Iron Horse Trail (Montgomery Co.)

Iron Horse Trail (Montgomery Co.)

Kettering, Ohio 45429

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Tips for Birding

Start the trail at Iron Horse Park, where you can find a convenient parking spot, as well as restrooms. There are no restrooms anywhere else along the trail. The trail is handicap accessible.

The trail is bordered by tall trees and thick brush, where the birds hang out. Everything you want to see is close by, so a scope may not be necessary. You cannot venture really far into the trees as the trail travels through residential areas.

Birds of Interest

It is a lively spot, with plenty of cardinals, catbirds, hawks, goldfinches, and various sparrows.

About this Location

Making its way along a preserved rail corridor, the Iron Horse Trail is a natural oasis in suburban southern Montgomery County.

The Iron Horse Trail begins in Iron Horse Park, the site of a historic railroad yard. The bikeway is a combination of trail, shared roadway, and wide sidewalk stretching north to Stroop Road. A very comfortable on-road route may be used to connect this segment to Delco Park and then to State Farm Park, where the north segment can be accessed. Take Valleywood Drive from Wilmington to Dorothy, and follow Vale Drive and Galewood from Delco Park to State Farm Park.

Delco Park has looping walking paths and a BMX bike track to try your racing skills.

The Iron Horse Trail (north segment) begins in State Farm Park, follows County Line Road, and travels along Spaulding Road on a widened concrete sidewalk. From there it travels on asphalt adjacent to Eastown Shopping Center along the abandoned railway corridor, eventually merging with the Creekside Trail.

Accessible parking and trails.

Restrooms on site.

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