Killbuck Township Rd. 92

Killbuck Township Rd. 92

Killbuck, Ohio 44637

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Roadside Birding

Tips for Birding

This road is adjacent to and crosses the Holmes County Trail.

The best area to bird this road is east of the Holmes County Trail. There is a pull-off on both sides of the trail. The fields on the south side are often flooded from late February through early April and can host waterfowl. The road is also flooded occasionally in spring. It is usually a quiet road. During waterfowl migration, a scope may be handy but is otherwise not really needed.

Birds of Interest

Both migrant Northern Waterthrushes and nesting Prothonotary Warblers have been seen here.

About this Location

Township Road 92 in Killbuck Township traverses privately owned properties. Please view birds from the roadside only.

Roadside accessible.

No restroom facilities.

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