Birding the Housatonic River in Berkshire County, Massachusetts

The Housatonic River is a vast river spanning from it's headwaters near Pittsfield, Massachusetts to it's mouth near Stratford and Milford, Connecticut. The river was (and still partially is) utilized for various industrial purposes which unfortunately led to PCB pollution, especially in the Massachusetts portion of the river. Non-profit and watershed organizations such as the Housatonic Valley Association have been working hard to revitalize the river and protect it's natural resources for generations to come. In this article, some of the best birding opportunities along the Massachusetts portion of the Housatonic River will be highlighted.

While the Housatonic River has many Hotspots on Ebird which will be linked, this article is going to focus on some of the major ones in order from north to south. The article will cover, the types of birds and best time of year for each location, as well as information on how to access each.

Brielman March


Housatonic River Valley Wildlife Management Area


Post Farm Marsh


Woods Pond


Housatonic Flats Reserve


Corbin's Neck


Berkshire County
Housatonic River Valley WMA
Housatonic Flats Reserve (BNRC)
Woods Pond
Corbin's Neck
Covered Bridge Ln., Sheffield
Housatonic River--Division St.
Meadow St. & Hop Brook WMA, Lee
Post Farm Marsh
Brielman Marsh (DFW)
Canoe Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary (Mass Audubon)
West Branch Housatonic River Reservoir
Great Barrington River Walk (GBLC)