Upper Hunter Canyon Trail

Upper Hunter Canyon Trail

Hereford, Arizona 85615

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The Hunter Canyon Trail and Kelley Springs Trail contour along the east slope of the Huachucas, connecting three of the major canyons that cut that side of the mountain range. By doing so, they not only provide alternate access to trails that lead into those canyons but offer excellent opportunities in their own right for easy day trips along the lower slopes of the mountain range with scenic views of the San Pedro Valley and the mountains beyond. Hunter Canyon Trail begins at Kelly Spring and leads up and over a saddle into Miller Canyon. This trail offers good views of Miller Canyon, Miller Peak, the San Pedro Valley, and the Mule Mountains near Bisbee. Along this part of the trail, you’ll see evidence of the day when this area was humming with mining activity and literally crawling with miners. From the Hunter Canyon/Miller Canyon trail junction, you’ll have to follow Miller Canyon Trail #106 about a half mile down to the Clark Spring Trailhead. This trail contours around the mountain along a slope of granite gravel so loose you’ll feel like you’re traveling along the side of a huge sand dune. Ponderosa pines, junipers, and oaks manage to cling to this steep, unstable slope helping to hold it in place. Good views of the sheer rock face of the Dragoon Mountains will catch your eye here. At Clark Spring there is cool shade, a good view of Carr Canyon, and birdwatching is worth bringing your binoculars for. The trail then enters Carr Canyon and ends at a trailhead on Carr Canyon Road.

The Monument fire did impact the trail, the worst damage was around drainage crossings. The trail was maintained from Miller Canyon to Hunter Canyon by CREC (Coconino Rural Environment Corps) in April 2012. The crew was able to make many improvements to the trail as well as repairing and replacing most of the needed signs.

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