Ida Canyon

Ida Canyon

Coronado National Forest Hereford, Arizona 85615

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About this Location

Access to the Huachuca high country and striking views of the landscape west of the mountain range are a couple of prime attractions of this trail. A pleasant stop-off along the way is provided by picturesque Bear Spring, one of the few permanent springs accessible from the Crest Trail #103. 

Drive south 13 miles out of Sierra Vista on AZ-92 to the Coronado Memorial Road (FR 61). Turn right (south) and continue through the Coronado National Memorial on FR 61. From Montezuma Pass within the Coronado National Memorial, take FR 61 west 3.5 miles to FR 771. Follow FR 771 through a gate about .9 mile to a place where the road forks in a grassy area with some large oak trees. Park here and follow the old road north into Ida Canyon. (There are no trail signs until you are well up Ida Canyon Road.)

Notable Trails

The Ida Canyon Trail was reconstructed by the Forest Service in 1984. In the process, it was re-routed to offer easier going than was provided by the old mining trail that previously led into the area. The new trail is considerably less steep than the old one, but about twice as long. The trail starts by following an old mining road a short distance up Ida Canyon. It then leaves the canyon to switchback its way up a steep slope through stands of scrub oak and juniper. At the old Ida Mine, among a number of mining leftovers, the front end of a car appears to have been used as part of a jury-rigged ore hoist. The new trail crosses its predecessor along this part of its route and then rejoins it just before entering Bear Canyon. In the canyon, the trail leads to a grove of big trees that surround Bear Spring and ends at a junction with Bear Canyon Trail #125. If you wish to continue on a 6.7-mile loop, the Bear Canyon Trail climbs half a mile to Bear Saddle and another junction with the Crest Trail and Hamburg Trail #122. About three-quarters of a mile south and east of this point, along the Crest Trail, you’ll find the Oversite Canyon Trail #112, which leads down the mountain to your starting point.

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