Olentangy River--5th Ave.

Olentangy River--5th Ave.

Columbus, Ohio 43201

About this Location

The Olentangy Trail is on the east side of the river at the 5th Street Bridge.

The Olentangy River is located within the rapidly developing area of northern Columbus and southern Delaware County. While development has been intense, the river has actually seen an increase in water quality and was upgraded to an exceptional warm water habitat by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. The river is within a 30-minute drive of over 1.5 million people.

The river valley is characterized by gently rolling to relatively flat topography. The steep shale banks flanking the stream enhance the natural quality of the river. The most spectacular shale banks, rising some 110 feet above the streambed, are found within Highbanks Metro Park. These banks are often dissected by ravines that cut through and expose the underlying rock strata including the Ohio black shale, noted for its presence of large “ironstone” concretions.

No restroom facilities.