Turkey Creek Metropark

Tips for Birding

Access to Turkey Creek Metropark is from Pennsylvania via the State Line Road. Travel from Ashtabula to Conneaut along US-20 and continue into Pennsylvania on US-20. Make a left turn on Rudd Road just where PA-5 breaks off to the north. Continue to wend your way north and west along back roads which are part of Roderick IBA until you come to State Line Road. Go north on State Line Road toward Lake Erie. The land on the west side of State Line Road is Turkey Creek Metroparks. You may park along this dirt road or at a pull-off. When you reach the Lake Erie bluff the road makes a right turn back into Pennsylvania. There is a little parking on the roadside at this 90-degree turn and a trail there leads back into Turkey Creek close to the bluff. This park was only recently acquired by the county but will be developed in the future. There is more parking about 100 m down the road into Pennsylvania.

About this Location

Turkey Creek Metropark is 602 acres on Thompson Road and Lake Road near Conneaut, Ohio. This largely inaccessible by Ohio road protected property forms the easternmost section of Lake Erie shoreline. Turkey Creek is now a Metroparks preserve with 225 acres of wooded wetlands, rare species of plants and wildlife, with 3 miles of Turkey Creek, an outstanding trout fishing stream.

Western Reserve Land Conservancy helped Ashtabula County Metroparks preserve the 602-acre property for outdoor recreation and the education of the general public. The Turkey Creek Metropark (Park) may be used for hiking, cross-country skiing, bird watching, photography, identifying flora and fauna, and picnics. Turkey Creek Metroparks contains 225 acres of wooded wetlands, rare species of plants, and wildlife with 3 miles of Turkey Creek, an outstanding trout fishing stream.

The northern portion of the park can be accessed from the corner of Lane Road and State Line Road in Pennsylvania. The southern portion of the property can be accessed from the northern end of Thompson Road. There is currently no infrastructure or improved access roads in the park.

No restroom facilities.


  • Roadside viewing

  • Restrooms on site

  • Wheelchair accessible trail

  • Entrance fee

Content from Official Website, Western Reserve Land Conservancy Parks and Preserves webpage, and Kim Nordquest