Solon Landfill

Solon Landfill

Cochran Road Solon, Ohio 44139

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Tips for Birding

There are three locations from which to view the Solon Landfill. Each is marked on the map.

The best place to view the Solon Landfill is from the end of Ambina Drive in Solon. From here you have an elevated view of the large grass-covered mound of the landfill. It is a good place to look for grassland species and be sure to check the fences for birds perched on them. There is similar habitat in front of the viewing spot leading down to a shallow pond which attracts a lot of birds as well. This pond is surprisingly good for waterfowl during migration. Since this is a large open area a scope would help but is not necessary. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a large number of gulls attracted here in winter. The best time to visit is the mornings as the sun will be behind you and lighting up the habitat. Also, the weekends are the best time to visit as during the week the activity at the landfill and surrounding businesses can be noisy.

Just north of here, F A Lennon Drive provides another view of the landfill. From here, if you look through the trees, a shallow pond that sometimes dries up can be seen.

Lastly, views of another area of the landfill can be seen from the eBird Hotspot South Chagrin Reservation–Shadow Lake Trails Follow the trails east and south of the lake to where you can view the landfill. You do have to walk off the trail a short way and there is a lot of poison ivy.

About this Location

The Solon Landfill is managed by Waste Management Solutions. Please view birds from the roadside only.


  • Roadside viewing

  • Restrooms on site

  • Wheelchair accessible trail

  • Entrance fee

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