Caesar Creek SP--Marina

About this Location

Great amenities and a beautiful setting have transformed The Marina at Caesar Creek State Park into a southwest Ohio destination for boaters and recreational enthusiasts. Both resident dock holders and transient boaters are welcome at Caesar Creek, with docking and launch accommodations for both types of boater. Exclusive facilities for dock leaseholders include additional amenities such as shower and laundry facilities. The new marina features nearly everything a boater needs for a great day on the water.

Boaters and dock holders are not the only ones who have benefited from the new marina. Clint Tellep, assistant park manager at Caesar Creek State Park, said that in his interactions, many people visiting the marina, especially on weekends, have either just started visiting the park or are coming back to the park. They are being drawn for a number of reasons. Many visitors — even those who don’t own a dock there — have talked positively about the availability of bait and fuel, the food and drink concessions, featuring ice cream, and the availability of a restroom right on the water. In the past, visitors used to leave the lake area or the park to find these amenities. He added that on weekends during the summer, the most frequent visitors to the marina do not even own a boat. So in addition to using the amenities, many park visitors just stop by to take in the view and relax by the water.

About Caesar Creek State Park

The Caesar Creek State Park area sits astride the crest of the Cincinnati Arch, a convex tilting of bedrock layers caused by an ancient upheaval. Younger rocks lie both east and west of this crest where some of the oldest rocks in Ohio are exposed. The sedimentary limestones and shales tell of a sea hundreds of millions of years in our past which once covered the state. The park’s excellent fossil finds give testimony to the life of this long vanished body of water.

The forests of the area are comprised of over 65 species of plants. Several major communities thrive in the area. A northern flood plain forest is found in the valley, while mixed associations of oak-hickory and beech-maple woodlands clothe the ridges and hillsides. Red-tail hawk, white-tail deer, raccoon, red fox and box turtle make the park their home.

There are numerous restrooms in Caesar Creek State Park, but most are closed during the cold months. The Visitor’s Center has flush toilets available when the Center is open.

Content from Caesar Creek State Park website and Ohio Ornithological Society