Lake Hope SP--Nature Center and Campground

About this Location

From Irish Ridge Road, turn right on OH-278 and then turn right onto Furnace Ridge Road. Drive .7 mile to the parking area for the Lake Hope State Park Nature Center.

This is an opportunity to walk and bird near the Nature Center and in the Campground. A trail north of the Nature Center leads west to the east side of Lake Hope.

About Lake Hope State Park

Lake Hope State Park is truly a nature lover’s dream. In the forest-draped hills, the observant visitor can discover the abundant natural resources of this wild and scenic park.

Although most of the forest was cut to fuel the iron smelting industry that once flourished here, the land has recovered and supports a magnificent, second-growth forest. Oak and hickory are the dominant trees while the woodland floor harbors a fascinating assemblage of shrubs and wildflowers. The yellow lady’s slipper, one of the rarest and most showy orchids, blooms in secluded hollows. Other spring wildflowers such as blue-eyed mary, bloodroot, and wild geranium can be found in abundance.

Deer and wild turkeys are often seen in a number of park locations. Of the many animals inhabiting the park, none is as popular as the beaver. As nature’s dam builders, the beavers are found in numbers and can be observed near the quiet inlets of the lake.

Restrooms on site.

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