Grailville Nature Trails

Grailville Nature Trails

931 O’Bannonville Road Loveland, Ohio 45140

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About this Location

The Grailville trails offer an opportunity to enjoy a peaceful walk in nature. Approximately a mile and a half in total, you can walk along the fields, by the Grail cemetery and see the modern-art telephone pole sculptures installed in the 1960’s. The path also intersects with O’Bannon Creek, one of the most beautiful areas of Grailville and a favorite for bird lovers. Stop by the office and pick up a Bio Bird Blitz card and track the birds you see during your walk. Turn it back in after so the staff can gather anecdotal data of biodiversity!

Native plant and wildflower lovers also enjoy the diverse plant life that flourish in the prairies that surround these paths. Guests are welcome 365 days a year during the daylight hours.


  • Restrooms on site

  • Wheelchair accessible trail

  • Entrance fee

  • Roadside viewing

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