Woodvale Union Cemetery

Woodvale Union Cemetery

7535 Engle Road Cleveland, Ohio 44130

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Tips for Birding

The best area in the Woodvale Union Cemetery is at the very back of the property. There is a large open area with dirt, rocks, and some patches of grass with a treeline along the back that contains a lot of brush. The open field area is a nice spot for sparrows (so far there have been several species including Vesper) and the treeline is promising for songbirds.

Visitors are not allowed into the field itself but can park on the cemetery road right next to it and view the entire area from there. The map below is an aerial view of the cemetery from Google Maps with the field circled in blue. The red line is the cemetery road from which the field can be viewed.

The cemetery is open to visitors from 8:00 am until a half an hour after sunset.

About this Location

Woodvale Cemetery has a charm of its own, with heavily landscaped areas and gardens on many of the graves. It is one of the few cemeteries in the area which allows owners of graves, with raised monuments, the opportunity to install flower gardens beside their monuments. With this freedom comes the responsibility to tend to the garden and follow the rules which have been established by the management. Many families have created lovely, colorful, bordered gardens, dotted with solar lights and blooming flowers. Crosses are allowed during the bleak months of winter, so graves can be located.

Roadside accessible.

No restroom facilities.

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