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Morro Bay State Park is located 13 miles west of San Luis Obispo, on the Central Coast. The park features lagoon and natural bay habitats. On the lagoon's northeastern and eastern edges, there are saltwater and brackish marshes that support thriving bird populations. Two of the Nine Sisters chain of volcanic peaks leading from San Luis Obispo to Morro Bay, Black Hill & Cerro Cabrillo, are within park boundaries. Black Hill has a trail winding through dense stands of Monterey Pine trees and offers a panoramic view of the greater Morro Bay area at its summit. Cerro Cabrillo has even more trails to explore all along its base.

The park offers several recreational opportunities such as kayaking, fishing, hiking, bird watching & wildlife viewing. Explore the many trails within the park, each offering unique habitat and scenic views. The Morro Bay Campground offers over 140 campsites for tent camping, recreational vehicles, and group camping. Located within Morro Bay State Park is the Morro Bay Museum of Natural History (entrance fee).

The diverse vegetation in 2,700-acre Morro Bay State Park includes grasslands, freshwater riparian, saltmarsh, and coastal sage scrub habitats. The bay is an important stop on the Pacific Flyway, providing seasonal feeding grounds for more than a hundred species of migratory birds, sometimes numbering in the thousands. Morro Bay is listed as an Audubon Important Bird Area.

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