W Turkey Creek Rd--Nat'l Forest boundary to road end (mp 8.3-11)

W Turkey Creek Rd--Nat'l Forest boundary to road end (mp 8.3-11)

Cornado National Forest Pearce, Arizona 85625

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Two west side Chiricahua trails lead from the road up West Turkey Creek Canyon into the high country to the south of the canyon. Tall peaks dominate the view as you drive up-canyon to these two trailheads. Both trails follow pine needle-carpeted pathways through forests made up of a variety of tree species. Among the trees you will see along this trail are Apache, Ponderosa and Chihuahua pine, Douglas-fir, and Gambel oak. The Gambel oak and high country aspens provide a touch of color in fall. Morse Canyon Trail is one of the main access routes to the summit of Monte Vista Peak. This 9,357-foot peak boasts some of the best views in the Chiricahuas. Pole Bridge Trail winds through the Pole Bridge Research Natural Area before switchbacking its way to higher ground. Views from the trails include overlooks, through the trees, of broad West Turkey Creek Canyon as it slopes toward the Sulphur Springs Valley. An 8-mile loop is possible along a route that includes both of these trails, a one-half mile connecting section of Turtle Mountain Trail #219, and about a mile and a half of Forest Road 41 (the access road to both trailheads). A trip via the Morse Canyon Trail to Monte Vista Peak is about 8 miles round trip. Other popular loop routes from Morse Canyon include part of the Crest Trail #270 and Mormon Canyon #352 or Mormon Ridge #269 trails for an even longer day.

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