Carroll Community Park

Carroll Community Park

Carrollton, Ohio 44615

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Tips for Birding

Birding seems best on the mowed trail and the woodland trail. Carroll Community Park is divided by a small stream that cuts through the woods and roughly divides the park in half. There is an area of scrubby grass habitat on the south side, a wooded trail divided by the stream, and a power line corridor that runs through the west edge.

About this Location

Carroll Community Park is managed by the Carroll County Park District.

Notable Trails

Carroll Community Park Trail
Carroll Community Park offers a 1-mile hike circling the perimeter of the park. The trail is grassy or earth at various places with a stream. There’s an old cistern or well with lily pads, benches, sort of a “secret garden” type place. There’s a trail map at the entrance. The trails are not named, but signs mark the edge of the park property, so getting lost seems unlikely.

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