Toledo Memorial Park

Toledo Memorial Park

6382 Monroe Street Sylvania, Ohio 43560

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Tips for Birding

Please note that the northern, undeveloped area of Toledo Memorial Park is in Michigan. If you observe birds in this section of the cemetery, please suggest an eBird hotspot for that section.

Birds of Interest

Toledo Memorial Park is a good place to visit in the fall, driving the roads, and looking for sparrow or warbler flocks. Merlin can reliably be found here and the view to the north on the northernmost road is a good spot to watch for migrating hawks and eagles. A scope would be useful to identify distant raptors. A small pond in the northwest corner always has ducks and geese.

About this Location

Established in 1922, Toledo Memorial Park is 380 beautiful acres of meadows, ponds, magnificent trees, flowering plants, and sculptures designed to celebrate the living beauty of nature.

Toledo Memorial Park was founded on June 5, 1922, a time when memories of World War I were still very vivid. It was founded along the east boundary of the ten mile creek, a branch of the Ottawa River. This was the approximate burial place of the co-founder of Sylvania, General David White.

On June 26, 1922, when the first spade of earth was turned the cemetery owned just fifty-four acres. By the end of 1923, an additional 201 acres were added and throughout the next few years, the trustees prudently annexed additional land. Now in existence for more than ninety-three years, the cemetery encompasses 380 acres including 147 in the state of Michigan. There are more than 86,000 burials in Toledo Memorial Park; it is a full-service cemetery with four mausoleums featuring chapels, an on-site crematory, and various burial options for individual preferences.

Many new sections adorn the park including a six-and-a-half-acre pet cemetery named Reflections Garden, which had its grand opening in the spring of 2014. Beautiful trees and meadows serve as a location and backdrop for a pet’s final resting place.

Visitors come from many miles away to see the majestic lakes, flowering plants, blooming trees of over twenty-five varieties, and the hundreds of birds, snapping turtles, deer, wild turkeys, and other wildlife. More than 5,000 tulips make their spring debut in May, while throughout the summer additional bedding plants paint the landscape with a wide range of color and texture.

Restrooms on site.

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