Milan Wildlife Area

Milan Wildlife Area

County Road 48 Norwalk, Ohio 44857

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About this Location

This 296-acre wildlife area is in Erie County, 3.5 miles west of the village of Milan. OH-113 provides access to the area off of Lovers Lane.

About three-fourths of the Milan Wildlife Area is wooded (primarily oak-hickory). Index of Ohio’s trees from the Division of Forestry. Some rather steep slopes occur along the Huron River. The Huron River, the East Branch of the Huron River, and Christiana Creek pass through the wildlife area. These streams have shale-bottomed riffles and pools that offer good fishing.

The Division of Wildlife acquired the Milan Wildlife Area as a gift in 1932, to be used for the propagation of raccoons. An extensive raccoon propagation facility was maintained until 1953. Today the primary function of the area is to provide hunting, fishing, and other wildlife-related uses.

No restroom facilities.

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