Beaver Creek SP--Echo Dell Bridge

Beaver Creek SP--Echo Dell Bridge

Echo Dell Road East Liverpool, Ohio 43920

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Tips for Birding

You can get to Dell Echo Bridge from OH-7, turning east on Bell School Road. Turn left on Echo Dell Road. Take this all the way to the reconstructed village within the park. There is parking just past the village.

This hotspot area contains the Echo Dell Road bridge and the Upper and Lower Vondergreen Trails branch out from the area. Beaver Creek runs beneath the bridge.

I visited the site because a local birder told me that it was a reliable place for Hooded and Yellow-throated Warblers (and I did indeed hear a Hooded!). There is a forest adjacent to the creek. This is a good place for migratory birds as well as regular residents of forested areas. There is an area of trees that are in a picnic area that are not dense at all as well. A ridge runs north-south along the creek, making this a good place to watch for migrating raptors.

About Beaver Creek State Park

Beaver Creek State Park is nestled in the sandstone hills of eastern Ohio. The park is comprised of various habitats including bottomlands, a gorge, forests, and Little Beaver Creek, a state and national wild and scenic river. The valley of Little Beaver is characterized by steep walls, high rock cliffs, and numerous gentle rapids. Geologically, the valley of Little Beaver is extremely unique, being the only stream valley in the United States yet described, in which evidence of all four major glaciations is found.

The flora of the park contains several interesting and unusual species, some of which are more commonly found in northern regions. Canada yew, yellow and black birch, hemlock, and mountain laurel can be found in the deep stream valley. The stream banks are lined with delicate wildflowers including jewelweed, hepatica, violets, and spring beauties.

Many types of wildlife find the park’s varying habitats inviting. Red fox, skunk, raccoon, and white-tailed deer are commonly seen while the elusive wild turkey is making a comeback in the area. Recently, sightings of black bear have become more frequent.

Content from Beaver Creek State Park webpage, Patrick Lewis, Ohio Ornithological Society, and Bob Lane