Havasupai Indian Reservation

Havasupai Indian Reservation

Havasupai Campground, Arizona 86435

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For over 1,000 years the remote village of Supai, Arizona, located eight miles hike below the rim of the Grand Canyon, has been home to the Havasu Baaja, People of the Blue Green Waters, or as they are known today, the Havasupai Tribe. Just above the village, a hidden limestone aquifer gushes forth the life-sustaining blue-green waters that have nourished the fields of corn, squash, and beans which have allowed the Havasu Baaja to thrive living in the harsh desert landscape deep in the Grand Canyon for centuries. This remoteness creates many obstacles for residents and visitors alike. The United States Postal Service office in Supai transports all mail in and out of the canyon by mule train. Everything must make the 8-mile trek in and out of the village either by foot, or on horseback.

The Havasupai tribe’s reservation is at the end of Indian Route 18 off historic AZ-66. It consists of 188,077 acres of canyon land and broken plateaus abutting the western edge of the Grand Canyons South Rim. The reservation was established in 1880 and substantially enlarged in 1975. The tribe is known for its location, traditional cultural life, and beautiful arts and crafts.

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