Martin Road Fields, Fremont

Martin Road Fields, Fremont

Fremont, New Hampshire 03044

Birds of Interest

Spring, summer, fall birding.

The farmer who owns most of the land allows goose hunting beginning shortly after Labor Day, and the geese and most of the birds disappear as a result. American Kestrel, American Woodcock (at an abandoned home site just south of Shirkin Road), Barn Swallow (breeds under the bridge), Bobolink, Canada Goose, Eastern Bluebird, Eastern Kingbird, Eastern Meadowlark, Killdeer, Least Sandpiper (at the bridge), Wilson’s Snipe (rarely). Northern Shrike has been seen in winter. Many other common species such as American Robin and Red-winged Blackbird. The rail trail on both sides of the road can be productive for warblers and sparrows in the spring and fall.

About this Location

Martin Road is adjacent to mostly farm fields with cattle (including very cute young calves) rotating from field to field. The southern end has a couple of houses and is bordered by rows of trees. A large pond is behind the grandstand for the Snowmobile Grass Drags, held each year in mid-October. A small pond north of the bridge over the small Piscassic River, with a model airplane flying field behind it. A small cemetery, and a large farmhouse and barn (watch for free-roaming dogs), where the Rail Trail crosses. North of that crossing, which marks the Fremont-Epping border, a large field on one side, and woods on the other, but generally little activity there except Robins, Canada Geese, Killdeers, and Blackbirds.

From NH-101 exit 7, take NH-125 south 1.3 miles, turn right at the flashing light onto North Road, and go west 0.5 miles to Martin Road, the first road on right, just before Karlin Road on the left. The first 0.7 miles south of the Rail Trail crossing is in Fremont; the northernmost 0.6 miles is in Epping. Alternatively, take NH-125 north from exit 7 for 0.3 miles. Turn left at the Walgreens and go 0.2 miles, turn left on Railroad Avenue and go 0.4 miles. At the stop sign, Fremont Road begins. Follow it for 0.3 miles, turn left on Martin Road, and go south over NH-101 and past Shirkin Road to the first field. The best place to park is in front of the small cemetery, then walk in each direction to bird.