Indian Acres Park

Indian Acres Park

Marietta, Ohio 45750

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Tips for Birding

Indian Acres Park is a surprising little gem. Due to its proximity to the Muskingum River, a wonderful variety of migrants can be found here seasonally. The real appeal, though, is that the strip of riparian forest along the river is thin enough that finding birds, even when there are leaves on the trees, is relatively easy. During warbler season this is a great spot of photographing these little birds that are otherwise so hard to photo. Birders or photographers can walk freely up and down the river (along the river trail) from the large and easy-to-find parking area.

The birds here are almost all seen at close range (exceptions being raptors and some waterfowl in winter), so a scope would probably not be preferable to binoculars.

About this Location

Indians Acres Park provides access to the Muskingum River via the Marietta Boat Ramp. The park has many sports fields.

No restroom facilities.

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