River Run Park

About this Location

Beginning with headwaters as far north as Richland and Crawford Counties, the Olentangy River winds through 88.5 miles of rural and urban landscapes, eventually flowing into the Scioto River in Columbus. Starting here at River Run, just downstream of the Delaware Dam, the river features a mix of deep pools, riffles, runs, and short rapids, and scenic shale cliffs.

When river conditions are right, kayakers and canoeists can put into the Olentangy River for a 6.5-mile float to Mingo Park in Delaware City, where they can pull out of the water.

During a trip down the river, paddlers might see bald eagles, great blue herons, cliff swallows, soft-shelled and painted turtles, a variety of ducks, white-tailed deer, muskrat, mink, and other wildlife. Watch for interesting geologic features, including concretions and layers of shale.

A great trip starts with familiarizing yourself with downstream access points and a check on weather and water conditions before you depart. Although people can legally float the river, most of the ground below the water is privately owned. Walking or wading on private property is considered trespassing. Please be respectful of private property owners.

No restroom facilities.

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