Tecumseh Trail

Tips for Birding

Smith Park, located at the mid-point of this trail, offers good parking. The trail (heading east and north) cuts through or alongside a variety of habitats, including shrubbery (good for warblers), new growth woods (where Swainson’s thrushes were observed), a wetland with a large number of snags (good for viewing woodpeckers) and a few wood duck nesting boxes, an agricultural field, and residential areas. The entrance to the trail at Smith Park can be a good place to look for warblers during migration.

About this Location

The paved Tecumseh Trail skirts the quaint city of New Carlisle. The trail takes users through some beautiful wooded areas along a former railroad corridor and connects to Smith Park. At the popular Wot-a-Dog Drive-In Restaurant along OH-235, the trail turns south, following OH-235 to the recently refurbished New Carlisle Sports and Fitness Club.

Parking for the Tecumseh Trail is available:

  • At the northern trailhead on West Lake Avenue
  • Midway in Smith Park off West Jefferson Street and OH-571
  • At the southern tip of the trail, just north of the New Carlisle Fitness Center on North Dayton-Lakeview Road (OH-235)

Content from Tecumseh Trail (TrailLink) webpage and Jeff Peters