Hoover Nature Preserve--Boardwalk Area M

Hoover Nature Preserve--Boardwalk Area M

Front Street Galena, Ohio 43021

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About this Location

Area M is accessed off of Front Street in the Village of Galena. This area usually becomes mud flats in the autumn. There is a boardwalk that starts from the parking lot and extends for 1,500 feet. This is an outstanding location to view shorebirds in the fall. Other species seen at the mudflats have included Sandhill Crane and Little Blue Heron. Osprey nest on platforms off the boardwalk. Prothonotary Warblers nest in the swamp forest that abuts the boardwalk. During the spring migration generally, all the more common waterfowl are present and often several of the rarer species.

In fall, when the water levels of the reservoir recede, mudflats are exposed at the northern end of the reservoir. These mudflats are vital stops on the migration route for shorebirds that nest in the Arctic. The boardwalk in Area M provides prime viewing access to birders. Other notable birds found in this area are Osprey, Bald Eagle, and Peregrine and Merlin falcons.

About Hoover Nature Preserve

Access Areas with trails include Mud Hen Marsh, Ox Bow Road, Hoover Meadows, Dustin Road, Areas L, M, and N, and Clover Field.

  • over 925 acres
  • vital migratory stopover for over 33 different species of shorebirds
  • largest breeding population of state special concern Prothonotary Warblers in Ohio
  • 1,500-foot boardwalk at Area M
  • observation blind at Mud Hen Marsh
  • Bald Eagles frequently observed throughout the year

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