton Woods--West Park Rd.
Wiregrass Lake Metropark
Withrow Nature Preserve
Wittenberg University Campus
Wolf Creek Bikeway--Dull Woods
Wolf Creek Park
Wolf Creek Park--Sandusky Scenic River Access
Wolf Creek Wildlife Area
Wolf Creek, Norton
Wolf Run Regional Park
Wolf Run Regional Park--North Section Trails
Wolf Run SP
Wolfe Park
Wolstein Center
Wood County Court House
Wood Hollow Metro Park
Wood Longbrake Memorial Park
Woodbury Wildlife Area--Bedford Township Roads 56 and 58
Woodbury Wildlife Area--Coshocton Co. Rd. 286
Woodbury Wildlife Area--Coshocton Co. Rd. 4
Woodbury Wildlife Area--Coshocton Co. Rd. 70
Woodbury Wildlife Area--Cowen Walk-In Area
Woodbury Wildlife Area--Jackson Township Rd. 302
Woodbury Wildlife Area--Jackson Township Rd. 403
Woodbury Wildlife Area--OH-541 Dove Hunting Area
Woodcock Nature Preserve
Woodland Cemetery, Cleveland
Woodland Cemetery, Coal Grove
Woodland Cemetery, Dayton
Woodland Cemetery, Salineville
Woodland Cemetery, Xenia
Woodland Mound Boat Launch
Woodland Mound Park
Woodland Mound Park--Steamboat Drive
Woodland Park, Archbold
Woodland Park, Eastlake
Woodland Trails Wildlife Area
Woodlawn Cemetery, Lodi
Woodlawn Cemetery, Norwalk
Woodlawn Cemetery, Toledo
Woodman Fen
Woods Rd. Wetland (view from roadside only)
Woodsdale Cemetery
Woodsdale Park, Toledo
Woodsdale Rd. Gravel Pit (view from roadside only)
Woodside Green Park
Woodvale Union Cemetery
Woodward Park
Wooster Cemetery
Wooster Memorial Park
Worth Preserve
Wright Brothers Memorial Park
Wright State University--Woods
Wyandot Co. Rd. 29
Wyandot County Landfill Wetlands (view from roadside only)
Wyandot Park
Wyandot Wildlife Area
Wyoming Hike-Bike Trail


YMCA Camp Rd.
Yankee Run Golf Course
Yellow Creek Park
Yetter Rd. Fishing Access
Yoctangee Park
Yoker Valley Rd. (view from roadside only)
York Cemetery
Younger Property Grasslands (view from roadside only)


Zaleski State Forest--Atkinson Ridge Rd.
Zaleski State Forest--Baptist Church Rd.
Zaleski State Forest--Big 4 Rd.
Zaleski State Forest--Bolster Hollow Rd.
Zaleski State Forest--Coalmont Hollow
Zaleski State Forest--Crow Rd.
Zaleski State Forest--Hope Schoolhouse
Zaleski State Forest--Hunt Hollow
Zaleski State Forest--Hunters Camp
Zaleski State Forest--Irish Ridge Rd.
Zaleski State Forest--King Hollow
Zaleski State Forest--Llewelyn Rd.
Zaleski State Forest--Long Ridge Rd.
Zaleski State Forest--Lookout Rock
Zaleski State Forest--Mine Hollow Rd.
Zaleski State Forest--Moonville Tunnel
Zaleski State Forest--OH-278 Marsh
Zaleski State Forest--Shea Rd.
Zaleski State Forest--Shooting Range Wetland
Zaleski State Forest--Webb Hollow Rd.
Zaleski State Forest--Will Tract
Zane Landing Park
Zeller Park
Zenser Rd.
Zepernick Wildlife Area
Zepernick Wildlife Area--Ruff Pond
Zimmerman Nature Preserve
Zimmerman Prairie State Nature Preserve (restricted access)
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stakeout Allen's Hummingbird, Murry Rd, Cincinnati (2021)
stakeout Bear Hollow Rd., Apple Creek (2009, 2010, 2011, 2016, 2017)
stakeout Black-bellied Whistling-Duck, 1971 Centerville Rd., Shreve (2017)
stakeout Black-chinned Hummingbird, Galloway (2020)
stakeout Black-headed Grosbeak, 2690 Township Rd. 66, Killbuck (2021)
stakeout Black-throated Gray Warbler, Millersburg (2018)
stakeout Calliope Hummingbird, 4575 Maynard Rd., Delaware (2017)
stakeout Harris's Sparrow, Township Rd. 628, Millersburg (2019)
stakeout Limpkin, Orrville (2019)
stakeout Loggerhead Shrike, 11141 Salt Creek Rd., Fredericksburg (2017)
stakeout Northern Wheatear, Shiloh (2018)
stakeout Orange-crowned Warbler, 9501 Hogback Rd., Fredericksburg (2016-2017)
stakeout Painted Bunting, 1526 Gotthard St., Sugarcreek (2021)
stakeout Painted Bunting, Weaver Rd. (2018)
stakeout Roseate Spoonbill, Holmes Co. (2018)
stakeout Rufous Hummingbird, 2741 Huntsman Rd., Bellville (2016, 2020)
stakeout Say's Phoebe, Harrison Rd., Navarre (2020)
stakeout Sooty Tern, Bair Rd. NW (2017)
stakeout Summer Tanager, 6830 OH-515, Millersburg (2016-2017)
stakeout Swallow-tailed Kite, Caves Rd., Howard (2019)
stakeout Swallow-tailed Kite, Clark Township Rd. 170 (2016)
stakeout Swallow-tailed Kite, Manning Rd. @ Diamond Mill Rd. (2016)
stakeout Swallow-tailed Kite, Somerset (2022)
stakeout Varied Thrush, 5458 Walnut Creek Township Rd. 419 (2020)
stakeout Varied Thrush, Parma (2018)
stakeout Western Kingbird, Millersburg (2019)
stakeout Western Meadowlark, 9812 South Kansas Rd. (2017)
stakeout Western Meadowlark, Williamsfield Kinsman Rd. (2015)
stakeout Western Tanager, 8337 TR-662, Wilmot (2016-2017)
stakeout Western Tanager, Delwood Rd. (2018)
stakeout Wood Stork, Celina (2020)
stakeout Wood Stork, Martins Point Rd. (2021) (view birds from roadside only)

Total: 4,219