Blodgett Beach

Blodgett Beach

32 Lakeside Avenue Burlington, Vermont 05401

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Tips for Birding

Birdwatching in Vermont, pp. 49-51

Blodgett Beach is easy to access as the new owner has allowed the bike path to go through the property and has encouraged walking access as well. Travel down Lakeside Avenue until it comes to a “T” and make a right. Continue all the way around the new building until you come to a rather large parking lot with great views of the rocks and breakwater where the gulls congregate.

If you get there at dawn or dusk in the off-season, you should have no trouble finding a place to park and get a good view. I wouldn’t go anywhere near there during normal business hours in the summer.

There is a little wetland on the other side of the railroad tracks that is known to have Black-crowned Night-Herons and if you go in the evening you can sometimes see them flying out with the gulls towards the Four Brothers.

Beach access may be limited seasonally, with viewing only from the bike path or possibly from the parking lot, which is not a public parking facility.

About this Location

Blodgett Beach is at the Burlington Surf Club and is located in Burlington’s south end on the campus of Hula Lakeside. Until the summer of 2018, this pristine piece of waterfront real estate was only accessible to factory employees. With its long sandy beach and expansive shady lawn, the convenience and experience of accessing Lake Champlain couldn’t be better. Guests should check in with staff when the business is open.

The beach and Burlington Surf Club are located on the waterfront bike path, so visitors are encouraged to ride bikes to the club to avoid any workday parking issues. Limited parking is available on site. Additional parking is available at the Ride Your Bike lot on Lakeside Ave.


  • Wheelchair accessible trail

  • Entrance fee

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Last updated September 13, 2023