Heckert Nature Preserve

About this Location

The flora of Heckert is typical of Crawford County woodlands with many beautiful wildflowers blooming in the spring. Heckert also hosts potentially threatened plants, as listed by the State of Ohio. The old field habitat bordering the parking lot is host to many butterfly species during the summer months. Hickory nuts and acorns will adorn the trails in the fall along with the falling leaves. Winter is a great time to see birds flitting among the trees, and on warmer days, an overwintering butterfly may emerge. In late winter and early spring, the vernal pool that lies in the bottomland comes to life with songs of frogs and migrating salamanders. The Park District continues to monitor and survey the plants and animals of Heckert to aid in the richness of Crawford County’s biodiversity.

While much has been debated on the subject, it is thought that a trading post was located near the park during the 1700s and that the area was an important portage for Native Americans to and from the Sandusky River. In the 1800s, part of Heckert would have been incorporated into the now-defunct village of Olentangy which was centered on the crossroads, just to the southeast. The former amusement park, Seccaium Park, was situated just west of Heckert in the early 1900s; this site is privately owned. Dedicated in 2006, this park was bought with Clean Ohio Funds and, in part, donated by Gerald Heckert.


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