Rio de Flag--Logan's Crossing/East Rio

Rio de Flag--Logan's Crossing/East Rio

Flagstaff, Arizona 86004

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Tips for Birding

This spot has produced a number of rare birds over the years and can be good birding at any season. Because it is in open pinyon-juniper woodland and can get rather hot, however, it is best to bird it in the morning. Marsh birds and migrants occupy the wetland and riparian vegetation, while a variety of pine and juniper species can be found in the surrounding area. Migrants and wintering species can be abundant, and the riparian corridor offers an excellent opportunity to observe flocks of migrants streaming by. This is a good place to find species normally found at lower elevations, such as Phainopepla and Black-throated Sparrow.

About this Location

Note that the site can be hard to find! Heading east along Townsend-Winona Road, the turnoff View Map is just after a long guard rail. Once you’re on the dirt road, just keep taking left forks until you reach the stream View Map.

About Rio de Flag

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The Friends of the Rio de Flag (FoRio) are individuals and organizations that support the preservation and restoration of the natural beauty and beneficial functions of the Rio de Flag stream channel.

FoRio promotes the Rio de Flag’s natural stream system as a unique and valuable natural resource, an asset, and an amenity to the City of Flagstaff and the surrounding community.

FoRio promotes the preservation and rehabilitation of all parts of the Rio de Flag and its tributary streams with particular emphasis on sections of the channels that have been disturbed, undergrounded, or abandoned.

The goal of FoRio is to protect, restore, clean up and improve the Rio de Flag and its tributaries to maximize their beauty, educational, recreational, and natural resource values, including the riparian habitats they provide.


  • Restrooms on site

  • Wheelchair accessible trail

  • Entrance fee

  • Roadside viewing

Content from Northern Arizona Audubon Society, Jennifer Ortlepp , and Friends of the Rio de Flag website

Last updated June 4, 2023