Sandusky Bay--Sandusky Harbor

Sandusky Bay--Sandusky Harbor

Sandusky, Ohio 44870

About this Location

Sandusky Bay is one of the principal bodies of water in northern Ohio. It is situated in between Erie, Ottawa, and Sandusky counties and part of Lake Erie. It was identified as Lac (Lake) Sandouské on a 1718 map by Guillaume Delisle. It has also been referred to as Lake Junandat, Lake Otsandoske, Lake Sandusky, Sandoski Bay, Sandusky Bay, and Sandusky Lake. According to Francis Leroy Landacre, it is a “shallow, almost land-locked harbor averaging about twelve feet in depth, some fourteen or fifteen miles in length, with a width of something like two miles.” It contains numerous marshes and serves as an entry point for several streams. Sandusky Bay runs from Muddy Creek Bay to Cedar Point, which separates Sandusky Bay from Lake Erie. The Sandusky River drains into the bay at its westernmost point.

The Thomas A. Edison Memorial Bridge carries OH-2 and OH-269 across Sandusky Bay at its Eastern end. This is the only direct highway link between Ottawa and Erie Counties. Sandusky Bay can be viewed from Marblehead Lighthouse at Marblehead Lighthouse State Park. The Sandusky Bay Water Trail was dedicated on June 2, 2007, to provide recreational opportunities along Sandusky Bay. The water of Sandusky Bay is shallow and rarely clear.

No restroom facilities.

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