Sol Arnovitz Park

Sol Arnovitz Park

Xenia, Ohio 45385

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About this Location

Sol Arnovitz Park is Xenia’s largest park yet is among its least developed parks. The Play Xenia process indicated interest among Xenia citizens in nature-related activities such as hiking. Furthermore, Xenia Rotary raised funds in 2014 for disc golf course equipment for Sol Arnovitz Park. Pursuant to these interests, the City developed a plan for a hiking trail system and disc golf course in this scenic park.

The hiking trail system will include two pedestrian bridges over Shawnee Creek, knitting together the two halves of the park while also providing a much-needed pedestrian connection between Xenia’s north-end neighborhoods and the Creekside Bike path, West Side Park, and Laynewood.

The disc golf course will be a unique new amenity for Xenia, providing access to a fun, affordable activity that is growing in popularity among numerous age groups. The course will be a destination not only to Xenians but to visitors as well, with the potential to attract tournaments.

Sol Arnovitz Park provides access to the Creekside Trail.

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