Conesville Coal Lands--Coshocton Co. Rd. 7 Pond

Birds of Interest

This area has been a known spot to find drumming Ruffed Grouse and also is a good area for Whip-poor-wills and nesting warblers.

About this Location

This pond is located on County Road 7.

About Conesville Coal Lands

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The Conesville Coal Lands is a 10,635-acre public hunting and fishing area located five miles southeast of Coshocton, Ohio in Coshocton and Muskingum counties. The area provides over 100 lakes and ponds for fishing and an Equine Trail Area. The area is managed by American Electric Power (AEP). Camping is for horse owners only with a 3-day limit. A free recreational user permit is required.

It is the recreational users’ responsibility to know and respect the boundaries of this area and have all the licenses and permits needed while hunting, fishing, etc. in this area. All recreational users will be expected to respect the rights of private property owners in the area.

All recreational users are reminded that the rules and regulations for AEP’s Recreation areas apply, as well as all of the state fishing and wildlife regulations. Driving off-road in this area is not permitted. No ATVs are permitted.


  • Roadside viewing

  • Restrooms on site

Content from Conesville Coal Lands Official Website, Nathan Mast, and Jon Cefus, Ohio Ornithological Society East Central Regional Director