Haul Rd. Quarries (restricted access)

Haul Rd. Quarries (restricted access)

Haul Road Columbus, Ohio 43207

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About this Location

Haul Road Quarries are two fairly large ponds with the road (Haul Road) running between them. This area has a number of construction-related businesses, including concrete plants, and the ponds are posted with no trespassing, but there is an ample shoulder along the road from which the ponds can be viewed. In winter there are sometimes large numbers of ducks. One winter there were two or three Mute Swans using the ponds. Bald Eagles have nested in trees across one of the ponds from the road since 2012. In dry weather, the water level in one pond can be rather low and there may be mudflats with shorebird habitats.

The road through the quarries is privately owned. Please view birds from public roadways only.

Roadside accessible.

No restroom facilities.