Camp Peet Metropark

Tips for Birding

Camp Pete represents Ashtabula County Metroparks’ finest park, especially for birding. This park, near the Creek Road covered bridge, is all in a flood plain. There is a gravel road along the base of the escarpment that almost anyone can use and not worry about walking through mud, even after heavy rain. Trails to multiple primitive campgrounds are well maintained. The habitat is excellent for passerines, as it is almost entirely mature forest with one small opening near the middle of the park. There are many very large trees, mostly silver maple and tulip poplar, in this woods. There are two small oxbows in the river. This park is ready to be used (birded) by even the less adventurous. It should be excellent for fall warblers and other neotropical migrants.

About this Location

Camp Peet Metropark is also known as the Clara D. Peet Nature Preserve, who dedicated this 65-acre paradise as a preserve in 1928. Camp Peet straddles Conneaut Creek, designated as an Ohio Wild and Scenic River, for 0.5 miles of serene views and unparalleled fishing and kayaking. The property has nearly 2 miles of walking trails, fishing access, parking, and a pavilion with picnic tables. The park is now open from dawn to dusk to the public for fishing, birding, and hiking. In addition, primitive campsites are designated for use exclusively by organized youth groups.

Leashed dogs are permitted. This property offers visitors an impressive stream forest buffer and floodplain supporting abundant wildflowers including Bluebells, one of the first spring flowers. You will encounter a wide variety of woodland and streamside plants and wildlife at this special place. Its sheer stream bluffs add depth and provide an impressive backdrop for hiking, birding, and quiet nature walks. Camp Peet abuts the historic Creek Road Covered Bridge at Creek Road.

Notable Trails

There are two trails at Camp Peet Metropark which can be combined to make a 2-mile circuit.
Road and Walking Trail – 1 mile
Fishing Trail – 1 mile


  • Restrooms on site

  • Wheelchair accessible trail

  • Entrance fee

  • Roadside viewing

Content from Camp Peet Metropark brochure and map and Marc Hanneman