Whitehall Community Park

Whitehall Community Park

402 North Hamilton Road Whitehall, Ohio 43213

City of Whitehall Parks and Recreation webpage

Tips for Birding

The Whitehall Community Park is one of a series parks on a very urban stretch of Big Walnut Creek in the east Columbus metro area. It contains a small forested bluff leading down to the floodplain, part of which has been cleared for athletic fields (seen in the photo below, bluff at left). There is still a strip of riparian forest right against the creek (right in the photo), which acts as a decent bird magnet from the surrounding apartments and warehouses. The park sits at the north end of a continuous riparian strip running from Big Walnut Park north to this park, so it can often have deep forest birds like Thrushes and Pileated Woodpeckers that shouldn’t be found in such a narrow slice of habitat.

About this Location

Whitehall Community Park is managed by the City of Whitehall Parks and Recreation Department.

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