Conneaut Marsh

Conneaut Marsh

Lakeside Drive Conneaut, Ohio 44030

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About this Location

The marsh is located along Lakeside Drive in Lakeview Park. There is an observation deck along Lakeside Drive.

The 8.7-acre Lakeview Park is at the northwest corner of Erie and Sandusky streets four blocks west of the Conneaut River in the city of Conneaut. The park is bounded on the north by Lakeside Drive; Lakeview Park Drive loops through the southeast corner of the park.

Lakeview Park sits atop a high bluff and provides scenic vistas of Lake Erie, Conneaut Harbor, and the Conneaut Harbor West Breakwater Lighthouse. Due to the accumulation of sand inside Conneaut Harbor’s breakwaters, this site may appear to be an inland park. Park benches overlook the harbor and Lake Erie.

Lakeview Park is mostly mowed-grass green space with a few clusters of deciduous trees. The site features a picnic area, playground, baseball field, and basketball court.


  • Roadside viewing

  • Restrooms on site

  • Wheelchair accessible trail

  • Entrance fee