Baker Rd. Park

About this Location

As you cross the bridge near the end of the trail, discover new access to the Grand River. This is a great spot for birding. More than 30 species have been seen this year including Blue-headed Vireo (uncommon), Winter Wren (special interest), Magnolia Warbler (special interest), Black-throated Green Warbler (uncommon), Cerulean Warbler (species of concern), Yellow-throated Warbler (uncommon) and Dark-eyed Junco (threatened).

Along the trail you may also encounter the eastern chipmunk, fox squirrel, American beaver, raccoon and white-tailed deer. Amphibians found here include the spotted salamander, Allegheny dusky salamander, eastern redbacked salamander, American toad, green frog and pickerel frog.

Five species of butterflies (cabbage white, questionmark, least skipper, little glassywing and Hobomok skipper), four species of dragonflies (common green darner, twelve-spotted skimmer, widow skimmer and common whitetail) and five species of damselflies (blue-fronted dancer, powdered dancer, violet dancer, stream bluet and eastern forktail) have been seen in this park.

No restroom facilities.

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