Buffalo Fork Wildlife Area

Buffalo Fork Wildlife Area

55947 Marietta Road Pleasant City, Ohio 43772

Tips for Birding

Parking is really primitive and quite muddy in wet weather. There is an old railroad line that one can walk on either side of OH-821. The tracks are in pretty poor shape going west to 2 fairly large ponds. This area should be good for dabbling ducks and shorebirds. Going east is a bit easier as the tracks are more even in wear. There is a wetland area on the north side of the tracks with many dead trees standing, where we had a Red-headed Woodpecker. We will be checking there for Prothonotary this spring. Further east there are some more ponds on the south side of the tracks where we had some dabblers and a Mute Swan. The total distance we walked from the small pull-off parking area, up to the tracks, west out and back, and then east out and back totaled 2.13 miles, so it is fairly easy for folks who can walk a bit.

About this Location

Buffalo Fork Wildlife Area is a wildlife park located on Marietta Road (OH-821).

No restroom facilities.

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