Latham Park

Latham Park

Scioto Darby Road Hilliard, Ohio 43026

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Clover Groff Run Natural Area

Tips for Birding

The Clover Groff Natural Area is a small patch of habitat in the midst of suburban sprawl that is managed by Columbus Recreation and Parks. The Clover Groff Run, which is part of the Big Darby Watershed, meanders through the area and supports some aquatic and semi-aquatic plants like cattails. There are many large trees including willows, maples, and oaks and there are even some patches of decent prairie-like habitat. There are no trails that traverse the area, which is good in that it reduces human impact, but there are some small inlets that allow the birder to be surrounded by vegetation and our feathered friends, such as one on the East side behind some apartment buildings. I suggest walking the entire periphery of the patch, which includes part of the walking and biking trail between Roberts Road and Franks Park. It makes for a good short birding escape!

About this Location

The Mudsock Trail parallels Clover Groff Run through the Clover Groff Natural Area and passes through Latham Park.

About Clover Groff Run Natural Area

The Clover Groff Run Natural Area was creted by stream restoration projects constructed over 3 miles of new sinuous stream channel within 38 acres of active riparian floodplain in four central Ohio parks:
Latham Park
Reynolds Municipal Park
Franks Park
Spindler Road Park

Restoration eliminated impairments caused by hydro-modification by implementing Natural Channel Design techniques within the goals of Ohio’s Clean Water Act.
From a PowerPoint Presentation on Clover Groff Run Restoration

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