McKinley Quarry

McKinley Quarry

McKinley Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43204

About this Location

This hotspot was formerly named “Campbell Memorial Park, Shrum Mound.”

McKinley Quarry is an old limestone quarry that birders have viewed from the adjacent Shrum Mound at Campbell Memorial Park. The Campbell Memorial Park is a tiny park, really just a low stone wall surrounding a burial mound. The new signage at the park asks that visitors not climb the mound. This means that the quarry and rookery cannot be viewed from the park: the bushes around the park are too high and too dense to allow visibility, and the mound should not be climbed to look over the bushes.

The hotspot has been moved south on McKinley Avenue where there is a small pull-in and an overlook. Please view birds in the quarry from the overlook. The quarry itself is posted with no trespassing and is closed to entry.


  • Restrooms on site

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